Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

Things have been a bit quiet lately, but here’s hoping I am getting back into the swing of things (it is amazing how fast you can get out of your routine).  There are only three covers for today’s post – one I have never heard of, one I am anticipating, and one I have mixed feelings about.  All of these I nabbed from All Things Urban Fantasy.

First thought – this is pretty!  Second thought – never heard of it.  Binding is the second book in the Wolf Moon Saga from author Carol Wolf, which is due out on April 2nd.  I am not sure how this, or the first book in the series called Summoning, slipped past my radar.


I have been trying to wade my way through some of the what seems like hundreds (who am I kidding, it is hundreds) of young adult books that are building up on me, and to be honest I have been a bit underwhelmed by most of them lately.  Not sure if I am in a funk, or just hit a rough patch, but most of the ones I have been anticipating have fallen flat.  I do still have high hopes for next week’s Crash from Lisa McMann, which is the first book of her Visions series, and this is the cover for the second book, Bang.  Look for it later this year.


Things are a little more…complex…for this next one.  I like Jennifer Estep‘s Mythos Academy series, and I have followed it faithfully along since the first book.  But it seems that my interest is waning a bit, and I am not sure why.  I have recently re-read Dark Frost for the character guide, and I found myself thinking that it read just the same as the book before it.  There were a couple of major developments, but it still felt like same old, same old.  Here’s hoping that Crimson Frost (which I am still waiting for) and this one, Midnight Frost, breaks the slump.  Midnight Frost is due out on July 30th.

midnight frost

So, there you have it.  I was wondering if you think I should add the cover blurbs (when available) to the posts, or do like it just a straight cover art post?


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