Bookish, Anyone?

bookishMy random internet wanderings have lead me once again to strange and wonderful places. A while back, I came across Riffle (which I didn’t find really all that useful, or maybe I just didn’t delve deep enough). This time, I came across Bookish. This site is geared towards you finding your next great book, based on your previous reading history. Now, this is definitely the new kid on the block, having only gone public this past Monday. Publisher’s Weekly has the details…

          After three CEOs and a number of delays, Bookish launched at 9 p.m. Monday with approximately 2 million ISBNs from 19 publishers and a search recommendation function that its founders hope will make it easier for consumers to discover books. To help draw traffic to the Web site, Bookish will feature exclusive content about books and authors and will work with USA Today to integrate Bookish into the newspaper’s book page site. There are about 400,000 author profile pages as well as title pages for all books on the site and Bookish allows consumers to search for books in 18 major categories. Reviews from PW are also featured and customers can add reviews and rate titles as well.

Consumers can buy print books, e-books and physical audiobooks right from the site or through links established to a number of affiliates that include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Kobo. Any title bought directly from Bookish will be fulfilled by Baker & Taylor, which is also setting the price for the titles. While Bookish will not include downloadable audio at launch, Khazaei said it expects to add that soon. Apps and enhanced e-books are also not being sold through Bookish.

Bookish’s home page will have new content each day and the site launched with an interview between Michael Connelly and Michael Kortya, an essay from Elizabeth Gilbert, and a look at the first chapter of Harlan Coben’s upcoming thriller Six Years. Excerpts, trailers and updated news will also be featured assembled by a team of seven editors overseen by Rebecca Wright, who is executive editor.

I played around with Bookish for a while, and I found it quite handy. It did manage to link to books that I did enjoy, and I think it would be great for a casual reader. I am not sure if the die hard genre fans would find much in the way of new authors, but the exclusive content could be interesting.


10 thoughts on “Bookish, Anyone?

  1. Chinyere Ezinwanyi says:

    Hubby reads SciFi and none of the books he entered got a response except Enders Game. It was ok, I guess. My book Dead until Dark got me a rec for Anita Blake. I didn’t think they were similar at all other than being immensely popular

    • kaleigha says:

      Most of my searches led to Anita Blake, too. And from what I have heard I will not be giving that series a try anytime soon. Strange about the sci-fi, though.

    • kaleigha says:

      I played around a bit, and I did find it much more user friendly than Riffle.I think we die hard book fans might already know what they are going to recommend, because we have already read so many.

  2. Shera (Book Whispers) says:

    I checked it out the Monday it launched and thought the recommned system just needed a few days to “warm up”. Yeah, not so much. I think it’s great for newbie readers, but for readers that have been junkie up on one genre for many years it’s just not going to do the trick.

    I also found a lot of the layout and ideas are just copied by other book sites.

    (Never did get into Riffle, sounds like it wouldn’t have been worth it anyway.)

    • kaleigha says:

      I found Riffle a bit awkward, and I didn’t really get the purpose. It was tricky to find books, and most of them I did a search for weren’t listed (of course, this was a while ago, so maybe they have improved).

    • kaleigha says:

      Hm, I didn’t find it so. I find goodreads great for keeping track of series you already know, but Bookish is supposed to help you find other series to read based on what you have already read. I didn’t play with it much, but I did find some of the articles quite interesting.

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