Reading Roundup – Rule Breaker

rule breakerSo, when I got my hot little hands on my copy of Lora Leigh‘s newest Breeds story, Rule Breaker, I dropped everything else I was reading to dive in. On a shallow note, the cover was actually better looking in person than I expected, but my favorite part was under dust jacket where there is the initials LL and what looks like claw marks. Nice.

Well, there were a couple of things different with this release. First of all, it was the hardcover debut for the series, and thankfully it seems that the editing and proofreading were upgraded, as well. I only caught one instance where the wrong character’s name was used, but it wasn’t a glaring issue. If there were any other problems or mix-ups, I didn’t catch them. Error after error really takes me out of a story, and I am happy to say that it didn’t happen here.

Storywise, I was quite happy. I enjoyed both Rule and Gypsy, both as individual characters and as a couple, and I liked Gypsy’s genuine friendships with many well-known Breeds (Ashley, Loki, Flint, etc). Her tragic past could very easily have turned her into another Storme Montague (loathsome bigoted creature with a Breed-bias a mile wide), but instead it seemed to make her more of a part of the Breed world.

Here is where things get a bit tricky for me, though. As much as I did enjoy Rule Breaker, I did find myself confused a couple of times. The whole Navajo storyline is, for want of a better word, unwieldy. It has played quite a large role in the previous few books, and it continues to do so here. I think that for me things just got too complex to try and keep track of, and in each book the whole Navajo angle seems to get tweaked a bit so that you can’t easily keep track of things. For me, the confusion came from awkwardly written info-dumping – several times I had to stop and re-read passages to figure out what was going on, and to see if that info matched up with what I remembered from previous books. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes I lost the flow of the story because of developments that seemingly just popped up out of nowhere (Rule and Cullen, Gideon and Dane, Dane and Gideon and Amber. There is some previously unknown Breed becoming Jonas’s right hand man. And Ryan Desalvo is now Rhys? Huh?).

On the plus side, things seem to be picking up steam for both Dane and Gideon, and the end is finally (Lord, FINALLY) in sight to the Amber saga. Some threads that have been seemingly hanging forever are starting to come together, and you can feel a bit of a new direction on the horizon. So, Rule Breaker shaped up to be better than I had hoped, and even though there were a few developments that seemed to come out of nowhere, they did add to the both this book and future storylines. I found myself quite happy with this one, even if the whole Navajo nation angle still feels a bit off to me. Now, I am ready for Gideon…

What did you think of Rule Breaker? Were you happy with the shift to hardcover? How hyped are you for the next one?


13 thoughts on “Reading Roundup – Rule Breaker

  1. nightowlinilL says:

    I can’t wait to get it in paperback! The Navajo nation angle IS kind of odd (and an out-of-left-field kind-of thing) – I think LL must have had to come up with another tangent to get some Breeds out of their protected home bases and for some Breed guys to find their mates in a different area (and the women are connected family-wise to the Navajos {one or more anyway – for real}). I can’t wait for the Amber situation to come to an end.
    No, not happy about the switch to hardcover because I don’t buy them. Always look forward to the next one.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is so odd…and convoluted, too. It is a great way, like you say, to have a new potential pool of lifemates to chose from, though. I do love me the hardcovers, but I have to admit that my book budget has jumped a ton since there are so many that I end up wanting now.

  2. Emily Rose says:

    I feel pretty much the same: I’m really glad to see the Amber situation coming to a conclusion, and I liked getting to see more of Dane and Gideon. I swear Jonas, Rule, Dane, and even Gideon are some of the most manipulative SOB’s I’ve ever heard of! And I think all of there scheming is what makesit ssometimes hard to follow. As it says in the book, it’s a miracle that they can can keep up with all their schemes, so I guess it’s reasonable for us to have trouble following as well. Can’t wait for more of Dane and Gideon, and surprisingly, Dog. We keep seeing more and more of him so something must be coming up on his front as well. Overall, I enjoyed it.

    • kaleigha says:

      I forgot about Dog…I do love me some Dog, too. I have to admit, his connections to Dane seemed to come out of left field for me, though. Good way to drag him further into the main story, though.

      • Emily Rose says:

        Yeah, that was odd that they were suddenly scheming together, but it was entertaining so I overlooked it. lol. I’ve had this nagging suspicion that Dog is actually Cassie’s mate. That would certainly be interesting.

  3. Cassandra B. says:

    I have been so disappointed in the Breeds lately (I couldn’t even get past the second chapter of Devil’s Due), I have stopped buying the books and now wait my turn at the library. I remembered to get on the wait list early, so I actually got to pick up my copy yesterday. I have only just started, but so far I am liking it. Really glad to know the Amber situation gets wrapped up in this book, I really worried that it would drag out to Gideon’s book. I liked in the beginning that we got a POV from Jonas explaining Amber’s situation. I think it is RIDICULOUS that we are several books into the story arc and that is the first semi-clear description of why all these Breeds are in Navajo land. It had come up in previous books, but you kinda had to piece it all together. And it is still confusing as each book seems to add completely new elements to this confusing world. I also am not happy about how mating heat changes now in EVERY book. Early in the series, it was the same and very predictable and now it changes to suit the story.

    • kaleigha says:

      Devil’s Due was a trial, I have to admit. There was so much world-building info-dumping that it read like a driver’s manual. I did eventually get into it, but there was a lot of stuff at the beginning to overcome first. The Navajo stuff is a good idea, but the little bits and pieces of info we got didn’t help make it easier to follow, you are right on that for sure. Yep, the shifting mating heat is a bit different, too. Rule’s version is way different, too.

  4. Lydia says:

    I love hardcovers but I ordered the e-book because I was afraid the editing would be bad and it was cheaper. I was glad to see that it was indeed much better although there were, like you said some errors. This was much better than the previous couple of books. I actually saw some resolution to the Amber storyline; however, who is the new breed right hand to Jonas…she says he is a coyote. Do you think this is Cassie’s mate? I’m looking forward to the next installment, but can find no info on when it will be.

    • kaleigha says:

      I found it was a marked improvement, too. The last few have been cringe worthy, for sure. I do wish that Lora did some sort of “bible” or cheat sheet or whatever to keep some of the facts and relationships straight, but then that has always been an issue and probably always will be. I never thought about Jonas’s new second in command for Cassie…that is a great idea. Niiiice.

  5. Cassandra B. says:

    At this point, I am assuming people reading the comments have either read the book or don’t mind spoilers (if you do, you might want to look away).

    So, overall I really liked the book and feel like Lora Leigh might have found her grove again. Although, the books, I think, are still overly convoluted. I would prefer she just tell us what is going on whether than drop a lot of hints and then reveal some of it late in the book. And wow, there are so many threads. The whole Ray Martinez is a bad guy didn’t have any resolution. It seemed really weird to me the everyone (including several Breed enforcers) just let him walk out of the room.

    Also, a lot of information came out during Gideon and Khileen’s scene. I didn’t read Devil’s Due, so I am not sure if those things are addressed there, could someone maybe fill me? Specifically, who is Khi mated to and why did her mother fake her death? And Claire is also involved covert activities. (That seems to be a common trend.)

    I actually liked the mating heat change in this book. I thought it made sense and wasn’t just a device to add tension. I think my resentment about changing mating heat comes from Navarro’s Promise, there is so much wrong with that book and I never brought that he could turn his mating heat on and off.

    And there was a hint about Ely. Apparently, Gideon has information that can help her. She has not been a major figure recently, so I kinda forgot she is still struggling from being drugged in Mercury’s book.

    The scenes with Dane thinking about Harmony were sad. I wonder what will happen with him. He isn’t mentioned as a main character in the next five books on Lora’s website.

    I really think Dog is Cassie’s mate. There is a scene fairly early with Dane thinking about how he deliberately befriended Dog because Dog will need friends soon. In this part, mating is being talked about and I took it that Dog’s mate is the reason he would need friends. And Cassie is the only known character that seems to fit. (Although with the ease Lora Leigh adds completely new characters, who knows?)

    And I do wonder what role the new Assistant Director, the new character, will play?

    Sorry for the long post, it is a long book 🙂

  6. Cynthia says:

    I agree, Cassandra B! 1st about Ray Martinez? Why would all those breeds and family members just let him walk out?? I just finished the book 20 minutes ago and my jaw is still on the floor that they didn’t do anything about it!
    2nd, I was totally lost about Devil’s due…who is and when was he mentioned before? The, Katie, Khileen and Reever and that whole story just confused me …It was like an entire set of characters and, I felt like I didn’t know any of them. It definitely cleared up who and where Gideon has been, though…
    I also think that Dog might be Cassie’s mate because Dane was at the party the night she was shot in Dawn’s awakening. And there are no other conspicuous options unless the new guy Ryzean? is a possibility. But I would be disappointed to see dog paired up some how.
    I was really sad for Dane in this one, with his feelings for Harmony finally revealed. Still, how he manages to have his fingers in everyone’s business is exhausting…I hope LL gives us the strong female mate he needs since we were disappointed in Jonas’ story.

    I actually only started reading the breed series about a year ago (and just read almost all them again to refresh my memory…) I’m a stickler for details so the inconsistencies drive me crazy, but I suppose when you have a series this long, it’s bound to happen…

    This is also my first time posting on any internet site, so I must be pretty worked up!

  7. Aliciaetal says:

    I enjoyed that so many of the characters we have come to love, converged and were featured in a very natural fit (I hope this remains as a tactic in all future books… I get to catch up with where they are all at! Imagine Harmony pregnant again!) And more insights into Jonas’s abilities to predict mates (although in past books they indicated that this was done as a testing protocol and not so much instinct! Not sure if I like a character outside of Cassie having these abilities…to see ghosts or whatever. We’ll see where this goes and reserve judgment).

    we’ve left Sanctuary and are in the desert. I agree that this angle in previous books seemed strained, but now with more of the back stories worked out, I’m ok with it! ( I think). I had actually hoped to see Dane and Cassie paired, I agree he deserves a fantastic plot line since LL has created an amazing character (love Dane). I was also lost at the end with the back story of Khileen and Lobo ( that is how I landed at this blog, I was looking for answers. I’ll have to read Devils due I guess). In all this was a good read and happy LL is back on track and look forward to more from the Breeds.

    • kaleigha says:

      I hope that with the hardcovers things do get done right, too. It seems that the flow in this was better, and I do hope that the character/storyline changes here move forward in the rest of the books and don’t just get forgotten like so many times before.

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