February’s Book of the Month…

Yep, time for another poll to see which book you are most looking forward to for the coming month, and to determined which book will be chosen for the next giveaway.

I have chosen the usual 10 books for the poll, but if you have a different choice select the “Other” option and list your anticipated book in the comments section. A complete list of February’s releases can be found HERE.

I actually have a few that I am waiting for, but my most anticipated is pretty much a tie between Rule Breaker and Cress. I love the world building of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, and they are just so fun and original that I am excited to see what happens in Cress. But on the other hand, Lora Leigh. A Breeds book. I will roll my eyes, probably snicker where I shouldn’t, and mock the cover when I open the box…and love every minute of it. Decisions, decisions.


20 thoughts on “February’s Book of the Month…

  1. Emily Rose says:

    I have the exact same reaction to the Breed books, but there’s only a 4 or 5 books left in the series according to Leigh’s website, so it’d be crazy to quit now. And there is something I love about them. I never can pinpoint exactly what it is, but it’s there. lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      I saw that on Lora’s blog, too, but I wasn’t sure quite how to take it. In one way, it sounded like the Breeds was wrapping up, but then she said something that made me think she is going to switch focus, maybe to the European Breeds? Just the vibe I got.

      • Emily says:

        I’d be okay with that. I just really want to get the current story line finished. Half excitement to find the answers, and half just wanting it resolved already. It’s been long enough! lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      That reminds me that I am a book behind on the Chicagoland Vampires…still have time to get caught up before Wild Things, though!

  2. Monika says:

    Concealed in Death, as I still love the dynamic between Roark and Eve and all the secondary characters. I also might give the Breeds another chance :-). I snicker a lot to while reading them, but somehow I’m not able to resist them…

    • kaleigha says:

      I have picked up the first three In Death books, and I am going to slowly grab the rest. Between that and the Dark-Hunter series, I won’t run out of books to read for a while! I think it is mandatory to snicker during the Breeds – it is a total addiction.

        • kaleigha says:

          The Dark-Hunter series is actually funny for me now. I have bought the entire series – books and novellas. All of the later ones in hardback. Aaand, I have gone back and been replacing the earlier paperbacks with hardbacks as they have been re-released. And I still haven’t read one yet.

          • Emily says:

            LMBO! With any other series I would totally call you crazy, but it’s worth it for the Dark Hunters, or as I call them “the yummy leather guys”. Have you got any kind of a goal set for reading them, or will they still be collecting dust when your 100? Hahaha.

            • kaleigha says:

              Well, the excuse I give myself is that I want to do a character guide for them as I read them, since I doubt that I could pull off two complete reads. My goal is to finish The Mortal Instruments and Fever series guides, then do Kate Daniels, then maybe let people choose if they want Dark Hunter or Feehan’s Carpathians. So yep, about 100…and then some.

              • Emily Rose says:

                If you want some help with the character guides for the Dark Hunters or the Carpathians, or both, let me know. I could do the Carpathians straight from memory almost. I’ve been reading them since they started back in ’99 and re-read the entire series before every new release. I’ve only been reading the Dark Hunter series since this past summer and read them straight through until Styxx came out in Sept. But Kenyon has an awesome character guide on her website where it shows all the books the character appeared in, their book (if they’ve had one yet), spouses, best friends, pronunciation of names, and all kinds of other cool things like quotes from the characters and stuff. It’s pretty awesome; we can get the info from there or you could simply put the link to it on here and make your job really simple. 🙂

                  • Emily says:

                    Here’s the link to the Dark Hunter character guide on Kenyon’s site for the future. I’ve never seen anything like it. The details she gives makes it seem like they’re real people. Some of them even have a blog. lol. The really funny thing is that in the books, the Dark Hunters have a website that they chat, blog, and play games on called dark hunter.com and that will lead you to all this in reality. In the books people think it’s a role playing game and don’t realize the dark hunters are real people. In reality, their “cover” is an author’s series, I suppose. lol. I absolutely love Kenyon’s imagination. She makes it all so detailed and realistic that you can’t help but get sucked in.


                    • kaleigha says:

                      Thanks! It is great that she has this – my greatest annoyance is author sites that are not updated. I mean some of them are still listing their “upcoming appearances” and “coming soon” titles…for 2011.

                    • Emily says:

                      Ha ha! I’ve run across a few of those sites myself so I feel your pain. Some authors just don’t realize how important that is.

  3. Amber Hughes says:

    That was a hard to vote! Lol! I’m really looking forward to The Undead Pool, Wild Things, Ignite Me & White Hot Kiss 🙂

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