Spotlight on…Angela Knight

Everyone has those authors that they keep meaning to read, have on their TBR piles, but can just never seem to get to.  One of mine is Angela Knight.  I have enjoyed the little bit of hers that I have read, but just can’t get to the rest (and there is a lot to get to).  On a random check-up on her site and blog, I found out that this is a big year for Angela Knight.

It appears that Master of Darkness, the 9th Mageverse book, was actually the series finale.  I was surprised to find that the series had ended, since it seems there was very little fanfare about it.  The Mageverse series revolves around King Arthur’s Knights, who are actually vampires that fight on the side of good.  They live in a magical world parallel to our own called the Mageverse, but enter our world to help mankind.

Also finishing up is the Time Hunters series.  The final story, Enforcer, will be released in the Unbound anthology on March 5th.  The Time Hunters series was a spin-off of Angela’s book Jane’s Warlord, and focused on the time-traveling agents of the Temporal Enforcement Agency.

But even though both established series are wrapping up, there is also a new one to look forward to.  Starting next August, Angela will be releasing a new trilogy called The Familiars.  The first book doesn’t have an official title as yet, but some details about the new series have been released…

          Branwyn Donovan, a war photographer, and her twin sister, Aislyn, a political blogger, work for their brother, Conal, who runs a media empire that’s fast overtaking Fox News in the ratings.

But they’re not your typical TV talking heads. All three are Changelings: the half-breed children of Siobhan Donovan, a beautiful Sidhe rebel who fled the Mageverse centuries ago after a failed attempt to assassinate a despotic fairy king.

Siobhan brought three Familiars with her — shape-shifting creatures of great age and magical ability. Feathered serpent Finvarra, cat creature Danu and hawk shifter Essus dispense magical assistance, sarcasm and frequent doses of guilt to Branwyn, Aislyn, and Conal.

As the trilogy begins, the Familiars discover three other Changelings living on Mortal Earth. Gabriel Taggart is a former Navy SEAL and half-Sidhe warrior, while police detective Kevin Morland has no idea he has magical blood. Meanwhile Changeling Julia Vance has been dodging fairy assassins for years. The Familiars decide all three would make perfect mates for Branwyn, Aislyn and Conal.

But even as the Familiars start their magical matchmaking, the Changelings clash with deadly enemies determined to kill them all.

What did you think of the ending of both the Mageverse and the Time Hunters series?  Are you looking forward to the new Familiars?  It does sound like a spin-off more than a stand alone, but I will be checking them out.


10 thoughts on “Spotlight on…Angela Knight

  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    I am so bad, I have every one of Angela Knights Mageverse books except the last one and I have not read one, they are in the way out of control TBR pile that I have. I have heard they are really good, I will eventually get to them. If books would stop being released for just a little while, I might actually get caught up, NO, who am I kidding, I will never be caught up!! Happy Reading

    • kaleigha says:

      You know, I have had that same argument with myself. Plus, like I say, if there are too many books on Mount TBR, I am not happy. If there are not enough books on Mount TBR, I panic that I am going to run out of things to read. I, too, have come to terms that I will never be caught up. Ever.

      • Lisa Kelly says:

        Its so good to know I have a friend. And, I dont even have a Kindle, which, I know, is a travesty. I just like print books, however, I think, if finances allow, I am going to buy the new Kindle Fire for myself, from my husband and daughter, of course, for Christmas and things will just spiral from ridiculous to even more ridiculous. Oh, the things that make us happy!!!!!!

        • kaleigha says:

          Ugh…I don’t do the ebooks, either (can’t imagine not having a Book book). But, on the plus side, think of all the freebie titles you will be able to get. Ah, the mountain continues to grow.

          • Lisa Kelly says:

            That is one of the reasons I am considering it, there are so many free books or 99 books, I get so mad at myself when I see those. Also, there are some things I want to read that are just not in print, so those are my reasons. I will never stop buying print books, I adore them!! I cant believe I finally found someone like me that either didn’t have a e reader or that could do without one!! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your site, I love it, it is one of the best out there. Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

            • kaleigha says:

              Thanks, Lisa. I have been pretty vocal about my sticking with paper books, so always good to find another fellow fan. Glad you like the site, too!

  2. AnnieB says:

    It’s now Saturday, 03/01/2014, and there’s neither hide nor hair of the first Familiars novel, which was supposed to be released today – where is it?

    • kaleigha says:

      I had a bad feeling that something was up with it when you couldn’t get so much as a book title, never mind a cover. But it looks like not only is the publication date a mystery, Angela Knight isn’t even sure it will be published at all.

  3. AnnieB says:

    Silly me … I “assumed” that since an ISBN had been assigned, Familiar #1 was in the publisher’s hands and would be published … BOO-HOO!

    • kaleigha says:

      Aaand, you can still find some info about it on the authors website, which is strange. I really don’t like things like that being left up in the air.

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