Cover Lover – 5 New Titles…

In today’s cover search, I was surprised to find a cover for Eileen Wilks‘ August World of the Lupi release, Unbinding. It isn’t due out until August, but the cover looks great.

unbindingThere is an Alexa Egan Imnada Brotherhood e-novella collection coming out on March 31st, called Cursed.

cursedThe next three are upcoming young adult releases. This first one is called Extraction, and it is the first book from the Extraction series from Stephanie Diaz. It is due out on July 22nd.

extractionFrom what I understand, this next one from Alexandra Monir is a stand-alone release. Suspicion is due out on December 23rd.

suspicionAnd finally, June 17th is the release date for the first book of Jaclyn Dolamore‘s new Dark Metropolis series, also called Dark Metropolis.

dark metropolis

From the Author Pages…

Just a couple of quick little bits I found while updating the author pages and new release pages the last couple of days…

  • The fifth and final Jennifer L. Armentrout Lux book, Opposition, will be coming our way this August, and it looks like there will be a bit of a change in cover design. Gone are the two trademark models who have been on all of the covers so far – they are popping up on more and more covers of late, and so the Armentrout team has decided to go in a new direction. They will also be re-releasing the first four Lux books (with the new cover design) in two duologies. Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian and Onyx) and Lux: Consequences (Opal & Origin) will be out on June 3rd.
  • After a couple of years of suffering some health issues, Christine Feehan seems to be back up to speed (and then some). She is gearing back up to a four book a year schedule, and maybe even five. Right now, she has Dark Wolf on January 7th, then the third Sisters of the Heart book, Air Bound, on May 27th. Dark Blood will be out in September, and she has already written the next two (!) Sisters of the Heart books, Earth Bound and Fire Bound. Right now, she is working on a Ghostwalker book (and it sounds like it is Wyatt Fontenot’s story).
  • Good news from Darynda Jones, too. There will be another Charley Davidson book released on October 21st, called Seventh Grave and No Body.
  • I don’t know why, but I sort of had it in my head that Reaver was the end of the line for Larissa Ione‘s Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series. Nope. Revenant (featuring Revenant and Blaspheme) will be out late next winter.
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s next Belador book will be called Demon Storm, and it will be released sometime in 2014.
  • A while back, I had re-rumored that the next Thea Harrison Elder Races book was to be Graydon’s. That is what I like to call…WRONG. In a surprise twist, the hero of the upcoming Night’s Honor will be Xavier del Torro (Nightkind king Julian’s right hand man). Look for it sometime next year, as well.
  • And finally, next December, Eileen Wilks will release World of the Lupi #11, which will be called Unbinding.

So, that about wraps that up. Any of them on your must buy list?

Cover Lover – 6 New Titles

Let me start today’s little cover post by saying that WordPress is, once again, acting wonky. The comments feature is what seems to be funky – it looks like long-time posters are randomly being put into moderation for comment approval. Sometimes one comment is approved, the next one is moderated, and the third approved. Looks like the powers that be are “upgrading” again (god help us all).

So, I go home from work a few minutes ago and I had not one, not two, but three emails telling me that the cover for Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever series/Dani O’Malley book, Burned, was out. Thanks all, ’cause I have been looking forward to it. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but then I was thinking of a fiery version of the first cover for Iced, and I sort of had my heart set on that. This isn’t bad, though…


And this second one is the paperback version of Christine Feehan‘s Dark Storm. Way, WAY better than the hardcover, if I do say so myself. Not sure about the funky looking little dragon, but at least all of that…that…goldy colored stuff has been scraped off.

dark storm

Now, this third cover was sent to me by Marcia, so many thanks once again. Ritual Magic is from the World of the Lupi series from Eileen Wilks, and it will be released on August 6th. This is another series that has consistently good covers, which just makes some of the awful ones seem unnecessary.

ritual magic

These next two have the same sort of grungy vibe going on. First up is Hellhound, the next book in Nancy Holzner‘s Deadtown series. It will be released on October 29th.


And the story of October Daye continues in Seanan McGuire‘s Chimes at Midnight, which will be on the shelves on September 3rd.


And the final one for today is the lone young adult cover. Eternity is book three in Elizabeth Miles‘ Fury trilogy, and it will be released on September 3rd.


Random Updates…

archangel's kissWow, hard to believe, but this is actually post number 1001.  Way back on August 11th, 2009 I started with a Cover Lover post that featured Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Kiss.  I think I checked every five minutes for the next few days to see if anyone had actually viewed it…such a nerd.  So, forward a few years, and things haven’t really changed.  Things have expanded a bit, and the look has changed a few times, but other than that things are pretty much still the same (and I am still a nerd).

On the site side of things, I have updated all of the Series Reading List pages, so all of the book lists are as up-to-date as I could get them.  I took the opportunity to finally work on the long neglected Completed Series List page, as well.  There are some that I think are finished that I didn’t add, since I couldn’t find official word that they were in fact over.  I will be keeping an eye on them, but if you see any that I missed feel free to give me a shout.  Also, WordPress decided to play with the way that the code for linking to a specific spot on a page was worded, which meant that all of those “Blah Blah reading list HERE” links no longer worked.  I do believe that I got that dealt with as well (each one had to be redone individually, so I hope I didn’t miss any).

On the Character Guide front, I added one a couple weeks back for Kresley Cole‘s Arcana Chronicles (speaking of which, it looks like book two, Endless Knight, will not be out until next October).  I also got Thea Harrison‘s Elder Races guide up to date and added the info for Lord’s Fall, and I am almost done the rough copy for the last two Darynda Jones Charley Davidson books.  That one should be FINALLY updated by the middle of this week.  That just leaves me Archangel’s Storm and a Mythos Academy book to get caught up.  Yay.

There are a few newbies to add to the New Release pages, as well…

  • It looks like Linda Poitevin will release another Grigori Legacy book in 2013, this one called Sins of the Righteous.
  • Also due next year is the third book in Adrian Phoenix‘s Hoodoo series, Black Moon Mojo.
  • The second book in Jamie Quaid‘s new Saturn’s Daughter series, Damn Him to Hell, will be released on June 25th.
  • There will be another Anna Strong book from Jeanne C. Stein coming out on August 27th.  Right now, the title is TBA.
  • Awaken the Damned is the title of the third League of Guardians book from Juliana Stone, and it will be released on June 25th.
  • Alpha Pack book number four from J.D. Tyler, Hunter’s Heart, will be released on September 3rd.
  • You will be able to get a new Kitty Norville book from Carrie Vaughn on July 30th.  This new one will be called Kitty in the Underworld.
  • Looks like there is also another Lupi book from Eileen Wilks in the works, as well.  Ritual Magic, Lupi #10, will be out next on August 6th.
  • Eternal Sin is the title of the 6th Mark of the Vampire book from Laura Wright.  Look for it next November.

Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

Thanks to S. Cook, who gave a heads-up for the next World of the Lupi cover from Eileen WilksMortal Ties will be released on October 2nd.  This one is a pretty one.

Not so sure about this one, though.  Shadow and Bone, from author Leigh Bardugo, is a very different cover, but it doesn’t really give a feel about the book at all.  It will be released on June 5th.

And number three is from the upcoming The Elementals series from Hanna MartineLiquid Lies is scheduled for release on July 3rd.

Cover Lover – 4 Newish Titles

Man, there hasn’t been much of anything going on in the PNR cyberworld for the last week or so, unless I have been living under a rock or something.  I think these have been around for a week or so, but I am just getting to them now.  The first one is Death Magic, from Eileen Wilks.  It is the 8th book in her World of the Lupi series, due out on November 1st.

The second one is from Eve Silver, the fourth book from her Otherkin series.  Body of Sin is an August 23rd release.

Number three is from Anita ClenneyEmbrace the Highland Warrior is the second book from her Connor Clan series, due out on November 1st.

This is one from the YA world.  Charmfall, the next book from Chloe Neill‘s Dark Elite series, should be available early next year.

Cover Lover – 17 New Titles

It is that Christmas come early time for me again, since I scored quite a few new covers today.  I love finding a load of covers, and my inner book-nerd is in Heaven.  I also found Archangel’s Blade and Envy from J.R. Ward, but the watermarks made me feel too guilty to post them so I removed both.  Sorry about the length of the post, but I am too greedy to split them up…


The first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series,  also from J.R. Ward, is heading into a special collector’s edition hardcover printing, due out this October 4th.  Hm, the version of Dark Lover looks pretty much the same as the original, but I am not complaining.


I am a big Christine Feehan fan, so I was very happy to find not one, but two upcoming covers from her Dark series.  The first one is my much anticipated (God, yes) cover for Dark Predator, again a September 6th release.  I am going to be torn between Dmitri and Zacarius and who to read first, I can just tell.


And the second cover from Christine Feehan is for the special re-release of two previous Dark titles into one trade paperback book, this one called Darkest at Dawn.  If I am not mistaken, the two are Dark Secret and Dark Hunger.  Look for it on November 1st.


Body Thief is the second book from C.J. Barry‘s Body series.  It is scheduled for release on November 1st.


Still going…Next up is the third book in Tessa Adam‘s Dragon’s Heat series (I just got the second one in the mail today).  Forbidden Embers is an October 4th release.


I have the previous books sitting on the TBR mountain, but looks like there is another one to add to the list.  Haunting Embrace is the next Mists of Ireland book from Erin Quinn, due out on October 4th.


I know there are a lot of Steampunk fans out there, and that Meljean Brook‘s Iron Seas series is a biggie.  This one is the cover for Heart of Steel, due out on November 1st.


Robin D. Owens is putting out a collection of four short stories set in her Celta’s Heartmates world.  Hearts and Swords is a December 6th release.


Halfways done.   Anyhow, next up is the second book in Cherie Priest‘s Cheshire Red Reports series.  Hellbent (I like these covers) is due out on August 30th.


The Order of the Sicari is a series from Monica Burns, and Inferno’s Kiss is the third book.  It is an October 4th release.


I am looking forward to this new series from J.D. Tyler (aka Jo Davis).  Primal Law is the first book in her Alpha Pack series, and should be available on August 2nd.


And for something a bit different, Slade is the next book up for Sarah McCarty in her Shadow Wranglers series.  It should be out on September 6th.


Actually, I haven’t heard anything about this one before, but author Jo Carlisle will have Temptation at Twilight out on November 1st.  It is a Lords of Pleasure book.


I do love me a good paranormal Christmas anthology, so Tied With a Bow is right up my alley (especially featuring a Lora Leigh Breeds story).  It will be available on November 1st.


Velvet Moon is the third book in Sophie Renwick‘s The Immortals of Annwyn series, due out in early December.


C.E. Murphy finishes up her Worldwalker Duology with Wayfinder, due out on September 6th.


And finally, MaryJanice Davidson will release Wolf at the Door on October 4th.  I am not sure if this is a stand alone title, or part of a larger series, but I will keep an eye out for more details.

Random Updates

O.K. I swear I almost had a heart attack when I checked my usual sources to see if I could find any new release dates or info.  Instead of the couple of things I usually have to scratch and dig to find, I came up with…two full handwritten pages of stuff.  Some big, some not, so I am going to just hit the highlights here, and update the links in the new release summaries for the rest…

  • Kerrelyn Sparks‘ next Love at Stake book now has a title and a date.  Sexiest Vampire Alive will be out on September 27th.
  • September 6th is the release date for the next Dark book from Christine Feehan, Dark Predator (Zacarius!).
  • Bound by the Vampire Queen will be the next book in Joey W. Hill‘s Vampire Queen series, due out on December 6th.
  • Robin D. Owens will have an anthology of four stories from her Celta series called Hearts and Swords.  Look for it on December 6th.
  • Heart of Steel, the second book in the very popular Iron Seas series from Meljean Brook, now has a release date of November 1st.
  • The next Kyndred book from Lynn Viehl will be called Nightshine, and is scheduled for release on November 1st.
  • A Christmas anthology from Lora Leigh, Virginia Kantra, Eileen Wilks and Kimberly Frost is set for November 1st.  This one will be called Tied With A Bow.
  • Katie MacAlister‘s next Dark Ones book, Much Ado About Vampires, will be released on October 4th.
  • A new series from Sylvia Day will be starting this October.  Book one of the Renegade Angels will be called A Touch of Crimson.
  • The second Awakenings book from Regan Hastings will be called Visions of Skyfire, and should be out on October 4th.
  • Jennifer Knight will be releasing a new book on September 28th called Blood on the Moon.
  • September 27th will see the release of both Lora Leigh‘s Lawe’s Justice, and Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Blade.  Nice.
  • The next book of Michele Bardsley‘s Broken Heart Vampries will be called Must Love Lycans.  Look for it on September 6th.
  • Sarah McCarty will continue her Shadow Wranglers series with Slade on September 6th.
  • and finally, looks like the next Allie Beckstrom book from Devon Monk will be called Magic on the Line.  It should be hitting the shelves on November 1st.

Random Updates

Not much this week, but a few updates…

  • The 25th story of Sherilynn Kenyon‘s Dark-Hunter series has no name as yet, but has a release date of August 2nd, 2011.
  • Jenna Black debuts a new urban fantasy series on April 26th, 2011.  The first book will be called Dark Descendant.
  • Books 4 and 5 of Jennifer Estep‘s Elemental Assassin have release dates.  Tangled Threads is number 4, and will be out on April 26th, 2011.  Number 5 is still TBA, but will be out the following October.
  • The Djinn’s Apprentice is the second book of Sonya Bateman‘s new Gavyn Donatti series, and will be out on March 29th, 2011.
  • Anne Bishop‘s 9th Black Jewels book will be called Twilight’s Dawn, and should be out in March, 2011.
  • Next up from Kate Douglas will be StarFire, the third book of her Demonslayers series.  It will be out on April 1st, 2011, and will be followed by CrystalFire later in the year.
  • November, 2011 is the release date for the 8th book of Eileen Wilks‘ Lupi series.  It will be called Ghost.
  • Jennifer Ashley‘s second book in her Shifters Unbound series has been changed from Shifter Lovin’ to Primal Bonds.  Gotta say, I like the new one better.