Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Shadows

Holy crap…I broke out my happy dance when I saw the cover and blurb for Nalini Singh‘s seventh Guild Hunter book, Archangel’s Shadows, posted over at Dear Author. I hadn’t even known the title was released, let alone the rest. Now, we just have to wait until November to get it.

archangel's shadow

Return to New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s sensual and painfully beautiful Guild Hunter world in her new novel of sacrifice, loyalty, and the choices of love that can shatter the heart.

In the wake of a brutal war, the archangel Raphael and his hunter consort, Elena, are dealing with the treacherously shifting tides of archangelic politics and the people of a battered but not broken city. The last thing their city needs is more death, especially a death that bears the eerie signature of an insane enemy archangel who cannot—should not—be walking the streets.

This hunt must be undertaken with stealth and without alerting their people. It must be handled by those who can become shadows themselves…

Ash is a gifted tracker and a woman cursed with the ability to sense the secrets of anyone she touches. But there’s one man she knows all too well without a single instant of skin contact: Janvier, the dangerously sexy Cajun vampire who has fascinated and infuriated her for years. Now, as they track down a merciless killer, their cat-and-mouse game of flirtation and provocation has turned into a profound one of the heart. And this time, it is Ash’s secret, dark and terrible, that threatens to destroy them both.

What do you think? I love the cover art for this whole series, and this one is no exception. So, so looking forward to getting Ash and Janvier’s story.


18 thoughts on “Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Shadows

  1. Lynn says:

    I was at work scrolling my sites when I saw the announcements. I began to jackrabbit excitedly in once place that my co-workers thought I was having a seizure. The cover art is awesome and I love how Janvier is in the background

    • kaleigha says:

      Damn, I did the same move. Sort of a spasm/bounce. Then there was pointing. Mighta been a squeal, too. Just saying.

  2. Amber Hughes says:

    November?! I actually still need to read the start of their story in Angels’ Flight. At least I have time! I like that they put him in the background too! 🙂

  3. Janhavi says:

    I am so excited for this book! By the way, I think the title was also announced today- I don’t think you missed anything 🙂
    I LOVE the blurb and the title. I am luke warm about the cover, and not sure I can articulate why. Maybe the colours just seem too dark? Or I am missing the gorgeous wings on most GH novels 😀 I also somehow am not very fond of the model for Ashwini.. and I have no clue why!

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks…thought I was way behind on the news. I do miss the wings, too. I had hoped originally that the angel books would
      have “Archangel’s” in the title and the Guild books would have “Hunter’s”. But that might be confusing.

      • renpuspita says:

        Uhm, why you not very fond of Ashwini model, Janhavi? I think the publisher do a good job with using a proper model, since Ashwini is an India name and therefore had India heritage. I will baffle if they use a Caucasian model.

        Also, Archangel’s Blade, which is Dmitri’s book do not have wings. So the lack of wings is fine for me.

      • Janhavi says:

        Well, yes, I think it is good that the model is Asian looking. Of course. But I can’t say I am actually ‘happy’ about it, because that is the bare minimum I expect. Does that make sense? I would be infuriated if they depicted an Indian-origin heroine with someone of a different race. But I don’t think they should particularly be congratulated for *not* doing so, I think we should take it for granted.
        So, the fact that ‘she is not white’ is not enough of a reason for me to like the model, that’s too low a standard. As I said, I am not too sure why I don’t. But she is growing on me– I zoomed in and she has nice Indian looking earrings to go with all her guns 😀

  4. LethalLovely says:

    *LL swoons* YESYESYESYESYESYESYES! Ash & Janvier FTW (although I’m disappointed it’s not Venom’s story next *tear*). The model for Ash looks a lot like Kat Graham from TVD to me….and since I’ve always been a Bonnie fan, I’m as happy as a happy person on happy tablets lounging in happy footed pajamas watching Happy Feet.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, agreed. I am actually at the point where I can’t say I want one story more than another now, and there isn’t another series that I can think of where that is the case. Venom, Aodhan, Illium, Naasir, Ransom…yep, want them all.

  5. Emily says:

    Ahhhh! I’ve been wanting their story for ages. Yay! And you’re right, this series always has really good covers.

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