How Do You Do It?

question-markI have a little issue I was wondering if anyone could help me with. Since starting this blog, I have managed to work out my technique for keeping upcoming releases straight. However, that technique has not extended to being able to keep track of the e-format novellas that are part of the print series I follow. For example, Katie MacAlister has a novella for her new Time Thief series coming out on August 6th, called Time Crossed.

So my question is, how do you find and keep track of the novellas? The only way I have been able to do so until now is by doing an author-by-author search, and that is a whole lot of searches to do on a routine basis. I would like to do a weekly, or perhaps even monthly post that could let people know what novellas are coming out for their favorite series. I know there must be an easier, faster way to find out what is coming out this month, but I just haven’t found it yet. Have you?


14 thoughts on “How Do You Do It?

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I do not follow nearly as many series or authors that you do, so I don’t really have this problem. But I do have a suggestion. This may or may not help or perhaps you already do it. Do you subscribe to the publishers’ email updates? Do visit the publisher websites? I know there are more and more publishers, especially ones dedicated to ebooks, it might cut down on search time. Anyway, thanks for all your information gathering and best of luck!

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Cassandra – that is a good idea. I do check the publishers for the printed book info, but I haven’t checked into the e-pubbed stuff. Strangely enough, I never thought to get email updates (duh – I check everything by hand). Thanks!

  2. SharonS says:

    unfortunately most novellas like that don’t show up on amazon until the day they release! so it is very hard to get up pre order links and what not. I have to wait till release day and search amazon for releases of the last 30 days and sort by publication date. That way the newest releases are at the top of the list. It includes paper and kindle books.

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Sharon – that is what I found so tricky about the buggers. I am always months ahead on the print books, so I miss the e-pubbed stuff. I go off of Amazon, too, and there are just so many listed.

  3. Amber Hughes says:

    Great question! I’d like to know an easier way myself. I usually use Goodreads. Sometimes I’ll look it up by series name vs. just the author’s name since they could have more than one series. If there is one listed, I add it to my excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all my books. There’s also that has a calendar of the releases coming out. The only thing about that is sometimes the book numbering with the novellas isn’t always perfect. For example, instead of saying book 3.5, it will listed as book 4. Is getting better I think though 🙂

  4. cmaaron says:

    I sign up for the author’s newsletters which are then delivered to my email. Most of them have a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter where they tell you what they are working on and what new releases are coming up. I got Donya Lynne’s newsletter last week and she is working on a novella and a couple of books tbr later this year. I also go to goodreads a couple of times a week and check out my favorite authors. Then I keep the titles in a wish list at amazon.

    • kaleigha says:

      You know, it is strange, but I never did sign up for newsletters. I was going to, but then I figured that there were just too many to follow, but I think I might go through the series reading list and slowly sign up for them all.

      On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Wicked Scribes

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