E-books vs Print Books…Another Take

I have never made any secret of my feelings about e-books and e-readers, so I won’t bore you with another one of my long winded rants.  But yesterday Allison Morris kindly sent me a very cool graphic she had made up that I found very interesting on the whole e-book vs print book subject.  This was originally published over at teachingdegree.org, but she also gave permission for me to post it here.

I thought this was a fun, cool way to highlight the different roles that both formats play.  Each has its different strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully the rise of one does not spell the end of the other.


7 thoughts on “E-books vs Print Books…Another Take

  1. LethalLovely says:

    Thank you Kaleigha for the informative post and Allison for the wonderful stats and visuals.

    I received my first ereader (Kindle) in December 2010. Since then, I’ve started to lean more towards ebooks than print but I will ALWAYS be a lover of print books. I just bought a new bookshelf this past summer and while it’s a little under halfway filled, I have hopes that it will be popping at the seams with print books in no time. I love ebooks & print for different reasons & I have never felt I had to pick a side. Like Allison, I’ve always firmly believed that they can coexist.

    • kaleigha says:

      That is a great way to look at it. As long as I can still get my hands on the paper books, I am a happy gal. I do find it hard when an author goes the self-published e-book route part way through a series, but it hasn’t happened to any of my favorites (yet).

      • LethalLovely says:

        That annoys me as well when authors go totally ebook. At the same time, ebooks have opened a whole new world to me. I used to look at the exclusively e (or mostly e) publishers like Samhain & Loose Id that my friends added to their TBR shelves on GR and wish I could read them as well, if only I had an ereader. Now I get the best of both worlds.

        Seriously, Kaleigha. My personal library is a hot mess. LOL. I’ll have books 1-4 in a series in print, books 5 & 6 in ebook & books 7-10 in print again. As your typical starving college student, my deciding factor has always been “What’s cheaper?” If I can find it cheaper in E, to E it is! And vice versus with print. I don’t care what format it’s in as long as I can read it without draining my pockets.

        • kaleigha says:

          I have done that too…especially the books with, you know, THOSE covers. The ones that I wouldn’t be caught dead with.

          I did notice lately that e-book prices are way out of whack. I wonder why a lot of the time it seems they are costing a couple of bucks more per book than their print counterpart? Haven’t figured out the reasoning behind that one yet.

  2. shera (Book Whispers) says:

    That’s great! I know all of my friends look at my books and say printed copies will be out dated. But honestly I don’t think we can truly give them up. I was die hard on print books, but I’ve purchased 3 ereaders since then and I love them! (However, I’ll always choose paper over ebooks.

    • kaleigha says:

      It seems like a lot of people are in the same position as you – fans of both. At least both have their uses, but nothing can replace the good old paper copy.

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