E-book Releases

While the wonderful free Kate and Curran story Magic Gifts from Ilona Andrews is no longer available (it will be available in print  in an upcoming Kate Daniels book), and Alejandro’s Sorceress from Alyssa Day is experiencing technical difficulties, there are a couple of stories to tide us over.

  • Cynthia Eden is offering a terrific free story called Bound in Sin.  It is free at Smashwords until January 13th, or it can be found at Amazon.com for $0.99.  I would love to see these stories released in a print collection.
  • Kelley Armstrong returns to the Otherworld with the January 31st release of Chaotic.  It would be considered story #5.5, and it was originally released in print in the Dates from Hell anthology.
  • Ghouls Night Out, story #2.5 from the Nicki Styx series from Terri Garey, is also being re-released in e-format.  It was originally available in the Weddings from Hell anthology.  Look for it on January 17th.
  • January 3rd was the release date for Laura Wright‘s Eternal Blood, story #2.5 in the Mark of the Vampire series.
  • Originally released in the Inked anthology, Yasmine Galenorn‘s Etched in Silver will now be available in e-format starting on January 10th.  It is #7.5 of the Sisters of the Moon series.
  • and Jennifer Estep will be releasing a new Elemental Assassin novella called Thread of Death.  It will be story #5.5, and is due for release on January 31st (the same day as book #6, By a Thread).

Now, on a personal note.  Aaarrrggggghhhhhhhh!  Some of the covers I saw while going through the Kindle books for January *shuddering*.  Good lord.  I went from laughing, to sneering, to feeling like I needed a hot bath.  I was horrified.  I had high hopes they would look like the covers for Thread of Death, but, er, no.


2 thoughts on “E-book Releases

  1. melindeeloo says:

    Hey Kaleigha – Etched in Silver is actually a prequel to the sisters series, when they are still in the otherworld (or whatever it is called – it’s not a series I follow anymore, but I liked the short)

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