Site Updates…

avatarJust a quick line to let you know that I have updated both the monthly and yearly New Release pages, so everything is up to date (according to, anyhow) as of yesterday. There were quite a few titles that switched release dates, so if there was anything that you had your calendar marked for, better do a double check.

Also, I will be going through the Yearly Release Summary and adding whatever series e-books and novellas I can find. I am not going to add them to the monthly – or at least not yet. I will see if they are a total pain to keep track of, and if not I will probably do them on both pages soon. By the way, do you find you use the monthy release pages with the cover art and summaries more, or do you use the abbreviated yearly page more? Just curious.

All of the character guides are up to date, as well. I think I have only 5 more Breeds books to go before that sucker is up and running (it is well over 16000 words already), but I am taking a break to do the Infernal Devices series before the release of the last book next month. I have a grand total of…one chapter done. Yep, smokin’ right along.

And finally, I owe a huge thanks to PhoenixFyre, who is as big a nerd as I am and also does stats and guides for her favorite series. She very kindly sent over her info for Lara Adrian‘s Midnight Breeds series, so a page will be added for that series as well before the release of the next book, Edge of Dawn, on February 26th.

I did say quick line, but I am long winded.


4 thoughts on “Site Updates…

  1. Tavia Klein says:

    K: I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT job you do for all of us that follow you. Do you get paid for this? You certainly should. We should try and figure out a way to get some money to you. Paypal, something. Anyway keep up the great work and I appreciate all you do. Tavia K

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Tavia…thanks! Nope, I do it for free, but that is ok (as soon as I start to get paid for something, I consider it work and avoid it like the plague!) I am just happy when you get some use out of this stuff, too.

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