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MacRieve Cover Reveal

So, this is the big cover reveal day for Kresley Cole‘s upcoming Immortals After Dark book, MacRieve. Love, love, love these books – and I like most of this cover. I like pretty much all of it, but the cover dude is not quite what I pictured. So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I like everything but his face. Heh. MacRieve is due out on July 2nd.


24 thoughts on “MacRieve Cover Reveal

  1. I have to agree with the cover. Its okay. Is he wearing armor? I wonder who his mate is? I didn’t really like the puzzle piece reveal. It might have been interesting if the cover had many ascepts and the different pieces had hints, but this is a pretty simple cover. I checked the puzzle piece thing on the second day, but was not interested enough to keep checking everyday. It was a little annoying. I would much rather have the big reveal like Nalini Singh.

    1. I wasn’t that big on the puzzle reveal, either. I checked the first day, then decided to wait until it was complete. Not sure what he is wearing, though. It does not look comfortable, whatever it is.

    1. His head might look smaller because of the big honkin’ armor shirt thingy he is wearing. It does make everything a bit disproportionate, you are right. I like the theme with Lothaire and this one, too.

  2. I actually love the way he looks. Very intense. He could stare at me like that across a room or I don’t know maybe a bed.

  3. Kaleigha, I feel the same way about this cover. I guess it’s because the guy seems like a weird mix of Brad Pitt (in “Troy”) and Jared Leto (in “Alexander”) and Jake Gyllenhaal. Absolutely nothing to do with how I pictured Uilleam. *sigh* Thing is, after Lothaire and Shadow’s Claim, this one is a let down.

    1. I stared at it quite a while trying to figure out who it was he reminded me of, and this morning I finally got it. He reminds me of a hairy, well built version of Joseph Fiennes.

    1. I actually liked Lothaire’s cover…or it could’ve been another case of loving the book no matter what the cover looks like.

        1. There are only a few that I can say that about, but this series is definitely one of them. And anything written by Nalini Singh. Anything.

  4. I can’t wait for this book–love the Lykae! But I’m not a big fan of the cover. He just isn’t at all how I pictured him.

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