Christmas Came Early…

So, I was opening my daily load of shiny new books that were delivered today, when I came to a strange envelop. So, you can imagine my joy when I opened it up to find this…

imageMy photographic skills suck, but you get the idea. My very first ARC, and it is from Nalini Singh. Shield of Winter. Aaand, I had no idea it was coming, which makes it even better. This made my week!


39 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early…

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I literally gasped when I saw the picture! I had no idea that some ARCs went out so early. Enjoy, so jealous!

  2. Emily Rose says:

    This should have been yesterday’s post, when it would have been appropriate for me to turn green with envy. I am so jealous! Please, at least tell me that you actually read the psy/Changeling series, and it’s not one of those on mount TBR. I think I’ll have totthrow a temper tantrum otherwise. lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      Trust me, the Psy/Changelings are my number one series, they barely make it out of the box before I start reading. And re-reading.

      • Emily Rose says:

        Oh good! You know the true value of your treasure and can appreciate it then. It makes me hate you a little less. lol.

  3. Charleen says:

    Envy is an ugly emotion and I pride myself on being happy for anyone who has an unexpected gift but this is really, really hard to swallow. I know you’ll be in seventh heaven while you’re reading it, so don’t even think about how miserable I am – sigh.

    Really, enjoy and I am envious! Let us all know how good it is!

  4. Janhavi says:

    Oh wow! Awesome! And you didn’t even know?
    But I DONT want spoilers 😀 I shall refrain. Somehow. For months more. Uhoh.

    and this is coming from someone who, despite owning Burning Up anthology, bought the e-release of Whisper of Sin just for the Shield of Winter excerpt 😀

    • kaleigha says:

      Nope, Nalini had mentioned it a while back, but never thought much about it. It was a total shock…and I obsessively read every excerpt I can track down, too…more than once.

  5. Janhavi says:

    While we are on the topic- you guys should check out Dabwaha- its a March Madness type tournament of romance books. You pick brackets for which book you think will win, and then there are several rounds of voting to eliminate books. The current favourite is Heart of Obsidian. Its loads of fun!

    • kaleigha says:

      I have played along with it before, but then I get traumatized when two favorite books end up pitted against each other. I am weird.

  6. alixnoelle says:

    Awesome!!! You are a very lucky girl and I am so happy for you Kaleigha 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think!!

  7. melindeeloo says:

    Congratulations, with all the hard work you do on your fabulous blog, ARCs and recognition -I saw Wicked Scribes mentioned by one of my favorite authors recently – are well deserved:)

  8. Lydia says:

    Wow! You fortunate person. If I were you I would have skipped work to stay home and read it. You deserve it. Did you know that Ilona Andrews mentioned you on her site?

  9. Janhavi says:

    Actually, that was a fun moment for me. Ilona had tweeted “I saw a site once that had series profiles for most UF books. I remember they had a really awesome layout. Can’t find it now. :(” and I replied asking her if it was wicked scribes, and it was 😀 lol.

  10. Monika says:

    This is awesome and I’m green with envy, too, especially as we have to wait another 2 1/2 months. On top of everything, Vasic is one of my favorite Psy/Changeling heroes, ranging right behind Kaleb and Judd…
    BTW, what does one have to do to get an ARC? Is there a draw one can enter or did you get it as the “author” of Wicked Scribes?

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually never thought about getting an ARC, but Nalini emailed me after I did the guides for the Guild Hunter and Psy/Changeling series and offered me one. I actually said no at first…I didn’t want to be greedy…but she said it was no problem.

      • dougmeeks says:

        I think I had to break into the Amazon Top 500 before I started really getting the top writer’s ARCs, I read and reviewed a lot of independent writers books. I think you actually worked harder than I did with this site and the research.

    • Janhavi says:

      Monika, I know Nalini has said she will have a random draw for readers as well, sometime next week. Check her blog or facebook page, it should show up there.

      • Monika says:

        Kaleigha, I wouldn’t mind appearing greedy 😉
        Doug, thanks for the info, but I think I’ll never reach Amazon to 500, so that route is out of the question, too.
        Janhavi, thanks for the heads up, will try that, might get lucky 🙂

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