This and That…

newsAs always, in the process of updating the new release pages, I found a few more books that are on the horizon.

  • The second book of Coreene Callahan‘s new Knight Avenged series has been pushed way back to April 8th of next year.
  • November 5th will see the next Bound by Magick book from Lauren Dane, called Burning Wild.
  • November 5th is also the date for a Thea Harrison Elder Races book, a Meljean Brook Iron Seas book, and Nalini Singh‘s next Guild Hunter book (featuring Raphael and Elena).  All have titles TBA.
  • Author Lauren Kate‘s Fallen series (supposedly being optioned for a movie) is finished, so it looks like she is turning her attention to a new series, called Teardrop.  The first book, also called Teardrop, will be hitting the shelves on October 22nd.
  • October 1st is the release date for Caris Roane‘s next Ascension novel, Born in Chains.
  • Rather than info, this is more like lack of info.  Christine Feehan was recently asked what she would be working on next, and she said that after the long delayed Leopard’s Prey she was in fact without a contract.  She was not sure what would be coming, or when we would get it.  If I remember correctly, this same situation came up last year with Ms. Feehan, which just seems so strange to me.
  • The next H&W Investigations book from Jess Haines, Forsaken by the Others, will be released on July 30th.
  • Hannah Jayne‘s next Underworld Detection Agency novel, Under a Spell, will be out on August 13th.
  • To Kiss a Dragon is the title of the next G.A. Aiken Dragon Kin book, and it is scheduled for release on October 1st.  No clue who this one is about, and if ever there was a series that needed a character guide, this is it.
  • The pre-order links are up for Keri Arthur‘s 6th Dark Angels book, Darkness Splintered.  It will be out on November 5th.
  • A couple of weeks ago, word came out that Devon Monk was starting an Allie Beckstrom spin-off series called Broken Magic.  Well, the pre-order links for the first book, Hell Bent, are up now.  It is due out on November 5th.
  • October 1st is the release date for the next Cassie Palmer book from author Karen Chance, called Tempt the Stars.

Anything there you are looking forward to, or are you giving most of them a pass?  It looks like there is a ton coming out on November 5th, for some odd reason, so might have to save up for that weeks’ order.


8 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. Lydia says:

    Meljean Brook’s last Guardian book has been pushed from May to August; don’t know why. I tell you I am so disappointed with Christine Feehan and Lora Leigh; it might have nothing to do with them but leaving the Breeds and the Dark books hanging like they have is so irritating. Why can’t these authors finish a series before starting another?

    • kaleigha says:

      Those pushbacks are annoying. Every two months I go through all of the listings, and it is amazing how many get shoved around.

      I am more annoyed that Feehan’s Ghostwalkers are now at pretty much the best part of one every two years. For a series that has so so many more stories to be told, it is disappointing. I have to say, I am quite surprised that Lora Leigh has, as you said, seemed to leave the Breeds hanging. I have only been able to find the one Breed anthology story coming, and a ton of non-breed books in her schedule. The only thing I could find was a second hand facebook post that said there were 4 more books in the works. The novella is supposed to be about Judd, then Rule’s story, Sleep the Waking Tiger, Gideon’s story and then Cassie’s story. Still no word on when, but that is more than I had heard before.

    • kaleigha says:

      If your birthday is November 5th, you will have a lot of great gifts this year. I am looking forward to getting back to Raphael and Elena, too.

  2. renpuspita says:

    I once read at Ms Roane’s blog and she said that she no longer continue her Ascencion series because well, her sale not good enough apparently. So she end the series with book 6, Gates of Rapture. But, I’m so surprise to see she continue it again under the same publisher with book 7!

    And GH full novel come in November? Really? Ahhh, so long!

    • kaleigha says:

      Never know, my “sources” could have been wrong, and maybe Caris Roane is starting a new series. I will have to double check my info.

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