Random Updates…

Still doing the updating of the series reading list section (and also the finished series page), and I did come across a little bit more info for this post.  Did you know…

  • The Beautiful Creatures movie has just finished wrapping filming, but it looks like Kami Garcia will have another project coming to the big screen – one that hasn’t even been published yet.  Unbreakable, the first book in her upcoming The Legion series, is in development as we speak.  The book will be released sometime next year.
  • The third book of J.T. Geissinger‘s Night Prowler series, Rapture’s Edge, will be out on July 9th.
  • Donna Grant‘s Dark Warriors series will continue on through the end of 2013.  Midnight’s Temptation (book 7) will be out next November, and it will be followed by Midnight’s Promise (book 8) the following month.
  • There is good news for fans of the Hex Hall series from Rachel Hawkins.  There will be a spin off series called, well, the Hex-Hall Spin off series, starting up sometime next year.  The first book will be called School Spirits.
  • The third Sentinels of New Orleans book from Suzanne Johnson, Elysian Fields, will be released on August 13th.
  • August 8th will be the release date for the second Aether Chronicles book from Suzanne Lazear, Charmed Vengeance.
  • There has been a lot of buzz about Sarah J. MaasThrone of Glass, and it looks like the as-yet untitled second book will be released next September 12th.
  • Another one that seemed to be very well received was Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney.  Well, the second book, Hunting the Dark, has been pushed back to a 2014 release.
  • Seanan McGuire will be writing one October Daye book a year through 2016.  The Chimes at Midnight will be out next September, The Winter Long will be released in 2014, A Red Rose Chain will follow in 2015, and Once Broken Faith will only be out in 2016.
  • I did my nerdy little squeal when I saw that the fourth Bloodlines novel from Richelle Mead will be called The Fiery Heart.  The only release info was that it would be out sometime next year.  Boo.

That’s it.  Back to the updating, which I hope to have done by the end of next week.  Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Random Updates…

  1. Jean says:

    Good scoop on Seanan McGuire. I’m a fan if hers. Thank you!

    Off topic inquiry: some of my fave authors always release right after a holiday. I’d prefer to get a book before the holiday and read it while flying or driving somewhere, or just with the holiday time off from work. And the authors miss the Black Friday shopping bonanza when people might pick up the book as a gift for others. Why would an author release November 27 instead of November 20? I’ve always wondered. If you have any insight to share, please do.

    • kaleigha says:

      I wondered that before, along with how much control authors have over cover art, etc. What I found out is that they have pretty much no control over release date, whether the books are released in paperback or hardback, or pricing. I was really surprised to find out that they may or may not get a say in the covers, and sometimes they don’t even get to use the title that they want. My guess would be that the publisher has some sort of “master plan” to determine what should be released when, but to be honest I don’t get it half the time. Like why would books be released on December 25th or 26th? Even for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, nothing is open to go book shopping. I don’t get it either.

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