Site Updates…

There are a lot of new releases to be added over the coming days, like most of what I listed in the post below, and some of them are on my most anticipated list, which is always a bonus. Also, it is almost time for another go over of the Series Reading List pages, and another update of which series are finishing up soon.

There has been an idea I have been toying with, but I am not sure if I could actually pull it off (both time wise and talent wise). I would love to have something like a “The Story So Far” section, where there was a relatively brief but quite detailed book-by-book summary of what has happened in some of the most popular series. It would be a lot of work, and like I say it might not be possible, but I think it would be very useful. Does anyone know of anything like that around already?

On the character guide front, I will have The Mortal Instruments guide updated quite soon. I have finished the re-reads of the three books I was behind, and now I just have to add the info. My goal was to get it finished before the final book comes out in May, so I am actually well ahead of schedule. I was thinking of then finishing up the Fever series guide, but I have decided instead to do one for Kate Daniels. If I work at it, I should be able to get it finished before Magic Breaks comes out at the end of July.

PhoenixFyre is finishing up guides for both the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and the Fallen Angels series from J.R. Ward, and then she plans on hitting the Dark Series from Christine Feehan. Two of those are monsters, and they should all come in very handy.

That is about it. Nothing else much to report from this side. As always, if you can think of something that needs work, just drop me a line and let me know.


11 thoughts on “Site Updates…

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, a recap can really help, and I haven’t found any that really helps. I will check out the link, too…thanks.

  1. Emily says:

    Sherrilyn Kenyon has a section on her site called “the story thus far” but I think it’s just a list of the books in order. For something this big, you probably want to have people submit summaries and then post the best one, or use those to create your own. That way, you don’t have quite as much work to do, and it would let people who love your site have a chance to help out and contribute something. Win-win for everyone.

    • kaleigha says:

      That would be a good idea…just whomever wants to submit one can, and I can do up a section for it (or on the author pages, if it is from one of their series). Interesting idea.

      • Emily says:

        I figured it would save you some work, and at the same time, let us run our mouths about our favorite books. lol. Would you be wanting a recap of the entire series so far, a recap of each book individually, or both? I like the idea of both, myself. And, to get us all started, you can do the first one today on Shield of Winter. Hahaha!

        • kaleigha says:

          Ha! Good try. My lips are sealed (if I ever want another ARC, that is). I figure whatever anyone feels like doing would be good.

          • Emily says:

            I know, and if you’re like me, the guilt would eat you alive even if you could get away with it. When are you supposed to write your review, or have you already (without spoilers of course)? I’ve never gotten an ARC this far in advance. It’s always been within a couple of weeks of the release for me.

            As for the recaps, what are you going to do about completed series? I suppose they need them too, but then you’re kind of telling the whole story instead of catching people up. Those might have to be a little edited for the last couple of books. And then you’ve got series like Night Huntress, where it’s finished, but there’s more spinoffs to come in the future. Hmm. Lots to think about and I seriously have too much time on my hands today, just sitting here thinking up complications. lol. I actually just did this for J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series that a friend of mine had asked me about. I need to find that email so I can be lazy and copy/paste it to you. Hahaha!

            • kaleigha says:

              I actually don’t do reviews much, so it was just gift. I will probably make a gushy post closer to release date, though.

              I figure if I can actually get something going, I would do a big spoiler banner and warn people to read at their own risk several times. It is about the only way you could do a decent summary.

              The fallen angels would be great, actually, since PhoenixFyre is working on the Character guide, too.

      • klippy89 says:

        Exactly. She warns you up front about spoilers. For example when I started reading BDB there were several books already in the series. When I finished the last one published I had to wait a year for the next one. I read lots of books and it is hard to remember things from a series a year later. That particular blog I love just for the fact it reminds me what has gone on so far. Sometimes even if I like a series when a new book comes out I will not read it because I cannot remember important information from the previous books. I have found that I start lots of series, read all that are published and then never go back to read the newer books for that very reason.

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