E-novella Release Dates…

avatarJust a quick note – it has been bugging me for a while that I didn’t have any e-novellas listed that are part of the print series (like Levet from Alexandra Ivy‘s Guardians of Eternity series, for example). It felt like I was doing only half a job, so I decided to add them as they come up to the Yearly Release Summary. Of course, that bugged me too, so I am in the process of adding them to the Monthly Release pages so there will be covers and blurbs available for those that need them.

Right now, I only plan on doing the e-novellas (or the full e-series titles of authors I know from print releases) since I haven’t found a way to keep track of the many, many e-books that hit the shelves every month. If I can ever figure that out, you never know.

If you find any novellas that I have missed, feel free to point them out. I only really am done for March right now, but I will be adding more over the coming days.


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