Meljean Brooks The Kraken King Info…

I was a bit confused about Meljean Brooks‘ upcoming Iron Seas release, The Kraken King. Amazon listed it as with title TBA, then shifted the date, then it disappeared. Goodreads lists it as having an August 2014 released date. But Meljean was kind enough to clear up the confusion herself…

I can answer this! (I lurk here because I love seeing the covers as they come in from everyone — you do an awesome job rounding them up.)

Anyway, It took me a year to write my final Guardian book, because it was twice as long as any others, and that unfortunately pushed everything else back — including The Kraken King to August 2014. So rather than having a two-year break between steampunk books, I decided to write it as a serial (with each part as a mini-adventure, not just breaking up the book into eight parts) because the ebook production for each part can go much faster than producing a full print book (from editing, to typesetting, and so on) — and because it features Zenobia Fox, who writes serials in-universe, so I thought that would be fun to write her story as a serial, too.

For readers who dislike serials, nothing really changes — it is still coming out August 2014. But for those who wanted to see something more quickly and who enjoy the serial format, it offers another option.

I should have more of an official announcement for it coming soon, along with all of the covers.

Thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to straighten it out. Much appreciated!

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