Cover Lover – 5 New Titles

There really hasn’t been anything going on in the book world, lately, or if there has been, I just haven’t noticed. The most exciting thing I came across was the news from Jeaniene Frost that there would be a fourth Vlad and Layla Night Prince book, rather than ending at three this January with the release of Bound by Flames. Nice…and I still want Ian.

On the cover front, there hasn’t been much excitement, either. I did manage to dig up five relatively new ones to take a peek at, though, starting with the next one from Charlaine Harris. Day Shift is the second book in her Midnight, Texas series, and it is due out on May 5th.

day shiftPurchase at

Next up is Fury of Obsession by Coreene Callahan, which has a release date of February 24th.

fury of obsessionPurchase at

Paige Tyler‘s X-Ops series continues with the release of Her Wild Hero on May 5th.

her wild heroPurchase at

This next one is from Kathleen Collins and her Realm Walker series. Blood Slave is due out on January 28th.

blood slaveAnd the final one for today is the from the new young adult series from Julie Kagawa. Rogue is the second book of the Talon series, and it is due out on April 28th.

roguePurchase at

So, feeling the love for any of these? I for the life of me can’t remember if I read the last Dragonfury book – my list says yes, but my memory says no. Strange. Also, not sure about the Rogue cover. Hopefully it is one of those that look better in person, because it wouldn’t make me pick it up from the shelf at all. And what do you think about a fourth Night Prince book? Were you like me, happy but quietly whimpering “but, but…Ian?” under your breath?

Night Shift and Swag Giveaway Winner

winner banner

Well, it is time to pick the winner for the copy of Night Shift, plus the great Kate Daniels swag offered by Danielle (thanks again, Danielle). This was probably the best turnout for any giveaway so far, with 55 entrants. The randomly chosen winner (through was #51…


nightowlinil (Lea-Ellen)


Congratulations, Lea-Ellen! I will contact you for your info shortly.

50 Shades and the D.U.F.F. Trailers

Two totally, TOTALLY different adaptation trailers have been making the rounds for the last few days, so I thought we could take a peek at them. The first one is for the epic 50 Shades of Grey. Epic as in probably going to be an epic disaster, or at least a trainwreck. But I have to admit, this trailer isn’t bad…and I love the music they have been using so far.

And this second one gives me a totally She’s All That vibe, but still looks like it could be fun. The DUFF is based on the book by Kody Keplinger’s book about the Designated Ugly Fat Friend…

Will you be checking either of these out? I have to admit, you wouldn’t catch me watching 50 Shades at the theater unless I went in disguise, but I might, and I mean might, catch it on video. And I think the DUFF looks like a good time – won’t be running to the theater on opening night, either, but it could be a fun flick to catch. Any new adaptations you are looking forward to?

Kate Daniels Swag and Night Shift Giveaway…

giveaway bannerThis one is actually a joint giveaway, with 99% of the credit going to Danielle Pless. She very kindly offered to donate some of her great Kate Daniels’ swag to Wicked Scribes for a giveaway, and I thought I would add another copy of the upcoming Night Shift anthology to top it off. Danielle has a shop over on the Etsy site called Altered Expressions, where she offers charm bracelets, key chains, book marks and pendants, among other things. Take a peek…she has some great things for the Kate fan.

Danielle is offering up all of the following bag charms, zipper pulls, and keychains…

1il_570xN.622424731_f6upil_570xN.622434745_5em7il_570xN.665010938_orjnPlus, the next Kate world story…

night shiftSynopsis…

Four masters of urban fantasy and paranormal romance plunge readers into the dangerous, captivating world unearthed beyond the dark…

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh delivers a smoldering story with Secrets at Midnight , as the scent of Bastien Smith’s elusive lover ignites a possessiveness in him that’s as feral as it is ecstatic. And now that he’s found his mate, he’ll do anything to keep her.

In #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews’ novella, Magic Steals , when people start going missing, shapeshifting tigress Dali Harimau and jaguar shifter Jim Shrapshire must uncover the truth about the mysterious creatures responsible.

From Milla Vane—a warrior princess must tame The Beast of Blackmoor to earn a place among her people. But she quickly discovers that the beast isn’t a monster, but a barbarian warrior who intends to do some taming himself.

It’s seer Makenna Frazier’s first day on the job at Supernatural Protection and Investigations, and her first assignment is more than she bargained for when bodyguard duty for a leprechaun prince’s bachelor party goes every which way but right in national bestselling author Lisa Shearin’s Lucky Charms.

If you would like to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment in the comment section below. Contest open to all, winner to be chosen at random. Let’s wrap this one up on Wednesday at Midnight, Atlantic time. Good luck…and thanks again to Danielle.

Graphic Novel Adaptations…Yes or No?

question markDammit, I am needy this week. I am starting the overhaul of the Patricia Briggs author section, and I was slammed in the face with the fact that I have not included any graphic novel information for any authors. I know Cassandra Clare has some for her Shadowhunter world, and Patricia Briggs has several for her Mercyverse. So, my question is…

Do you consider a graphic novel as part of a series?


I never have. In fact, I never thought of them at all. But in a case like Patricia Briggs, she has both adaptations of existing books and totally new stories in graphic novel format. For example, the origins of how Mercy actually ended up as a mechanic and how she met Adam and the pack are available in a graphic novel called Homecoming. I think that would be great…I am just not personally into comic books. Or, would you say something with all new material counts while novels that have been adapted don’t? So. Confusing.

Insurgent Teaser Trailer…

Ok, I don’t know if it is just me, but I found myself very confused by the Insurgent teaser trailer which recently came out. I know there was some sort of memory-simulation…thingy, but I can’t see why such a small part would be a whole trailer. It looks sort of cool, but it didn’t seem to fit. What do you think?


Do you think they are trying to play up the sci-fi angle to maybe attract a larger audience? That was about the only thing that made it make sense for me. I have to say that it did leave me underwhelmed, and if I hadn’t read the book I wouldn’t know quite what to make of it. Actually, I have read the book and I still don’t know what to make of it.

Hidden Legacy Character Guide

Just a quick note to say that I have started a Character Guide for the new Ilona Andrews‘ series, Hidden Legacy (it is easier to start when the series is new than to go back later and try and do 6 or 7 books). I also removed the guide for the Mythos Academy series from Jennifer Estep, because I really just didn’t think anyone, me included, ever actually used it.

Oh, and does anyone think they want a guide for Nalini Singh‘s new Rock Kiss series? I have done her two previous series, so I wouldn’t mind keeping up and adding another, but I am not sure it is something many would actually use. Let me know if you think I should add it, since it wouldn’t take long.

Hitting a Roadblock…

question markSo, I have hit what for me as a reader is a big pain in the butt. I am chugging along, reading Kelley Armstrong‘s Women of the Otherworld series (which I have really been enjoying), and then I hit a dud. Well, maybe dud is overstating things, but Haunted just isn’t doing it for me. It is the fifth book of the series, with the first two featuring the werewolves Elena and Clayton, and the next two featuring witch Paige Winterbourne. This time around, it is the, uh, ghost? spirit? dearly departed? Eve. So, total change in storyline, not much interaction with any existing characters (since only one can actually see or hear her), and lots of ghost-y stuff. Not feeling it.

Anyways, now the painful part…drag myself through it, or give up and move on? I don’t usually surrender easily, but I have been trying to get through this sucker for close to two weeks now and it just isn’t happening. But to NOT finish means perhaps missing details that will affect the rest of the series.

What do you do when you hit a snag in an otherwise great series? Do you keep reading, or just give up and move on to the next story and hope for better? Has this ever happened to you? If it has, which series?

Site Updates…and I Feel Dirty

So, today is the day for my pick of the week, except I don’t actually have one. So scratch that. Then I thought I could post some newsy stuff, except I haven’t found anything that grabbed me. Instead, looks like I will do a little site update post instead.

  • I have gotten a few emails asking when certain character guides will be updated to include the most recent book in whichever series. I got really, really behind when I was doing the Kate Daniels guide, because I set a deadline and had to work on it for a long time to get it done by that date. I am going through the list and updating them in order so I don’t miss any, so best I can say is that they are in progress. Promise.
  • Quite a while back, I started changing the links on the Series Reading List pages from to Goodreads, and that is still chugging along. I am about half way through, so it might be odd if one link takes you one place, and the next link takes you to the other. I also took the opportunity to do a little tweaking here and there, and to be honest I deleted some authors. I got rid of the ones that either you never hear about, or have some obscure series from way back when and never did anything else. Hopefully I didn’t get rid of anyone’s favorites, but it did need a clean up.
  • Oh, and I am still in the process of updating the author pages to include all works by that author, whether paranormal or not. And that leads me to the whole feeling dirty part. I just finished the Lora Leigh page, and I have to admit that I felt like a perv for a good part of it. Some of those covers made me cringe to upload to my blog, honestly. I would only add the covers late at night, in case my father wandered by and wondered what kind of kink I was into. I seriously considered skipping her section. So, if you check it out, be warned – some seriously hideous cover art awaits.
  • On a personal note, I finished watching the first season of Bitten…and I liked it. There were a few changes, but that didn’t bother me. I can only say I had three issues. One – Elena was a bitch to Clayton for longer than I thought she needed to be. Two – Logan’s girlfriend was too damn stupid to live. Everytime she was told to stay somewhere, she left and was promptly kidnapped. Every. Damn. Time. What part of STAY was hard to grasp? And Three – what was Nick wearing? Seriously, I got a seventies porn star vibe from his whole wardrobe. Skin tight red pants and his mom’s green polka dot shirt? This was actually preferable…

NickOk, what are you up to this week? Anything exciting?


New Series Alerts…

Wow, there is a whole lot of not much going on this week in terms of new series – or new releases in general, this week. Meh, good week to hit mount TBR. The only new series this week is from Donna Grant, and it is the e-book LaRue series. The first book is called Moon Kissed.

moon kissedSynopsis…


For years, Addison Moore worked herself ragged to achieve her goals. Close to earning her degree, the contents of a shocking letter rip her world to shreds. In an attempt to forget, she wanders into a bar, unknowingly changing her life forever. Suddenly she’s surrounded by the supernatural she thought only myth and stalked by an evil priestess intent on her death. Her only chance is with an enigmatic man who makes her want to forget everything just to be in his arms.


Myles LaRue was content owning a bar and hunting evil in the French Quarter. He wasn’t looking for love, especially after the tragedy his family already experienced. But when the exquisite Addison Moore walks into his life, he can’t help but be charmed. Despite the dangers surrounding them, Myles comes to one conclusion – against the odds they found each other, and now that they have, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Purchase at

Hm, this is an honorable mention, I guess. It isn’t a new series, but rather a bind up of previously released short stories available for the first time in print. Cassandra Clare‘s The Bane Chronicles features 10 short stories featuring warlock Magnus Bane.

the bane chroniclesSynopsis…

Ever wondered about the enigmatic, mysterious warlock Magnus Bane? The only character to appear in every Shadowhunter book, Magnus has a past even more shrouded in mystery than his present. I’ve teamed up with acclaimed YA writers Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan to create the Bane Chronicles, the back (and front) story of Magnus told in ten linked tales.

Look for short stories like Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale; The Rise and Fall of the Hotel Dumort; Saving Raphael Santiago and What To Buy The Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (And Who You’re Not Officially Dating Anyway). Each story will be available as an ebook on a monthly basis starting April 16 with the tale of What Happened In Peru.

Purchase at

What are you picking up this week? I will be getting The Bane Chronicles, although I didn’t bother to pre-order them, but that looks like it for me this week. Time to go back and order a few new books from older series – probably Kelley Armstrong‘s Women of the Otherworld.