Help Identifiying a Book…

Sue asked me if I recognized a book she is looking for, but unfortunately it didn’t ring a bell for me. Can anyone else help Sue out and tell her which book this is?

I’m hoping you can tell me the author of a series I read a couple years ago. It was about twin sisters separated at birth. Their mother was a witch who made a deal with the devil to give him her daughters so she hid them thru adoption instead. One sister ends up in the hospital ER and meets the estranged husband of her unknown twin. The Grandmother/father is a cross dresser who owns a flower shop. It is very light hearted and the devil keeps trying to seduce the main character to his side but she has fallen in love with her sister’s Ex. Ring any bells??
Thanks for any help, Sue

What do you say, guys? Challenge time.


3 thoughts on “Help Identifiying a Book…

  1. melindeeloo says:

    I think this might be the Nicki Styx series by Teri Garey – her love interest is an ER doctor she met after she ‘died’ and was revived – I do remember the cross dressing grandparent and Sammie (the devil) was always trying to seduce Niki – who can speak to the dead (but only female spirits?) The sister doesn’t turn up in the first book if I remember correctly.

  2. linda says:

    🙂 fyi I get Garey’s newsletter and there’s is going to be another Nikki Styx story – Can’t remember if it is full length or a novella.

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