Dark Skye Cover…

Today is the big cover reveal for Kresley Cole‘s Dark Skye over on her Facebook page.  And it is…um…yeah. I like the colors, and the wings, and the model, but it could’ve been more. I think I am just spoiled by all of the great covers coming out from artists like Tony Mauro, but then you can’t win them all. Dark Skye will be released on August 5th.

dark skyeWell, what do you think? Happy, or are you like me and wished for a bit more? Although the more I stare at it (and I am staring), it seems to be growing on me. Love the wings.


12 thoughts on “Dark Skye Cover…

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I just don’t really like it. It isn’t my taste, I didn’t really like the McRieve cover either. And I thought the cover for latest YA (it escapes me now, I think I blocked because I really didn’t like the story either) was bad. But KC raves about her covers, so I think maybe we just have different tastes. I did finally read McRieve, but it wasn’t my cup of tea and was the first in the IAD series I didn’t love. Some of the books are a little dark for me, but McRieve had some elements that I just couldn’t get over to really enjoy the book. One element was that McRieve and his mate come together and he promises eternal love, then turns against her. We know that the relationship in Dark Skye isn’t going to be sunshine and puppies with what little backstory we know, but I hope it avoids the same element of coming together and then HATE! That seems to be a common theme for KC, now that I think about it. Anyway, I am still in love with IAD, but it has dimmed a bit. The books seem to be getting darker and my disappointment in her YA series has bleed over. I am hoping Dark Skye will return IAD to a great series in my mental list.

    • kaleigha says:

      MacRieve was not pretty, that is for sure. I didn’t mind the story, myself, but it of all of the IAD was my least favorite (along with that novella story in Deep Kiss of Winter).
      I figure that the authors are pretty much forced to gush over the covers, but that would be a bit tricky for some of them. The Endless Knight cover was just so badly photoshopped that it was awkward looking. Lord. I do have high hopes for Thronos and Lanthe, though…we have been waiting so very, very long for them that I just hope that my expectations don’t get me carried away.

  2. Lidy says:

    Er… meh. I like the wings but the color scheme is… just SO bad. I really dislike that shade of green; call me strange, but that color’s made me slightly nauseated. The model is gorgeous, but there’s something lacking about that cover. I agree it could’ve been more.

    That KC brags about her covers on Facebook just makes me think that the artist would give her something even more hideous than MacRieve. I hope what’s inside is better than what’s outside.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, it would put authors in a bit of an awkward position. Hard to publicize your work and say you think the cover stinks. And it isn’t like authors have much say in them, either. MacRieve didn’t work for me, either. I guess I have been made a cover snob by all of the great Young Adult covers hitting the market.

      • Lidy says:

        I saw once on Jacquelyn Frank’s Twitter that she hated the first cover for “Hunting Julian” and told her editor so. But apparently they just changed it when the sales reps hated it as much.

        KC said she asked the wings be made like that and she chose the color scheme. Not sure I believe it.

        • kaleigha says:

          The wings are actually about the only thing that stands out, at least for me. Maybe it is one of those who will look better in person?

  3. Cassandra B. says:

    I understand that authors only have so much say on their covers, but KC is a big name and I have to imagine that success brings some power (at least I hope it does). I know marketing is important and authors want their books to sell well, so even if they hate a cover, they might rave about on social media.

    The awful cover for the latest YA book was from a real photo shoot. I watched part of it in the lead-up to the release–there was a promo video. That’s makes it even stranger for me that the cover looks so funny. I know real photo shoots are still Photoshopped, but the cover was so awkward looking, I assumed that the various elements might have been put together later (based on the photo shoot video, everything seemed to have been there with a background, not green screen).

    KC earlier covers are more traditional looking romance and similar to most coming out at the time. The changes suggest to me that she might be getting more input. I know this is all pointless and rather silly argument to make, but I just like throwing in my two cents. No one around me reads any of the books I do, so it is nice to talk stuff out.

    The thing that bothers me the most about the Dark Skye cover is the title. One, I am not a huge fan of that font. But mostly it fails to jump out, it weirdly blends in with his skin. I know that a mark of success in publishing is when the author’s name is larger than the title, but one still wants to easily read the title.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, it would be really hard to say publicly that you think that a cover sucks. Not a great way to promote your product, for sure. I dont’ have anyone who reads these books, either, which was one of the things that led to the blog, believe it or not. It is great to have people who get excited over the same things you do.

  4. Lidy says:

    I too believe she has a say in some of the stuff, but I don’t think that she’s part of each step of the process; after all, she said she asked the art department to give her a guy with “mud on his grim face, a menacing stare that says “you’re next,” stuff exploding in the background, clothes all ripped up” for Trehan – and they did.

    I agree that the Endless Knight cover came as awkward, even with the photo shooting, however no matter how “natural” they tried to make it appear, that cover got the vibe of having come out from a video game Honestly, the thing looks like out of a Photoshop guide for dummies. The title, the font, it’s all wrong. Besides, anyone knows what’s up with that left floral (?) border? The thing showed up on Lothaire’s and MacRieve’s covers.

    The only thing remarkable about Dark Skye’s cover is Thronos’ wings. And things end here. It’s not to say that her covers are getting bad, because I don’t think Lachlain’s was great… or Bowen’s, for that matter. I don’t know what I was hoping for, but it certainly wasn’t what we got. 😀 KC needs someone like Tony Mauro creating her covers.

    • kaleigha says:

      You nailed it…the Endless Knight had a video game vibe. Loved the colors, but the awkwardness just killed it. Meh, the border-y thing might be a theme, but at least it isn’t totally overpowering. I think we have been spoiled by some of the great ones coming our way, like Nalini’s new ones, Patricia Briggs, that sort.

  5. Rika Ashton says:

    They could have done a much better job on the wings, in my opinion – I like all the angel wings on the Nalini Singh Guild Hunter covers. Although, the model is decent and I like the colour scheme. But I don’t know, it didn’t “wow” me like some covers do – no, no coverlust for me here. Sorry, KC.

    I’ll probably still get the book though, for the story’s sake.

    • kaleigha says:

      Nope, seems to be pretty much everyone’s opinion, too. Still can’t wait to get my hands on Thronos, though (er, I totally meant his book. Yes).

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