Entangled Publishing Deal

entangledOk, let me start this by a rant. Entangled is plucking on my last good nerve. It started out a fresh, exciting new publishing option that provided some really good reads. And then…the delays. The push-backs. More push-backs. Yet another round of push-backs. For example, today’s pick of the week post for me was going to be Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s Shadows novella. As of a few days ago, release date was today. Today…not so much. The Book Depository now lists it as a July 25th release – and I do believe this is at least the third date, probably the fourth. It makes things hard on fans…and hard on authors. I feel bad for them that their publication dates keep getting moved around (and not by a matter of a few days, either. We are talking months).

But, it looks like there has been some major dealing going on behind the scenes…

          Powerhouse publisher Macmillan has reached agreement with juggernaut, Entangled Publishing, to handle global distribution for Entangled’s highly successful digital imprints, beginning February 1, 2013.

In the new arrangement, Macmillan will distribute English language e-books of Entangled’s new publications in all domestic and international markets and for all platforms where Macmillan currently does business.

With unprecedented growth, in a year Entangled has exploded to twelve imprints with more than 350 authors and thirty titles released per month. In 2012, Entangled published the sixth overall best-selling book of the year and eight national best sellers. The agreement includes additional resources and personnel from Macmillan to strengthen Entangled’s infrastructure. “This partnership brings a global leader in print and digital distribution, ensuring Entangled can continue to support our rapid growth and success,” says CEO and publisher of Entangled, Liz Pelletier.

In a separate agreement, St. Martin’s Press will launch a new joint venture imprint known as St. Martin’s/Entangled which will bring into print and publish a select number of Entangled’s digital first titles.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our alliance with these giants in the industry,” says Liz Pelletier. “To be able to bring our titles to a global audience, meeting both the needs and expectations of our authors and readers everywhere, has exceeded my expectations as a publisher. We look forward to an exciting collaboration with Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press.”

John Sargent, Macmillan’s CEO, said, “We are hugely impressed with Liz Pelletier’s vision and what she has accomplished in such a short time. We found her out-of-the-box approach to publishing incredibly exciting and saw potential to work together with her on several levels. We think Liz and Entangled have found a new way forward and we think we can help build on that remarkable success.”

With my vast non-understanding of the publishing world, I can only see this going one of two ways. Either the involvment of one of the huge, established publishing giants will whip Entangled into shape…or the new demands will overwhelm it further and see even more chaos. I would really like to see this house do well, since they do put out quality product…that is, when you can actually get your hands on it.

Who else has been let down by the iffy release schedules of Entangled? It is getting to the point that I am leery of starting a new series of theirs, because God only knows when you will get the next book.


4 thoughts on “Entangled Publishing Deal

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    On a positive note, I have really enjoyed or loved most of what I’ve read from Entangled Publishing, but just like you, I have felt so much frustration over the delays. I’ve been through this with at least three books I’ve had ordered. A couple of them I had to re-order because B & N cancelled my orders because of so many push-backs on the release dates. Melissa West (Gravity) was such a sweetheart and sent me bookmarks & a signed bookplate because she felt so bad about everything. It wasn’t her fault, but I thought that was very nice of her that she did that. I’m really hoping things get better in the near future. *crossing fingers*

    • kaleigha says:

      I am hoping things get better, too, since like you I have liked what I read so far. I might whine about the changing of the dates, but I feel most bad for the authors. There really isn’t much they can do, either.

  2. nightowlinil says:

    Wow, that’s quite the news! By happenstance, today on a FB group that I belong to (the Paranormal Romance Guild at http://www.facebook.com/groups/PRGgroup/?bookmark_t=group ) a member posted this question there:
    “Is there some problem with Entangled Publishing? Been hearing a lot of noise about them changing release dates, losing dates, and I have an ARC for a book by Elle James called Voodoo On The Bayou which is supposed to be released on the 18th of Feb and there is NO listing for this book on Amazon or B&N, something really weird going on here. She even mentions it being her first book with Entangled Publishing …”

    I commented by mentioning your blog here with the link and gave some quotes from the article.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

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