Cover Lover – 4 New Titles

Just after I made my last cover lover post, I of course came across a couple of more that I had missed. Story of my life, so I thought I would do another quick cover post for this little batch. I know there is quite a bit of excitement for the next Merry Gentry book from Laurell K. Hamilton, and A Shiver of Light is due out on June 3rd.

a shiver of lightChristine Feehan is one of my guilty pleasures, and it has been a long wait for the next book in her Sisters of the Heart series. Air Bound will be released on May 27th.

air boundJean Johnson‘s Guardians of Destiny series continues with the release of The Guild on May 6th.

the guildAnd this final one is from Dakota Cassidy. The Accidental Dragon, from her Accidentally Paranormal series, will be out on August 5th.

the accidental dragon

New Release Info…

newsIt is time again for a double-check on all of the authors listed in the Series Reading List pages. I have finished A-D, and between that and a random search there were a couple of interesting things I came across…

  • The second book in Jean Johnson‘s Guardians of Destiny series will be called The Grove, and it will be released on December 3rd.
  • The October 29th Black Wings book from Christina Henry now has a title. It looks like this one will be called Black Heart.
  • Kate Locke‘s third Immortal Empire book will be called Long Live the Queen, and it will also be released on October 29th.
  • Cold Blooded, the third book from Amanda Carlson‘s Jessica McClain series, will be released on October 8th.
  • It looks like Caris Roane‘s Ascension series is indeed ending. Born in Chains, her October 1st release, is part of a new series called Men in Chains.
  • August 27th is the release date for the next Kerrelyn Sparks book, this one called The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo.
  • If you are a fan of Cat Adams‘ Blood Singer series, the sixth book will be called To Dance With the Devil and it will be out on November 5th.
  • The release date is TBA, but it looks like Midnight Breed #12 from Lara Adrian will be called Crave the Night.
  • November 5th is also the release date for a G.A. Aiken Dragon Kin novella. No other info available as yet.
  • The second book of Alyssa Day‘s new League of the Black Swan series will be called The Unforgiven.
  • There will be another Morganville Vampires book from Rachel Caine. This next one will be called Daylighters, and it will be released on November 5th.
  • This October, Jacqueline Carey will release the second book of her new Agent of Hel series, Autumn Bones.
  • The second book from Gail Carriger‘s spin off from her popular Parasol Protectorate series, Curtsies and Conspiracies, will be released on November 5th.
  • Dakota Cassidy‘s 8th Accidental Friends book, The Accidental Werewolf: Something About Harry, will be coming out on December 3rd.
  • This December, Andrea Cremer returns to her Nightshade world with the release of book 4, Snakeroot.
  • There is some Kresley Cole news that I was happy to hear. Book two of her YA Arcana Chronicles series, Endless Night, will be coming out on October 1st, and the second Dacians book (title TBA) will be released on December 3rd.

Here is the blurb for Endless Night, and by the sounds of it things are about to get very interesting…

          In the second book of the Arcana Chronicles Evie has now fully come into her powers as the tarot Empress. And Jackson was there to see it all. In the aftermath of killing Arthur, the tarot Alchemist, Evie realizes that a war is brewing between the other teens that, following the apocalypse, have been given powers and its kill or be killed. Things get even more complicated when Evie meets Death, the mysterious, sexy Endless Knight. Somehow the Empress and Death share a romantic history – one that Evie can’t remember, but Death can’t forget. She is drawn to the Endless Knight, but is in love with Jack. Determined to discover why she’s been granted these powers, Evie struggles to accept her place in a prophecy that will either save the world, or completely destroy it.

Guest Review – The Accidental Genie

starUnfortunately, there are times that you grab a new book with great expectations, but end up less than thrilled.  Sometimes it feels like a waste of both money and time, especially when there are so many books out there to get caught up on.  Doug Meeks had one such disappointing read recently, The Accidental Genie from Dakota Cassidy.  This is part of her Accidental Friends series, and was released on December 4th.

the accidental genieWhat Doug said…

The Accidental Genie (An Accidental Series)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

She’s all bottled up.

Jeannie Carlyle is a caterer extraordinaire, more than ready to handle any challenge thrown at her. But when her client asks her to open up a rare bottle of gin for a party, Jeannie is shocked when a guy in poofy pants pops out and she gets sucked inside. Trapped in the bottle, Jeannie does the only thing she can think of and uses her cell phone to search the term “paranormal” and finds the number for OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support.

Until he sets her free.

Werewolf Sloan Flaherty isn’t keen on dealing with distraught women, especially since his sister-in-law Marty basically forced him to man the OOPS phones. But when Jeannie calls in a panic, Sloan is the only one available to find Jeannie’s bottle. After giving it a good rub, Jeannie emerges dressed like a character from Arabian Nights and starts calling Sloan “Master.” Now, they need to figure out how to break their unwanted bond, before the wishes Jeannie can’t stop granting get them into more trouble than even the OOPS girls can handle…

I have to say it is the least favorite of the series and it was plain bad for like the first 1/3 of the book. It picked up finally around 50% and ended well but my overall impression was that this book is forgettable.

The first 3 were the best books of this series with no doubt. I have read this series since book #1 came out and have enjoyed them all but the first 3 books were so much better and the next few were decent and enjoyable but this one was almost unbearable for about the first 1/3 of the book and the plot device that was so poor (a problem with a very obvious solution) that I could not even believe she expected readers to buy into it, it was more like the 3 Stooges .

The romance took so long to get moving that by the time it got going I was already bored. I finished the book and that was saying something since it had long left me behind. All this book managed to do was possibly create another character for inclusion in future books but you could probably skip this book in the series and miss VERY little that could not be replaced with about 2 pages of info.

It DOES however add a bit to the HEA of one of the other main characters (long overdue) and that helped but that was thrown into the last few pages.

Bottom Line: This installment was phoned it until about the 50% mark and then it became close to an actual installment in the series. Die hard fans of this series (which I thought I was) are the only ones that are going to actually enjoy this whole book, the rest of us had to be dragged through it. Not horrible but average at best.

Thanks again to Doug…I do appreciate him spending his time doing these reviews.  How did this one rate for everyone else?  Did you feel let down like Doug, or was it what you were expecting?

Cover Lover – 8 New Titles

So, last night I decided to take the plunge and buy the new theme for Wicked Scribes I was looking at.  Yeah, didn’t go so well.  The place was a total mess for a while, so that plan went bust.  I will still be keeping my eyes open for something a bit different, but try number one was not a big success…ick.

Anyhow, a few more to add to the cover collection.  There is only one that I am really looking forward to – and the cover is a big spoiler.  I figured that book three of Karin Tabke‘s Blood Moon trilogy, Blood Vow, was going the way of having both brothers as mates to Fallon, and that is the vibe I am getting from this one.  It should be released on December 4th.

Next up is Still Life With Shapeshifter, the November 6th release from Sharon Shinn.  It is part of her Shifting Circle series.

Dakota Cassidy will release the next book in her Accidental Friends series, The Accidental Genie, on December 4th.

The cover for the next Mari Mancusi book, Blood Forever, was just upped in the publisher’s catalogue.  It is part of her Blood Coven series, and will be released on September 4th.

Reaper’s Vow, the October 2nd release from Sarah McCarty, is the third book in her Reapers series.

Not feeling this one, at all.  The Fangover, an anthology from Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love, will be released on November 6th.

Nina Bangs continues her Castle of Dark Dreams series with the October 2nd release of Wicked Whispers.

And finally, I do wish I liked Steampunk, cause they seem to get some really good covers.  Riveted, the next book from Meljean Brooks‘ Iron Seas series, is an example.  This one is due out on September 4th.

Cover Lover – 8 New Titles

Hm, not really sure what the big thing is with all of the new covers coming out the last few days, but I found a few more to throw on the pile.  The next Queen Betsy book from MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Unstable, has a fun, funky cover.  This one is due out in hardcover on June 5th.

There is a second MaryJanice Davidson cover out, as well.  This one is called Dying for You, and it appears to be a collection of four short stories.  It is an August 7th release.

I didn’t realize that Kelley Armstrong was ending her Women of the Otherworld series.  Looks like number 13, titled Thirteen, will be the final story.  It will be released on July 24th.

I am not a big fan of Jean Johnson (I wanted to go through the page and kill the “heroine” of her Sons of Destiny series, Kelly), but the cover for The Shifter is not bad.  Not sure if this is connected to any previous books, but it is due out on May 1st.

Number five is from author Dakota Cassidy.  She returns to her Accidental series with the June 5th release of Accidentally Dead, Again.

Charlaine Harris‘ Sookie Stackhouse covers are…different.  I don’t actually like them, but they do stand out, and Deadlocked is no exception.  This one is coming out on May 1st.

The second book from Kylie Griffin‘s Light Blade series now has a cover.  Alliance Forged is due out next fall.

The last one is from Robin D. Owens.  She continues her Celta’s Heartmates series next fall with the release of Heart Secret.  I didn’t even hear about this one before, which means I am way behind.

Book News…

I get so excited when I get that first little tidbit of info about a series I love, and I found a biggie today (of course, I will leave it for last).

  • Dakota Cassidy will be adding to her Accidental Friends series with the release of book number six.  Accidentally Dead, Again is due out June 5th.
  • The Blood Moon Trilogy from Karin Tabke kicked off earlier this year with the release of Blood Law, and that book had what has to be one of the biggest, most shocking cliff-hanger endings I had seen in a long, long time.  But now Amazon is listing a book called Blood Vow as a June 5th release.  That was not originally one of the titles of the three books, so I don’t know if it is a re-name of the second or third books, or something new from the series altogether.  I just know I will be grabbing it, no matter what.  There has been no updating on the author’s site or blog, but I will update when I have more info.
  • Darkness Devours, the third book in Keri Arthur‘s new Dark Angels series, will be released on June 5th, as well.
  • The Lost Angels is a new series soon to start from author Heather Killough-Walden, and info is already starting to emerge about the second book.  Messenger’s Angel will also be released on June 5th.
  • There is also a bit of news about Regan Hastings‘ Awakening series.  Book three will be called Visions of Chains, and is due out next June.
  • Vicki Lewis Thompson‘s third Wild About You novel will be called Werewolf in Seattle, and is also scheduled for release next June 5th.


  • the preorder links are up at Amazon for the next Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling book.  Riaz and Adria’s story will be called Tangle of Need, and will be available on May 29th.  Or,  you know, 288 days from today.  Not that I counted.  Really.