Cover Lover – Shield of Winter

Many thanks to Amber, who gave me a heads up that the cover for Nalini Singh‘s next Psy/Changeling book, Shield of Winter, had been released over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Holy crap, I am looking forward to this one (like everyone else). Shield of Winter will hit the shelves in hardcover on June 3rd.

shield of winterAfter a couple of cover missteps with the first two hardcover releases in the series, I think Heart of Obisidian and Shield of Winter are on a roll. Are you happy with the new cover for Vasic and the as-yet unknown Ivy’s book?



19 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Shield of Winter

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I like it, but my first impression of the cover was underwhelming. There isn’t that much going on. I am not sure I had any expectations, but I hoped maybe for something more connected to the world or the story arc (but that is likely to0 much to expect from a cover).

    I am curious about the guy’s rather casual clothing. One of the things I hate about covers is you can never be sure if they are actually connected to anything related to the story. Vasic and Aden are also described as wearing uniforms, so maybe the breakdown of Silence starts affecting other areas like clothing choices (but that could be reading way too much into a cover).

    Unlike a lot people following this series, I am more excited to see where the story arc is going then in Vasic’s story in particular. Truthfully, I am glad that I am not obsessed as I was with HoO. Never had a book so taken over my life and it was too much. Now I am just a normal amount of excited and looking forward to June.

    • kaleigha says:

      I wondered about the clothes, too, but on second glance I did see the computronic arm thingy, so I thought that was a nice touch.

      Heart of Obsidian was, to be fair, more than a book. It was an event, at least for me. The fact that it lived up to the hype I had built up in my head for it is a miracle (the last time I so much “riding” on a book was Christine Feehan’s Dark Predator. And that did NOT work out well).

  2. Amber Hughes says:

    I totally agree that the last couple covers have been so much better than the previous ones. So looking forward to this one! 🙂

  3. Lidy says:

    Hum, I won’t say I didn’t like it… but it doesn’t have much impact – which is Kaleb and his book’s fault, you know. The clothes, stance and that discreet smirk aren’t things I’d conect with Vasic. But this cover is way better than Hawke’s LOL

    I wonder if the cover artist for Shield of Winter is Tony Mauro. This doesn’t seem like his style.

  4. Monika says:

    Don’t like the cover much. Guy seems very cocky and that’s not something I associate with Vasic. Neither does the clothing. In my mind’s eye Vasic is wearing a dark uniform and he is not cocky, his power is more contained and he would never, ever smirk, for me he has more of an aloofness vibe going (that of course hides the simmering emotions that he is hiding beneath the silence)… but then, I rarely ever judge a book by it’s cover (some of the best stories have the most awful covers) and I’m sure Nalina will not dissappoint us.
    I think the expectations with regard to HoO were also so high because we got all these fascinating glimpses of Kaleb thru almost the entire series and it was not always clear, whether he was a bad guy or a good guy…

    • kaleigha says:

      I loved Kaleb, and for me the best part was not knowing how he and Sahara were connected going in. Usually you have so much backstory when a character like Kaleb has been around for several books that there just isn’t much mystery left, but like you say he remained a bit on the murky side.

  5. Janhavi says:

    I like the cover, but I loved the HoO cover, and this doesnt seem quite as good. But maybe I loved HoO so much because it was SUCH a relief after the first several covers!! I really don’t like the ones that are so focused on naked men, like Kiss of Snow. even the other two new covers for the novellas that released this month, Texture of Intimacy and Grace and Cooper’s story, are not very good, they are more in the old style. Shield of Winter and HoO are way better

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