December’s Book of the Month…

I find myself slightly underwhelmed by the choices for December’s potential book of the month. Not sure why, but really nothing is jumping out at me, at all. I did chose 10 titles for this poll, but as always if you would like to pick something else then just hit “Other” and make your selection in the comments section. A complete list of December’s releases can be found HERE.

The winning book will then be the subject of the next giveaway. So, on to the poll…


9 thoughts on “December’s Book of the Month…

  1. Douglas C. Meeks says:

    Well normally there would be no problem, I would vote for the Elemental Assassin book but since this one is a prequel I am waiting until I read it (I have an ARC) , I have already read the ARC for Prince of Shadows and while it was good as all her books are, it was not great and a large part of it is setting up a big finale for the next book. So IMHO that leaves us with 2 potential 5 Star novels, Shadowdance and Reaver, I have to say I wanted to vote for Reaver because it is a story we have been waiting a long time to hear but Kristen Callihan is a much better writer IMHO and we have been waiting for the story in Shadowdance for a long time also so I finally voted for Shadowdance but I will be reading Reaver with just as much enthusiasm. The rest while good reading I find it hard to believe they will come up to the level of these two novels although Born in Blood does hold an appeal for me since it is book #1 in a new series and I anxiously await an ARC of that one any day now.

    • kaleigha says:

      It looks like you will be busy again this month, too. It is great the way you manage to keep up on all of these series – I get them with great intentions, but just can’t seem to get a handle on the TBR. I voted myself for Born in Blood, since I did like the novella for the Sentinels, but that is about as an educated a guess as I could make. I am even a book behind in the Lords of Deliverance series…

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    I don’t read or follow any the books or authors listed this month, so I didn’t vote. There isn’t much for me either in December. The only new book from an author I read appears to be True by Laurann Dohner. It is from her New Species series. The series is interesting, but not great and I couldn’t connect to the last book in the series, so I am only lukewarm about the new release. Looking forward to the New Year. I am getting very excited for March — excited for the next Others book by Anne Bishop and the next Pride book by Shelly Laurenston (although a little bummed that she is taking a break from the series and this one for be the last one for a while).

    • kaleigha says:

      March is going to be a monster month for me, too. And there are a few series that I would love to have Guides done for before the next book comes out…and they are all in March, too.

    • Redbutterfly says:

      I’m also excited for the next Others book by Anne Bishop, but I was pissed off when I saw the release date, I’ll be traveling and I’ll only be able to read it after I come back ;_;

  3. cheryl says:

    I guess my seriously guilty read for me is the Gini Koch series… the are always at least 500 pages in length and have humor and steamy romance and fights and bad guys… did I mention funny dialogue …just fun fun reads.
    Jennifer Estep- The Spider is almost a tie for first, if it wasn’t for the fact it is a how I got this way type story. No advancing of plot here.

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