Cover Lover – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yeah, the title says it all on this one.  Starting with the good, the cover is up for the second book in Kerstin Gier‘s Ruby Red trilogy, this one called Sapphire Blue.  It is due out on October 30th.

Now, the bad is…really bad.  Like, really bad.  I had seen this one in black and white a while back, and I though that maybe it would look better in color.  Nope.  Where the holy hell is his head?!?  I do like the cut off body shot covers, but Stygian’s head is just…erased.  Huh.  Stygian’s Honor, the oft delayed Breed book from Lora Leigh, is now due out on August 7th.  I wonder if Stygian will have found a head by then?

And the ugly.  Well, ugly is too harsh, but this one is not a favorite of mine.  Karina Cooper will start up a new series called The St. Croix Chronicles this June 26th with the release of Tarnished.

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10 thoughts on “Cover Lover – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. OMG!!..LMAO Kaleigha!!!..”Where the holy hell is his head!?” make me laugh!!! ..the body is def. nice but you’re right..the headless thing is pretty creepy!! LOL!

    • I was checking out the body, fully approving of how things were going, and then…bam. Headless. What a let down. Now it is all can see when I look at the cover. Blech.

  2. OMG, I am laughing so hard at this comment:

    “I wonder if Stygian will have found a head by then?”

    He certainly does look beheaded. lol….

    • It might explain yet another push back for this one – still waiting for the head shot. Or maybe, extra editing time, if we are lucky?

  3. It’s the retelling of the classic tale The Headless Horseman, but they switch it up with a wolf…

    I had read about Tarnished. Ugly is appropriate description for that cover ;)

    • Hey Lizzie – I thought I was being a bit harsh for the ugly comment, so glad you agree. Really not attractive much, is it?

      I like it – The Headless Wolfbreedman.

  4. I can live with the cover; what bugs me is the delay although I agree that they do need to check the editing part. Does it seem like she’s putting the breeds on hold while writing the other stuff that I really don;t like?

    • I’m not really sure what is going on, but I can get one pushback. Maybe even two if things are happening. But this is either the third or the fourth, from what I can remember. You might be on to something, though, since there seems to be a lot of non-breed related stuff in the coming soon section of her site.

      For that matter, there was supposed to be a novella before Christmas, too, that somehow disappeared. I believe it was called Wake the Sleeping Tiger. No word on what happened to that one at all.

    • I thought it was, too, but it turns out that they swapped in An Inconvenient Mate, which was quite good. It sets up Stygian’s Honor pretty well.

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