Cover Lover – 5 New Titles

This is definitely a mixed bag Cover Lover post, with two adult and three young adult titles. Let’s mix things up and start with the young adult covers for a change. Crown of Midnight from Sarah J. Maas is the second full book in the Throne of Glass series, and it is due out on August 27th. I like this design change, since the first book was pretty but quite standard YA fare. Nice.

crown of midnight

Now this is interesting. Cassandra Clare is releasing (along with a couple of other authors) a series of e-novellas that will then be gathered and released in print format later on in the year. The series itself is called The Bane Chronicles features Magnus Bane, and the first story (What Really Happened in Peru) will be released on April 16th. I am not sure if this cover will also be used for the eventual print edition of the stories, but I do think it would make a great one.

the bane chronicles

And this third YA cover is for Diana Peterfreud‘s Across a Star-Swept Sea, the second book in her For Darkness Shows the Stars series, which is due out on October 15th.

across a star swept sea

I usually think of Melissa de la Cruz as a YA author, but Winds of Salem is actually from her adult Witches of East End series. This one is due out on August 13th.

witches of salem

And finally, this one is from the Anna Strong series from Jeanne C. Stein. Blood Bond is due out on August 27th.

blood bond


3 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 5 New Titles

    • kaleigha says:

      From what I have seen and heard around, it is supposed to be a middle of the road series – not awesome, but enough to keep you interested. Apparently the first book is a bit hard to get through, but things get better off after that. This one is looking like the final book in the series, too.

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