Spotlight on…Lara Adrian

crave the nightLara Adrian‘s newsletter went out in the last few hours, and it seems like there are some big changes coming from the Midnight Breed author. Big changes…

  • We all know that Crave the Night had some major pushbacks. Originally scheduled for a February 2014 release, it now will not be out until August 5th. She goes into a bit of detail as to why, siting health and life issues rather than difficulties with the book or publishers as I usually assume when there is a significant delay in publication.
  • In some huge news, Lara also states that while Crave the Night will NOT be the last of the Midnight Breed, it will be the last traditionally published books for the series. Yep, she is going indie. She has nothing but kind words for her former publisher, Random House, but she says she believes it is the right move for her professionally. I have to admit, I have seen other authors make the decision to self publish, but usually it has been a case them carrying on on their own after their publisher pulled the plug on a series that hasn’t lived up to sales expectations. I haven’t heard of a series of this success level going that direction, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  • Lara also goes on to say that there will be six more full Midnight Breed books, and several novellas. It sounds like there won’t be more hardcovers heading our way (with the self publishing), but they will be available in trade paperback, e-book and audio book format. Also sometime in 2014, you will be able to purchase books directly from Lara’s website,
  • She goes on to talk a bit about the 1001 Nights e-book series I mentioned a couple of posts ago (HERE). It turns out there are going to be 11 novellas in all, they are inspired by The Arabian Nights: Tales from 1001 Nights.
  • While all of that would keep anyone busy, Lara also will be teaming up with Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright and Donna Grant on the Masters of Seduction series. The four novellas will focus on four succubus heroes, and should be available next summer.

Wow, so what do you think about the turn to self publishing? Lara says that she wants to have more of a say in the behind-the-scenes business of putting out a book, and that authors have little to no say in things like cover art, release dates, formats, that sort of thing. The only thing that annoys me, I admit it, is purely aesthetic. Once a series makes the jump to hardcover, I buy in hardcover. Now it will mean the early books are mass market, the middle books are hardcover, and the latter books will be trade paperback. Add into that a probable change in cover design, and it makes my OCD twitch. I can only imagine how much work it would be to be responsible for every aspect of putting a book out, but if she feels it is the right move for her career, I wish her the best.


9 thoughts on “Spotlight on…Lara Adrian

    • kaleigha says:

      It is smart to make the jump once you have an established fan base, that is for sure. I don’t envy her the amount of work that would go into putting a book on the shelves, though.

  1. cheryl says:

    Seems like a good idea for authors to have more control and more profit. It makes you wonder if the big publishing houses will struggle the way the newspaper companies are…. less and less readers of paper product.
    I have always assumed writing the book is easier than the marketing and editing and art for the cover, etc.

    • kaleigha says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t find things getting more and more difficult as times change. I can’t ever see me switching to non-paper books, but I am in the minority in that one. I would love to know how much behind the scenes stuff there actually is between writing the book and getting it in our hands. That would be interesting, I think.

  2. Emma says:

    Too many up and coming authors are having their series’ terminated by the Publishers, it makes sense to get out whilst the iron is hot.
    I adore the Midnight Breed series and I don’t think it would matter in what format it came out I would still read them.
    But as you say, having different formats for one series (which does seem to happen quite a bit recently) can be very frustrating. It drive me bonkers.

    Far too many book series are getting cut before their time is ever up…fantastic authors are having to go the route of self pub just to continue and conclude the story that they always envisioned telling. I could list at least half a dozen right now…

    • kaleigha says:

      The trend does seem to be more and more lately for the publishing houses to cut their losses and end series before their time. Some of them have really surprised me, too, since sometimes it is ones that you think are doing well. At least there are other options available now that authors years before didn’t have.

  3. Lea says:

    Bravo for Lara Adrian!!!! I love that she’s going into self-publishing! She’s got more control over her books. I’ve been reading more indie authors these days. I’d say about 90% of the authors I read are self-published.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read much in the way of indie authors, at all. It seems like all I can do to keep up with the traditionally published series that I follow, and I am shallow enough to admit that the sometimes crappy covers turn me off without ever giving the books a chance. Shallow, but sadly all too true.

      • Jenelle says:

        Crappy covers and horrible grammar are a huge turn off and are why I rarely read anything indie. Besides that I work at a public library and know how difficult it is to get indie titles on our shelves. The trade paperbacks are usually expensive and go out of print quickly, so if a copy is lost, we can’t replace it.

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