Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

I have been updating the monthly New Release listings over the last couple of days, and they should have the most current dates available (The yearly summary will be updated tonight). One thing I discovered is that Entangled Publishing is doing its…thing…again, and either pushing back a lot of their scheduled releases, or seemingly cancelling the print version of quite a few titles in favor of e-releases, only. If there was anything by them in particular you were looking forward to, you might want to take a peek and see if things are still on schedule.

On the cover side of things, there are seven for today’s post. From the adult selections, there will be a new Parallel Parks book from Bailey Cunningham called Path of Smoke, and it will be released on July 29th.

path of smokeNext up is Spirited from Mary Behre. It is the first book from her new Tidewater series, and it is due out on March 4th.

spiritedAnd Spirited will be followed by Guarded, book two of Mary Behre‘s Tidewater series, on August 5th.

guardedNext up is Havoc from Ann Aguirre. It is the second book of her Dred Chronicles, and it will be out in September.

havocNow, by the title of this one, I figure it is the last book from Hanna Jayne‘s Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles, but I might be mistaken. Under the Final Moon is due out on August 5th.

under the final moonThese next few are all young adult titles. Zoe Marriott‘s second The Name of the Blade book, Darkness Hidden, will be released on July 3rd.

darkness hiddenCara Lynn Shultz‘s first Dark World book, also called The Dark World, will be released on May 27th.

the dark worldThat is about it for today. There will be quite a few new additions to the New Release sections over the coming days, so keep an eye out to see if there is anything you have been waiting for.


3 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    I definitely need to check out the New Release listings, especially since you mentioned about Entangled Publishing. *sigh* Here we go again…

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