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I just got back from seeing City of Bones. Now, I must admit that I started to hunt for reviews a few days back, and things seemed up in the air. Some thought it was great, some loathed it on principle alone. Rotten Tomatoes has is as a 13% as of me writing this (and Beautiful Creatures had a 46%!). Turns out that once again, I didn’t agree with the critics. Was it a masterpiece that copied the book verbatim? No. Can’t happen. But I thought it was a decent movie, it made me smile more than once, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

I updated the author pages yesterday, and there are a couple of little things that I found that caught my attention.

  • for those of you who are fans of the Bayou Heat e-series Alexandra Ivy co-writes with Laura Wright, there will be at least three more full books and a Christmas story. It looks like the series will continue pretty regularly through 2014.
  • Updated to say that Bloodlines #5 from Richelle Mead now has a title – Silver Shadows. It is due out early next summer.
  • Chloe Neill will have a Luc and Lindsey novella in the upcoming Kicking It anthology (due out on December 3rd), and an e-novella that features Jeff and Fallon called Howling for You which will be available on January 7th. I know the series was contracted for 10 books, and it looks like the 10th will be released next August. I am not sure at this point if Blood Games will indeed be the final book, or perhaps just start a new arc?
  • I am warily circling Gena Showalter after her last few books, but I have to admit that I was more than a little happy to find out that Torin’s story is up next. The Darkest Touch will be released sometime in 2014. Now if only we could find out when the next Alien Huntress book will be out (featuring Dallas, of course).
  • Booo! Karen Marie Moning‘s next Fever World book, Burned, has been pushed back yet again to a July 22nd release. There has been talk from the author herself that she might change from the two more Dani and two more Mac books into just two more books total, so here’s hoping that this isn’t an indicator of that.
  • And it looks like Kresley Cole has a super secret project in the works. She has said that she will be making an announcement soon, but when I did a quick search over on Amazon I saw that she has listings for three as-yet untitled e-books. Whatever they are, they are going to be released on December 9th, December 16th, and January 6th respectively. Hmm, makes me wonder.
  • Oh, and the summary for Crave the Night from Lara Adrian has been upped. This one is Nathan’s story, and it will be out on February 25th. You can find the synopsis HERE.
  • Likewise, the summary for the next Sentinel Wars book, Willing Sacrifice, has been added to the Shannon K. Butcher page. I had hoped it was Torr and Grace, and I was right. You can find the summary HERE.
  • Well, there used to be an author section for C.L. Wilson, so I guess that counts. It turns out that she has finished the long, long awaited The Winter King, and it is now in the hands of her editor. It has a scheduled publication date of…August. 2014. Or a year from now. Yep.

So, did you catch City of Bones? What did you think? Have you heard anything about Kresley Cole’s upcoming project? And what do you think the odds are of the Winter King ever actually getting released? And at this point, do you really care?


11 thoughts on “From the Author Pages…

    • kaleigha says:

      The next Cole book is a toss up, really, since she has TWO major situations that need dealing with pronto. I imagine it will be Munro, seeing as how MacRieve ended, but then there is still Lanthe and Thronos who have been left hanging for a few books now. I am happy with either, but I do admit to a soft spot for Thronos…

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    I just noticed those ebooks from Kresley the other day on Amazon. Can’t wait for the announcement! Looking forward to Torin’s story and the title is perfect for his book. I’ll be getting Chloe’s enovella. I really like Jeff’s character. My friend is getting the Kicking It anthology so I’ll definitely be borrowing that one for Luc & Lindsay’s story.

    • kaleigha says:

      I do hope Torin gets a good story – really looking forward to that one, and usually those characters that I like the most get the weakest stories. Never seems to fail.

      • Amber Hughes says:

        Yes, that definitely happens. *crossing fingers* that doesn’t happen with his story. William is another one I’m going to be nervous about. He’s one of my favorites from this series.

        • kaleigha says:

          I do love William, too. He is playing a decent sized role in The Darkest Craving, and it made me remember how much I like him.

  2. Jessica wimberly says:

    Cant wait for Torins story. I am also looking forward to Thanes story from her angels of the dark series. Hope Lanthes book is next I. Kresley coles series.

    • kaleigha says:

      Torin! Yes! There can’t be many stories left (Torin, Cameo, William…). I just hope she doesn’t go the route of “suddenly” finding a bunch more Lords to keep the series going. That always annoys me.

  3. Charry says:

    So I broke down and saw City of Bones. OK here’s my thing, that whole brother and sister thing from the books was kinda disturbing to me (though a friend of mine from a small town swears it actually happens irl!). So even though I read some of the books I wasn’t going to see the movie. However, I’ve got to say that the movie was pretty good. A lot of the stuff that I generally have issues with for YA books and movies (indecisiveness, romeo and juliet complexes, angst, etc) were downplayed a bit and there was a big focus on action! I was actually on the edge of my seat a few times. Towards the end it got a bit surreal (uh… demons attacking but lets have a relationship discussion?)’ I know it wasn’t just like the book, but sometimes that makes for a better movie.

    Also I got to see the new Hunger Games trailer again on the big screen!

    • kaleigha says:

      I liked the movie – I agree, things need to change between the page and the screen, but I thought they got most of it right. I am jealous about seeing the trailer, though.

      On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:01 AM, Wicked Scribes

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