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I was surprised to hear from Douglas Meeks that the WVMP series from Jeri Smith-Ready was wrapping up with the release of Lust For Life in a couple of weeks.  For some reason, a series ending always manages to catch me off guard, unless it is specified as a trilogy up front (I live in the land of denial).  So, Doug did up a reader recommendation post covering the whole series.

What Doug said…

        WVMP/Ciera Griffin Series:

Wicked Game – Book #1
Bad To The Bone – Book #2
Bring On The Night – Book #3
*Let It Bleed – Book #3.5
*NOTE!! – The FREE book Let It Bleed is only available at the authors website and is REQUIRED reading for this series – Available in format for any reading device or PC
Lust For Life – Book #4 (27 Nov Release)

Disclaimer: These books were furnished to me at no cost and without conditions in expectation of a fair and honest review.

WVMP/Ciera Griffin Series
Summary & Review:

The WVMP series is different from almost any other “vampire” series you ever read, it follows one female for the life of the series and in addition to the plots and subplots the main theme throughout the books is the romance between her and Shane (an undead DJ), I took this assignment on due to the “Rock & Roll” aspect of the books but that quickly becomes a secondary thing as you follow the life of Ciera Griffin. I should mention that these books are filled with musical trivia from the 50s to the 2000s that adds to the enjoyment if you are into such things (I am a small bit so it DID interest me).  The series was going to be promoted in a big way (as evidenced by the that the author or publisher setup) but the series never gained the popularity to fully develop these things but the link is still there and has some interesting things.

The difference I mentioned is with the vampires as the author writes them, in her version of vampires they are attached to the times they lived in and are somewhat ‘locked” on the time period they were turned into vampires, which gives a bit of depth to several of the subplots. They all are OCD to some degree (some more than others) and it adds a bit of lightness to some of the darkness of these books, I think one of the things I slowly enjoyed somewhere along the line was the authors ability to mix the light and dark aspects of these stories without coming off as inappropriate or stupid. (Click here for info on the DJs)

The last book in the series Lust For Life will be released on Nov 27th of 2012 and the series will end, the book closes pretty much all the loose ends and the hoped for HEA everyone has been looking for will be decided and it won’t be what you thought it would be. Ciera and Shane have weathered many storms in their struggles which revolved around a core of amazing characters (mostly vampires) who pose as DJs at the WVMP radio station playing music from the age they were when they were “turned” and it plays well. The picture of vampires presented in these books is far from the all powerful creatures in most other PNR/UF type novels, these are people with problems and emotions.

While these novels tend to meander back and forth from action, adventure and typical vampire fare, they also spend a great deal of time letting you get into the characters heads a bit, sometimes this is done well and sometimes it gets boring but you do get a good mental picture of what makes up the main characters. I got the feeling throughout the books that the author was struggling NOT to inject her personal feelings on religion and politics into the books, for the most part she succeeded although a heroine who has the “superpower” of disbelief in almost anything religious does kind of give you an idea but nothing overpowering since I will magically turn any book obviously trying to inject “social engineering” into my entertainment into compost.

As far as the HEA I can only say the books ends in a suitable fashion and as with most good authors we are hit with an unexpected ending, but be forewarned that there is some tragedy along the way in these novels that you don’t see coming (as most really good series have) which adds to the emotional impact of the series. This is an amazing series but, I fear the slow start is what doomed it although it has taken over 3 years to get the series to this point. I don’t usually give a high recommendation to a series that moves as slowly as this one did but if you can hang in there with it by about halfway through book 2 you will be glad you did, the story picks up speed and the climatic ending will be appreciated by all readers.

This series falls into the category of “almost” great, it kept my attention, I wanted to know more but I was disappointed several times in things not reaching the potential I felt was there, it turned into a book of self analysis many times it seemed.  The core of these books is always the romance and not the action so if your interest is more romance oriented then you might like it a bit more than I did (and I loved it).

This is a great series at its core, it wanders off from time to time but always comes back, you won’t be sorry you read them but you will feel sad at the end and for me a feeling of amazing potential not fully realized. Great series and I wish I could have known a bit more about the other amazing characters.   It would have been 5 Stars but the author gets a bit introspective at times and I had to scan a small bit but the overall story is gripping and enjoyable.  ….. 4 of 5 Stars

Was everyone else like me and surprised to see this one wrap up?  I will have to keep an eye out and see what will be in store for Jeri Smith-Ready now, since surely there must be a new series in the works.


9 thoughts on “Reader Recommendations…

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    So this yet another series that is on my bookshelf waiting for me to read (still need to get the 4th book). I’m a fan of her writing (her YA “Shade” series is one of my fav’s), but unfortunately I just haven’t gotten around to reading this series yet. You know how that goes…*sigh* I will happen one of these days! 🙂

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