Kate Daniels Character Guide…

I haven’t had the chance to do up the graphics yet, or add the many, many links everywhere they belong, but I finally got the character guide finished for Ilona Andrews‘ Kate Daniels series. I was determined to finish it before Magic Breaks came out, but this is a long one. I mean loooong. I should have the linkage and stuff done tonight, but if you want to check it out it can be found HERE.

Now I just have to go an update the other guides, which are all pretty much one book behind, and then finish the Fever series. And PhoenixFyre is working on both of J.R. Ward’s series. Back to work!

Site Updates…

Well, all of the links on the new release pages have been switched over to Goodreads, and I have added a “Purchase at Amazon.com” link for all of the books shown on the monthly pages. I hope this works out for everyone…I do like the look of things better, so I am glad I did the switch.

Right now, I am in the process of switching over the Author pages, so they might be hit and miss for the next week or so. While I am at it, I might add a couple of more author pages, too. Maybe Kelley Armstrong and/or Anne Bishop. Never know.

I am playing with the idea of adding cover art and blurbs to the Series Reading List pages. I have been trying different ideas, but the only one that has really worked is to add a gallery. Under each series, there would be a small thumbnail for each title, and clicking on it takes you to a full-sized version of the cover, plus the blurb underneath. You can also click the arrows to scroll back or ahead through the other books. I did the very first author on the list, Shana Abe, as an example of what it would look like. You can see the finished results HERE.

What do you think? Overkill? Too much bother? Or do you think it would be something that might come in handy? Any feedback would be appreciated!

July’s Book of the Month…

book of the monthOk, once again I am pretty sure I know which book will be “the big one”, but the question is by how much. There is actually quite a few that I am looking forward to next month…too many books with too little time. So, that makes it time to vote for the book that you are most looking forward to for next month.

As always, the title chosen as July’s book of the month will also be the next giveaway, and I have chosen 10 that caught my eye. If none of these are your big pick, just check “Other”, and leave your selection in the comments section. A complete list of July’s upcoming releases can be found HERE.

So, my money is on Magic Breaks. And I am seriously on a countdown to getting the character guide done before it is released. I am absolutely loving the re-read of the whole Kate Daniels series…it makes me realize the difference between good books and a great series.

Link-y Stuff…

question markI am in the process of changing some of the linkage from Amazon.com to Goodreads, so I thought I would check and see if you think it works better this way before I do any more. I have finished changing the monthly pages for June and July 2014, and the yearly summary for the same two months (and I think most of them should open in a new page now, too). The link in the book heading takes you to Goodreads, and I have added a “Purchase at Amazon.com” link at the bottom of each book summary.

Does it work better for more people this way? I was just going to add a “Find at Goodreads” link at the bottom so I wouldn’t have to change all of the links, but it looked funky for some reason. Should I keep going, or do you find it worked better before?

Nalini Talks Psy/Changeling Future…

Some of you may not be as, uh, devoted, to keeping an eye on the blog of Nalini Singh (and Ilona Andrews) as I am. I swear, I only check two or three times a day. So, on my last stalking visit, I found this very informative post on the future of the Psy/Changeling series. It is a must read for fans, and you can find it HERE.

Share your thoughts. I am thrilled to see that there is a plan for the single SnowDancer Lieutenants, since I was worried the storyarcs were moving away from them recently. I have loved the Psy and Silence arc, but I do miss some good old wolf stories, too.

Have you Heard?

question markA couple of readers have sent me questions over the past little while, and no matter how much I have dug I can’t seem to find any answers. So, lets see if maybe you have…

  • Is there any sign of a new Breeds book from Lora Leigh? Her website is a pain, and it still lists Rule Breaker as “Coming Soon”.
  • What’s up with Karen Marie Moning. Originally, there were to be three Dani O’Malley books, followed by two more Mac and Barrons books. Then rumor was that there were going to be three more books, total. Has anyone heard any updates?
  • J.R. Ward has not one, but two new series in the works (along with continuing the Black Dagger Brotherhood). Rumor had one as being a shifter series…any gossip on this to share?
  • This one is all me…seriously, what is up with Entangled Publishing? I swear that there isn’t one title that doesn’t get a push-back at the very last minute…and usually the print run is cancelled leaving only an e-release. I get that for a story or two, but not the vast, vast majority of there titles. I have my heart set on the new Jennifer L. Armentrout Covenent series spin-off featuring Seth, and it is due out next February. Maybe?

J.R. Ward on Sale…

saleIf you are like me, having a series in different formats is, simply put, annoying. Half paperback and half hardback throws off the system, so when the opportunity comes to “upgrade” I don’t hesitate. I now have all of the Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega books in hardcover, and I am working on the Dark-Hunter books as they come.

For those who are interested, The Book Outlet has some of the J.R. Ward hardcover re-releases on sale now. You can pick up Lover Unleashed, Lover Awakened, and Lover Revealed along with Lover Eternal and Lover Avenged HERE. They start at $6.99, which is a great price. Happy shopping!

*EDIT: You can also pick up the first three titles in Meljean Brook‘s Iron Seas series starting at $2.99 HERE.

Soo, I’ve Been Thinking…

question markFirst of all, just a quick note to say that all of the author pages have been updated, along with the new release listings for both 2014 and 2015. A few of the links for e-books are not working because Amazon is doing its think with Hachette, but I figure when that gets straightened out things should go back to normal.

Now, the thinking part. With my recent disillusionment with Amazon (and the wonky linkage for some of their titles), I was wondering if I should switch all of the links on Wicked Scribes over to Goodreads. Every book links to its Amazon page, since I have always just thought that most people would get the most use out of them that way. But a good portion of Wicked Scribes followers are not American, so it doesn’t work at all for them (I use Amazon.ca or Chapters, personally, so I never did use them for one-stop buying).

What do you think? Stick with running all of the links here to Amazon.com, or does switching to Goodreads make more sense? Goodreads seems more universal, for the non-American readers, I think. Or, for that matter, is there another site that you would find more convenient to link to make your book purchasing easier?

Reading Roundup…

Meh, I have been way slack about keeping track of what I have been reading lately. My TBR technique is fun, but I easily get distracted by anything new and shiny that gets delivered. I figured I would go over some of the highlights for the past couple of weeks…

rogue riderRogue RiderLarissa Ione‘s Demonica series is one that I always wanted to like more than I did. I can’t put my finger on why, but they never stuck with me. I enjoyed the book while I was reading it, but promptly forgot everything that happened in it. I can’t even tell you the main character’s names. I did better with the Lords of Deliverance, but I have to admit that I really, really liked Rogue Rider the best so far. I am definitely waiting to get into Reaver soon (ish), and Revenant sounds like it will be a blast. So glad I dove back into this series again.

bite meBite MeShelly Laurenston‘s books are fun. Pure, escapist fun. You know exactly what you are getting, and Bite Me was no exception. I did like that there was less brawling and bickering between the main couple in this installment, and more of them against everyone else. Love the honey badgers, too. Bears are always fun, but it must be time for a Smith boy next, I would imagine? No matter who it is about, the next book is guaranteed to be fun.

adamAdam – I read Jacquelyn Frank‘s final (?) Nightwalker book on a quest to finish up a few series I have been slack on. I don’t like reading the last book of a series, since I don’t do well with them ending, but anyways. I was a huge Jacquelyn Frank fan for a while, but I have found myself not even picking up her last few books at all, for some reason. Adam was a good read, with a very interesting premise, but I didn’t like it enough to start back up with her work again. Originally, the Nightwalkers series was supposed to end with Noah. Then Adam was considered the final book. But I left this one feeling that there was more to come. Might be wrong, but it didn’t feel like the world was finished, yet.

wilderWilderChristina Dodd‘s Wilder was another attempt to finish up the final book in a series. I am not having much luck on this one, at all. I can’t say it is bad, but it isn’t drawing me in, either. That is too bad, since it was Aleksandr’s story I was most looking forward to from all of them. I am still plugging along here and there, but I might end up doing a skim through to the end.

What are you reading lately? Anything interesting, or have you been hitting a bit of a mishmash, too?

Site Updates…

Just a quick note to say that I have updated and re-upped the character guide for Christine Feehan‘s Sisters of the Heart series. I was hoping to go back and do all of the Drake Sisters books and make one big guide, but that didn’t happen. Yet. I thought that with the release of the third book, Air Bound, on May 27th, I might as well just put up what I already had in case anyone needs a refresher of who’s who.

Not all of the guides are completely up to date, and it will be a while before they are. I am planning on starting one for Ilona Andrews‘ Kate Daniels series tonight, and I am really hoping to have it done before Magic Breaks comes out in July. It sounds like a long time, but actually I will be pushing it trying to get it finished. Can’t wait for a re-read of the series, I must admit. After that, I will catch up on what I am behind. Promise.