Cover Lover – 2 New Titles

Well, count me…underwhelmed.  Four great authors, all of whom I follow faithfully, in one anthology.  Sounds great.  Someone could have at least put a bit of work into the darn cover for it.  Supernatural contains a Demonica story from Larissa Ione, a Nightwalkers story from Jacquelyn Frank, a Guardians of Eternity Story from Alexandra Ivy, and a Dragon Kin story from G.A. Aiken.  I am looking forward to it, for sure, but the cover was still a let down.  It is due out on August 30th.


The second one is from another anthology also due out on August 30th.  So I Married a Demon Slayer features Angie Fox, Kathy Love and Lexi George.


2 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 2 New Titles

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    Wow…I’ve had Supernatural on my “to buy” list for awhile now, but I have to say I am not impressed with that cover. They could have done so much more with it. This was one of the covers I was really looking forward to seeing…not what I expected 😦

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