Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

As I have been doing my usual snooping around the last couple of days, I have been really, really surprised by the lack of fanfare for Kresley Cole‘s Dark Skye cover. I know it isn’t the prettiest one I have seen in a while, but the usual blogs and sites I haunt haven’t even given it a mention, which I thought was a bit strange. Usually a release like this is posted pretty much everywhere within a couple of hours, but so far nada. Weird.

Anyways, I just have three new covers for today. I thought this first one, from Lexi Blake, was really pretty. Steal the Sun is an e-book only release (for now), which will be out on March 18th.

steal the sunRed is the color of the day. This next one is from A.C. Arthur‘s Shadow Shifters series, and it is called Shifter’s Claim. Look for it on July 29th.

shifter's claimJust when I was thinking how great recent YA covers have been…along came Thunderstruck. Not that it is bad, per se, but it makes me think of a children’s book rather than a young adult one. It does match well with the first book of the series, though. Shannon Delany‘s Thunderstruck will be out on May 20th.



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