Random Updates

It has been a busy couple of days trying to update for next summer’s new releases, and the to-do list just got a bit longer…

  • Thea Harrison will debut a new series next year, called the Elder Races series.  Book one will be called Dragon Bound, and has a release date of May 3rd, while the second is called Storm’s Heart, and is due out August 2nd.
  • MaryJanice Davidson‘s next Queen Betsy novel, called Undead and Undermined, will be out in hardcover on July 5th.
  • Bloodlust, the second book in Michelle Rowen‘s new Nightshade series, now has a release date of July 5th.
  • August, September and October of 2011 will see the release of a new trilogy from Chris Marie Green.  From what I can gather, the first book of this series is called Bloodlands.
  • Angela Knight will continue her Mageverse series with Master of Shadows, due out on August 2nd.
  • Heart Search is the next book for Robin D. Owens, due out on August 2nd.  This is part of her Celta’s Heartmates series.
  • Also August 2nd is the release of the Angie Fox, Kathy Love and Lexi George anthology So I Married a Demon Slayer.
  • Erin Kellison‘s third Shadow book will be hitting the shelves next September 6th, this one called Shadow Man.
  • Mind Games, the sequel to the recent Taylor Keating book Game Over, now has a release date of May 24th.

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