April’s Book of the Month…

book of the monthWe are wrapping up the first quarter of the year, and that means it is time to pick April’s book of the month. There are a few I am anticipating, but not enough to break the bank…so that is a good month. The title chosen as April’s book of the month will also be the next giveaway, and I have chosen 10 that caught my eye. If none of these are your big pick, just check “Other”, and leave your selection in the comments section. A complete list of this month’s releases can be found HERE.

I actually have to work my way up to The King, since I have to be in a certain mind-set to tackle the Brotherhood saga. I think for me my pick will have to be Burning Dawn. I know Gena’s books have been a bit hit or miss lately, but word has it that she will be making a bit of a return to her older ways in her newer books.


27 thoughts on “April’s Book of the Month…

  1. Roslyn says:

    I voted other, for Donna Grant – Darkest Flame in the Dark Kings series. It was a tough choice between Donna Grant, Gena Showalter, JR Ward, Cynthia Eden and Deborah Cooke. This next Angels of the Dark book will need to be incredibly good for me to continue with the series and while I love the BDB the multiple competing storylines are starting to wear thin. My second choice would be Deborah Cooke…seems dragons are my thing right now.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have read a few Donna Grant books, and I hope to do a marathon of her stuff soonish. I sort of forgot about her, somehow.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am a bit iffy on The King. I am liking the thought of seeing more of the gang, but I do wish the focus was on a new couple rather than a return to Beth and Wrath.

      • Rika Ashton says:

        We shall have to agree to disagree on thus one, I’m afraid. The Beth and Wrath dynamic is the reason I’m going insane waiting for this book.

        P.S: Any chance you’ll be allowed to share some SHIELD OF WINTER news/spoilers/review soon? I read the excerpt Nalini Singh sent out this morning and now I’m dying to know more, especially about Ivy Jane.

        • kaleigha says:

          Hm, let’s see. I really enjoyed Ivy Jane. I thought she was a great heroine, and she had a warmth that matched up well with Vasic’s coldness. I don’t think that this is a spoiler, but…

          she didn’t have a Psy vibe to her at all, for me.

    • kaleigha says:

      I delayed Lover at Last for a long time, but once I did dive in (just a couple of months ago, actually), I found myself annoyed by Laila (Leila?) and her whole storyline, but I did enjoy the Band of Bastards and especially Assail.

  2. Charry says:

    I’ve gotta say that for April I’m really not excited about any particular book. That’s a big surprise for me. However, I’ll read anything Cynthia Eden writes and I’m going to read The King (though that last book by JR Ward was not my favorite). I guess if I had to I’d pick Cynthia Eden because she always makes me happy. But neither one feels like a gotta stay up all night reading moment. Maybe this will be a good month to add new authors or a new series 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      Or hit the TBR pile…there are a few I am looking forward too, but nothing that I am counting down for, either. Hopefully I will make a dent in a few other series this month, too.

  3. Lidy says:

    I voted other. I confess I’m waiting for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Illusion.

    Though I want to read The King, it’s more because of Assail and Sola (God, that nickname always makes me cringe). I also want to read Burning Dawn, but I’m afraid this book will be “tame” like the other two in this series.

    • kaleigha says:

      Where is my Chronicles of Nick series? TBR, of course…
      Yep, you and me both for Assail (I keep calling her SoDa). I hope Layla (I can’t even remember how to spell her name, she bored me so much) has disappeared, but I have a feeling she will be in it. A lot. It isn’t enough to rob me of my Assail joy, but there will be major eye rolling, I predict.

      • Lidy says:

        LOL I like the CoN way more than I do the Dark-Hunter series – must because now I do like Nick.

        And Sola… in Portuguese it means “sole”. Honestly, come on. *sigh*

        I didn’t use to dislike Layla – after all, she was so nice when she first appeared in Rhage’s book. I still like her more than I do Marissa.

        Hey, do you think every couple will get a second book? What do you think JR will do with V and Jane? She’s made the woman into a ghost, what about V? O_o

        • kaleigha says:

          The rumor going around is that there will be a second book for most, if not all, of the original brothers, at least. I do know there are plans for Butch and Marissa (your favorite). Might not be too bad if it is new couple/old couple, at least.

      • Cassandra B. says:

        When I was still at least skimming the new books in BDB (I will never understand why Ward gave POVs to the Lessers, so boring), I skimmed the book on V’s sister. I was surprised to see that most of the book seemed to revolve around V and his trouble relating to Jane (or something like that). So, it could be argued V and Jane already had a second book.

        • kaleigha says:

          It is true…take Lover at Last, for example. You could argue that Layla/Qhuinn, Wrath/Beth, Saxon/Blay, The Lessers, and the Band of Bastards had almost as much page time as Qhuinn and Blay.

      • Lidy says:

        “I do know there are plans for Butch and Marissa (your favorite).”
        Exciting #notreally. And of course, Marissa darling is getting pregnant, she and Butch will fight over it, she’ll refuse not to have a baby because now she’s her own owner and Butch will get rid of his sorrows in V’s arms. Or something close. =p

        “You could argue that Layla/Qhuinn, Wrath/Beth, Saxon/Blay, The Lessers, and the Band of Bastards had almost as much page time as Qhuinn and Blay”
        So third book is that. However, I’d like to read a book focusing on Manny and Payne and Phury and Cormia, the two most overlooked couples in the series.

        That being said, I hope she decreases the number of POVs. I thought the lessers were bad, but the BoB is so meh I skip their pages.

  4. Cassandra B. says:

    I voted for other. I don’t read any of these series, but I have been eyeing a few. My pick for April is the new Amanda Quick coming at the end of the month. The title escapes me right now, I think it has light PNR elements. Amanda Quick is a pen name for Jayne Ann Krentz.

    I used to read the BDB, but it just got to be too much for me. I think I threw in the towel at book 5 or 6. Ward’s writing style just doesn’t suit me, but it is interesting she is returning to Beth and Wrath. But I actually don’t like that “settled” characters (ie already had their HEA) return with major relationship issues later in the series. It is too much like a soap opera to me.

    • kaleigha says:

      I haven’t been a fan of too many previous couples, either. It works well with something like the Guild Hunter series, but like you I don’t like to see tension between people that already had their HEA.

      • Cassandra B. says:

        I really like the Guild Hunters focusing on Raphael and Elena again because they are a strong couple facing issues together rather than “Oh, that HEA was trick, there are still MAJOR issues going on — surprise”.

        • kaleigha says:

          Yeah, and they aren’t a relationship in jeopardy/misunderstanding/jealous of someone else drama thing, they are threats to everything else except their relationship.

  5. Pallavi says:

    Oh easily The King… Not only are the authors not in my have-to-read-immediately list, but also because I liked the idea of returning to the roots of BDB. Maybe JR will recapture the magic that kicked this all off…

    • kaleigha says:

      I think that the world has just gotten so, so big that it is hard to keep track of now. I can’t even remember how many threads and plots and sub-plots were in Lover at Last.

  6. nightowlinil says:

    I voted other, for Donna Grant – ‘Darkest Flame (Dark Kings)’. I wouldn’t turn down several of the listed books, of course. The only reason that I didn’t vote for the popular ‘The King’ by J.R. Ward is because the book is hardback and I have the paperbacks. I also really liked ‘Turned (The Belladonna Agency #1)’ by Virna DePaul.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

    • kaleigha says:

      I finally got all of my paperback Black Dagger Brotherhood books converted over to hardcover with the recent re-releases. Now I just wonder if the realy Fallen Angels books will be re-released in hardcover, too.

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