A Discount Book Site…

I can’t actually tell you how I came across it, but I found what seems to be a really good site for bargain books. The Book Outlet (formerly BookCloseOuts) ships to Canada, the US, and International. The International shipping is based on weight and destination, but Canada and the US are pretty straight forward.

For Canada…$3.99 for shipping and $0.75 cents per item (CDN dollars)

$4.74 for a one item order
$5.49 for a two item order
$6.24 for a three item order
$6.99 for a four item order

For the US…$3.99 for the first two books and $0.50 cents per item (US dollars).

$3.99 for a one or two item order
$4.49 for a three item order
$4.99 for a four item order
$5.49 for a five item order

I waited until a couple of orders had come in to check the quality before I said anything, but so far the three orders I have placed have been perfect. I wouldn’t try the “scratch and dent” stuff, but I have bought hardcovers and no issues at all.

The savings are great. I placed an order for Hidden by Sophie Jordan ($4.79), Endlessly by Kiersten White ($4.79), Tempest by Julie Cross ($4.79), and Crewel by Gennifer Albin ($3.99), all hardcover. Shipping and tax and everything the four books came to $26.61. The only downside is that when a title is sold out, it is gone for good. It is a great fun to browse, though.

The only difference between these books and those bought through Amazon and company is that there is a small marker dot on the bottom. Here is my copy of Spellcaster, for example..

imageAnd the bottom mark…

imageHas anyone else tried The Book Outlet? Anything there you might be interested in?


4 thoughts on “A Discount Book Site…

  1. Danielle Nguyen says:

    Hey, thanks for the heads-up. I just bought 8 books from them for a total of $46.91 with shipping. I checked the prices against Amazon and it would’ve cost me $75.48 through them. So good deal!

  2. Amber Hughes says:

    I’ve been getting their emails for months, but have been really bad about actually checking out the sales. I will be definitely be checking it out now based on the deals you’ve gotten! 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      The only problem is that I bought more than planned, of course. I would find book two on there, and then order the rest of the series at full price. I have no control.

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