This and That…Things Are Changing Edition

Not a biggie this time, but there are a few little things to mention…

  • Many thanks to Alexandra, who let me know that some info has come to light from Karen Marie Moning and her Fever series. It seems that the originally planned three-book Dani arc and two-book Mac and Barrons arc has in fact been condensed to three books in total, but that’s not all. Burned will actually be a return to Mac’s narrative, with some Dani POV, as well. I wondered why the official blurb hadn’t come out yet, but here it is…

Sidhe-seer MacKayla Lane may have finally managed to locate and bury the Sinsar Dubh, an ancient book of deadly black magic, but its hold on her has never been stronger, as it threatens to destroy the worlds of man and Fae alike. Meanwhile, a whole new breed of evil is being unleashed in Dublin, and the city is fast becoming a war zone. The only thing keeping Mac grounded is the unshakable, undestroyable Jericho Barrons, until a secret about their relationship forces her to question who she can trust if not the man she loves.

I have to admit, I am a bit bummed by this. I didn’t mind a condensing the five into three, actually, but I wanted at least one more to focus on Dani. And by Dani I mean Ryodan and the Nine. According to the author, the storylines themselves won’t be changing, just the way they are told.

  • As I said a while back, whenever I see the word “End” in a series I like, I get nervous. Such was the case the next Guardians of Eternity book, whose title is When Darkness Ends. I decided to go to the source, and Alexandra Ivy shot me back a quick answer.
“Right now I am finishing up the series with Kensington, but I promise that I have many more stories I intend to set in the Guardian world, although they will probably be self-pubbed.”


It was great of her to get back to me about it, but I was hoping I was just being negative. I don’t usually follow the self-pubbed as well as the traditional, but I will make a definite effort to on this series.

  • On the young adult side of things, author Kiera Cass has announced that her Selection trilogy…isn’t. It turns out that there will be two more full novels coming out, starting next May with The Heir.

So, that about covers it. Less than planned for one, a change of plans for the second, and more to come for the third. Things are a changing…


Cover Lover – Burned, Take II

All credit for this one totally goes to Amber, who gave me the heads-up that Karen Marie Moning posted the updated cover for her next Fever/Dani O’Malley book, Burned. Not nearly as epic as the hardcover for Iced, which I thought was terrific, but it does match up with the paperback re-release. I am still looking forward to it when it comes out on January 20th.

burnedPurchase at

Have you Heard?

question markA couple of readers have sent me questions over the past little while, and no matter how much I have dug I can’t seem to find any answers. So, lets see if maybe you have…

  • Is there any sign of a new Breeds book from Lora Leigh? Her website is a pain, and it still lists Rule Breaker as “Coming Soon”.
  • What’s up with Karen Marie Moning. Originally, there were to be three Dani O’Malley books, followed by two more Mac and Barrons books. Then rumor was that there were going to be three more books, total. Has anyone heard any updates?
  • J.R. Ward has not one, but two new series in the works (along with continuing the Black Dagger Brotherhood). Rumor had one as being a shifter series…any gossip on this to share?
  • This one is all me…seriously, what is up with Entangled Publishing? I swear that there isn’t one title that doesn’t get a push-back at the very last minute…and usually the print run is cancelled leaving only an e-release. I get that for a story or two, but not the vast, vast majority of there titles. I have my heart set on the new Jennifer L. Armentrout Covenent series spin-off featuring Seth, and it is due out next February. Maybe?

This and That…

newsOn the blog side of things, I did get off my butt and get the author pages updated (“Coming Soon” meant January 15th), and all of the Series List pages have been updated to show which series are complete. I did list some that are soon to be completed as complete, as well, as long as the purchase links were available.

While updating things, I did come across a couple of tidbits…

  • Alyssa Day has had some personal issues that have caused a bit of a delay in her release schedule. There is no word on the next Warriors of Poseidon book, but the second book from the League of the Black Swan has been pushed back from its May release, new date to be determined. You can read about it on Alyssa’s blog HERE
  • The first two-chapter excerpt for the next Ilona Andrews‘ Kate Daniels book, Magic Breaks, has been upped to the author’s blog, found HERE. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!
  • Sigh. This is me, sighing. It looks like there has been yet another long push-back for Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever book, Burned. Originally scheduled for early this year, it was pushed back to July. But nope, now it will be a January 2015 release.
  • Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the title of the third Arcana Chronicles book from Kresley Cole will be Dead of Winter, and it has a tentative release set for October.
  • There are only a few days left until Rule Breaker comes out, and Lora Leigh has upped an excerpt over on her Facebook page. A decently sized, seemingly grammatically correct excerpt. You can find it HERE.
  • We are also chugging down to the release of the first Vampire Academy movie, Blood Sisters. Author Richelle Mead had a Twitter chat that addressed some concerns people seem to have about the tone of the movie, since the trailers and posters seem to have a more slap-stick vibe than the books did. You can find the chat transcript HERE.
  • C.L. Wilson has given a bit of an update about her upcoming projects. The previously delayed Winter King is still on schedule for a July release, and while it was originally to be a stand alone book it now looks like it will be a trilogy. Two other characters stood out and sort of demanded they have their stories told, as well. Also, the rumored book for Bel and Galen from the Tairen Souls series are still a go, as well, and she is actually writing Bel’s story now.

There are a ton of titles to add to the new release pages over the coming days, and I should be finished with a quick little character guide for Clean Sweep, too. Back to work!

From the Author Pages…

I just got back from seeing City of Bones. Now, I must admit that I started to hunt for reviews a few days back, and things seemed up in the air. Some thought it was great, some loathed it on principle alone. Rotten Tomatoes has is as a 13% as of me writing this (and Beautiful Creatures had a 46%!). Turns out that once again, I didn’t agree with the critics. Was it a masterpiece that copied the book verbatim? No. Can’t happen. But I thought it was a decent movie, it made me smile more than once, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

I updated the author pages yesterday, and there are a couple of little things that I found that caught my attention.

  • for those of you who are fans of the Bayou Heat e-series Alexandra Ivy co-writes with Laura Wright, there will be at least three more full books and a Christmas story. It looks like the series will continue pretty regularly through 2014.
  • Updated to say that Bloodlines #5 from Richelle Mead now has a title – Silver Shadows. It is due out early next summer.
  • Chloe Neill will have a Luc and Lindsey novella in the upcoming Kicking It anthology (due out on December 3rd), and an e-novella that features Jeff and Fallon called Howling for You which will be available on January 7th. I know the series was contracted for 10 books, and it looks like the 10th will be released next August. I am not sure at this point if Blood Games will indeed be the final book, or perhaps just start a new arc?
  • I am warily circling Gena Showalter after her last few books, but I have to admit that I was more than a little happy to find out that Torin’s story is up next. The Darkest Touch will be released sometime in 2014. Now if only we could find out when the next Alien Huntress book will be out (featuring Dallas, of course).
  • Booo! Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever World book, Burned, has been pushed back yet again to a July 22nd release. There has been talk from the author herself that she might change from the two more Dani and two more Mac books into just two more books total, so here’s hoping that this isn’t an indicator of that.
  • And it looks like Kresley Cole has a super secret project in the works. She has said that she will be making an announcement soon, but when I did a quick search over on Amazon I saw that she has listings for three as-yet untitled e-books. Whatever they are, they are going to be released on December 9th, December 16th, and January 6th respectively. Hmm, makes me wonder.
  • Oh, and the summary for Crave the Night from Lara Adrian has been upped. This one is Nathan’s story, and it will be out on February 25th. You can find the synopsis HERE.
  • Likewise, the summary for the next Sentinel Wars book, Willing Sacrifice, has been added to the Shannon K. Butcher page. I had hoped it was Torr and Grace, and I was right. You can find the summary HERE.
  • Well, there used to be an author section for C.L. Wilson, so I guess that counts. It turns out that she has finished the long, long awaited The Winter King, and it is now in the hands of her editor. It has a scheduled publication date of…August. 2014. Or a year from now. Yep.

So, did you catch City of Bones? What did you think? Have you heard anything about Kresley Cole’s upcoming project? And what do you think the odds are of the Winter King ever actually getting released? And at this point, do you really care?

Why Buy Used Books?

Sarah from over at Thriftbooks sent over an info graphic about the benefits of buying used books. I love looking at the graphics, both for Photoshop technique and because I find you always use something new from them. Personally, I am one of those who is too OCD to go used – I did get the first four Karen Marie Moning Fever books in hardcover off of E-bay, and they were not only a great deal, but also in very good shape. And a couple of them were impossible to find anywhere else. I don’t want to push my luck, though. Click the graphic below for full size…

Why Buy Used Books - TB - graphicAre  you a used book lover? Have you scored any great books at great prices, or are you like me and want a brand new, shiny copy for the shelf? I do admit that it can get expensive, especially since my father is a reader, too (and all his are hardcover). Lucky me, I get to buy his, too.

This and That…

This is sort of a mix of everything random post. Part update, part new release info, part cover lover.

  • it looks like Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever book, Burned, is up for pre-order on Amazon. It will be released on January 14th. Let my countdown begin.
  • also, there is a bit of info coming about Alexandra Ivy‘s new Sentinels series. The prequel novella will be part of the upcoming Predatory anthology due out on May 7th, but we now know that the first full novel will be called Born in Blood. It will be released on December 31st.
  • there will be a third book in Jacquelyn Frank‘s World of Nightwalkers series, called Forsaken. This one has a January 7th,2014 release date.
  • November 2nd is the release date for the next Sentinels book from Jennifer L Armentrout, called Sentinel. And as a bonus, there is now a release date for the next Lux book, Origin. It looks like this one will be out on August 27th. But after that, things get a little tricky. From what I am picking up, there have been some changes in two other works of hers. Nephilim Rising (written under the name J. Lynn) has had a couple of pushbacks already, but it seems that now it will be released on September 17th – in e-format only. Amazon is showing a ridiculous print date of January 1st, 2018. Uh, no. Aaand, I might be totally wrong, but it would appear that the Lux spin-off book Obsession will now be released through the Entangled: Covet imprint – which means e-format only. Damn, that is a shame. I do have hopes for a print version later on, though.
  • word has gotten around about Christine Feehan‘s upcoming Dark series trilogy, but it looks like there will be a book in between. Right now, the schedule is looking like Dark Lycan this September, Dark Wolf in January, Air Bound (from the Sisters of the Heart series) in either April or May. Then the third Dark book, Dark Hunter, in the usual September spot, and a Ghostwalker book after that (December or January).
  • the third Marie Lu Legend book, Champion, will be released on November 5th.
  • Katie Reus‘s fourth Moon Shifter’s novel, Avenger’s Heat, will be released on February 4th.

Ugh, I am getting tired of this design, and I have been looking into other templates and designs. Right now, we are on, but you are limited as to design. allows custom themes, but I dread trying to make the switch over (especially since Wicked Scribes is actually made up of something like 18 different blogs).

And on the cover front, I found this one for Jessica Shirvington‘s next Violet Eden Chronicles book, Endless. It is due out on October 1st.


Reading Roundup…Fever Edition

avatarQuick warning: long-winded, semi-coherent, and possibly spoilery words to follow in three…two…one…

Way, way back in the day, a friend told me I absolutely had to read the Highlander books from Karen Marie Moning. Time-traveling Druid Scotsmen? Why on earth would I ever read those? Fine, to shut her up I read them…and loved them. It was well before I even knew what PNR or UF stood for, but I loved them. Dageus. Drustan. Adam. Cian. The whole gang. And my love for them was part of the reason I held off on reading the Fever series. I had heard it was nothing like those great books, so why would I bother? But I kept hearing about them, over and over, and I finally decided that 2013 was going to be the year I read them. And guess what? I loved them, too. Fabulous, fabulous story. These are not quick, fun reads. They are complex, involved, and very layered. And if you are like me, you get good and hooked.

I went into the Fever world with my eyes wide open, though. I had a few spoilers, but nothing too extreme. I had heard a lot of the pros and cons many felt over the course of the first five books (or maybe I should say the first arc?). There was quite a bit of talk about Mac 1.0, the blonde barbie in way too far over her head. Her annoying accessorizing and good southern girl miss popularity routine got on some nerves. But I was surprised to say that not only didn’t she bug me at all, but I liked the fact that she was normal. She was a normal girl – well, correction. She seemed like a normal girl – in an absolutely abnormal situation. And she learned. Book after book, Mac learned, and adapted, and made mistakes, then picked herself up and started again. By the end of Shadowfever, Mac is one hell of a heroine and a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

The one thing I had heard repeatedly was that there was no other, er, “hero” like Jericho Z. Barrons. Ever. Turns out that was true. Hard to get a handle on, impossible to second-guess or even hope to control, he had no limits. At times suave, brutish, violent, protective, mocking and downright nasty, he did definitely rise to the top of the most memorable male leads from any series I have read. I don’t think you can say he is a good guy – but he is the perfect guy for Mac.

One blessing I am most grateful for is that I did not actually start these books until after the fifth one had been released, since there was no way I could’ve handled those cliffhangers. No. Way.

But then came Iced.

As much as I can truly say I enjoyed the first five Fever books featuring Mac and Barrons, I was surprised by how completely I got involved in Iced. I shared the same concerns as most others about a book that was focused on a 14 year old heroine, but in no way, shape of form is this a YA story. None at all. It is violent, brutal at times, and no one is spared. While I know many found Dani an annoying character, I enjoyed her because she is what she is. The “dudes” and “fecks” do get old sometimes, but that is Dani. A ball of energy. No whining, no self-pity, just all out fight. She jumps in without thinking most of the time because she is determined to save the day, determined to fight for those who sometimes don’t even want her help. Do I wish that as a character she had been a bit older? Sure. But the way it was written the only time I thought of her age was when someone made a specific mention of it. She will age throughout the following two books, and then things are really going to get interesting.

So, here I am. Loving me the Iced. And then…it happens. IT. The thing that bugged me when I read it, then flat out pissed me off all day today at work when I thought about it. Ryodan…and Jo. You know you have read a great book when the story sticks with you, but you might be a bit too invested when you are cranky all day at work because a character in a book hooks up with some random chick in what comes across as a…a…relationship with someone other than the heroine. Nuh-uh. Did I want Dani and Ryodan doing anything when Dani is 14? Nope. Did I want some other broad claiming some sort of rights over Ryodan? Hell no. It really bugged me, and the first thing I did tonight when I got home was do some research on this whole Jo debacle (die Jo. Die). Yes, I have gotten that bad.

What I found made me feel better. I came across a chat that KMM did back in November on, and in it she assures that all is not as it seems. She assures that there is no blood connection between Ryodan and Dani (the thought did cross my mind once or twice myself, especially after DieJo showed up). She says that Christian is in an in-between stage right now, but that she has big plans for him. And as for DieJo, she says…

       Ok, that’s it. I wrote her too good.  Crimeny. You were SUPPOSED to be irritated by this. Just not quite so bent out of shape. It’s intended to make you feel all those things: Ew, Jo doesn’t deserve him, Ew, what about Dani, Ew, what about Ryodan anyway because we really can’t get a “romantic” feel for him in this book (because you’re not supposed to yet.) ICED is book 6 in the series but book 1 in this trilogy. This is the foundation where I lay out the characters, establish their flaws, point you toward the hero’s journey. Can’t be a journey if everybody’s already at the end of Perfect Street.

And when someone asked why Ryodan has a girlfriend when none of the others are allowed to because of their pact, her answer made me giggle…

        Ryodan doesn’t have a girlfriend and they all know it.

Heh. That really did make me feel better.

This rant is pretty much so I can keep things straight in the probable year we are going to have to wait for Burned to be released. What did you think of Fever 1-5 and Iced? Love? Hate? Epic or not? Did you share my Fever love, and my Jo hate? What do you see happening. I will add that I do think that Shadowfever should be the end of Mac and Barron’s story. End it on top, and maybe move on to Lor after Dani and Ryodan’s turn is over. Lor, gotta love him.

Cover Lover – 6 New Titles

Let me start today’s little cover post by saying that WordPress is, once again, acting wonky. The comments feature is what seems to be funky – it looks like long-time posters are randomly being put into moderation for comment approval. Sometimes one comment is approved, the next one is moderated, and the third approved. Looks like the powers that be are “upgrading” again (god help us all).

So, I go home from work a few minutes ago and I had not one, not two, but three emails telling me that the cover for Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever series/Dani O’Malley book, Burned, was out. Thanks all, ’cause I have been looking forward to it. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but then I was thinking of a fiery version of the first cover for Iced, and I sort of had my heart set on that. This isn’t bad, though…


And this second one is the paperback version of Christine Feehan‘s Dark Storm. Way, WAY better than the hardcover, if I do say so myself. Not sure about the funky looking little dragon, but at least all of that…that…goldy colored stuff has been scraped off.

dark storm

Now, this third cover was sent to me by Marcia, so many thanks once again. Ritual Magic is from the World of the Lupi series from Eileen Wilks, and it will be released on August 6th. This is another series that has consistently good covers, which just makes some of the awful ones seem unnecessary.

ritual magic

These next two have the same sort of grungy vibe going on. First up is Hellhound, the next book in Nancy Holzner‘s Deadtown series. It will be released on October 29th.


And the story of October Daye continues in Seanan McGuire‘s Chimes at Midnight, which will be on the shelves on September 3rd.


And the final one for today is the lone young adult cover. Eternity is book three in Elizabeth Miles‘ Fury trilogy, and it will be released on September 3rd.


Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

Today is the usual day for my pick of the week post, but since I didn’t have one it looks like it is cover lover time, instead. For this post, there are seven newbies that I found between Goodreads and Here goes…I enjoyed Amanda Carlson‘s first Jessica McClain book, and now it looks like the cover is out for the third, Cold Blooded, which will be released on October 8th.

cold blooded

This next one is actually the paperback cover for Karen Marie Moning‘s Iced, which will be released later this year. I was disappointed in this one, since the hardcover art was amazing, and this one gave me a home-made vibe. I am just finishing up Shadowfever, and then Iced is after that. Can’t wait.

iced paperback

And number three is from Molly Harper‘s Naked Werewolf series. How to Run with a Naked Werewolf will be released on December 31st.

how to run with a naked werewolf

Looks like Jaye Wells has a new series starting up early next year. Dirty Magic will be the first book of The Prospero’s War. I am going to have to look into this one a bit more.

dirty magic

And Kate Locke‘s next Immortal Empire book, Long Live the Queen, will be released on November 12th.

long live the queen

These next two are young adult titles. Got to say, this next one is not the most thrilling cover I have ever seen, but Erased is the second book from Jennifer Rush‘s new series.


And this last one is from Kami Garcia‘s upcoming series, The Legion. Unbreakable will be released on October 1st.