A Drive By Post…

blurbSo, life is back to normal after New Year’s Eve.  And I am officially on three weeks of vacation, so that means that things can get back to normal (normalish) around here.  As you might notice, I have been playing around with a few things like the background – I wanted one that was seamless, with no text, so you weren’t forced to have a certain screen zoom to have things look right.  I think the background will work for now, but you never know with me.  I am making a new header, but so far it is a bit meh.  I need new link buttons, things like that.  Anyways, in the next week or so I have a crap-load of new release dates to put up, since I have been too lazy to do them for a while.

As always, if there is anything you can think that needs changing/improving/adding, just drop a line and let me know.  I am open to suggestions.


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