TBR Plans and Schemes…

question markOk, I really, really thought I was making headway on getting through Mount TBR. I really did. The last time I had actually sat down and counted, I had around 190 books. I was a bit ashamed, so I put more of a concerted effort into getting things into a reasonable range. Fast forward to today, when I did another count to see how I was doing…and my TBR now totals 270. 270?!? How…when…WHAT?

A book buying ban is the fastest way to turn me into a raging bitch, so that will never happen. Instead, I have decided on a rethink of how I order, what I order, and when I order it. Instead of grabbing everything that catches my eye, I am going to try buying new releases from my existing series (that I have already read from and decided that I like). I will pick up the first book from a new series only when I have completed a series from Mount TBR. For example, I finished the third and final book in the Divergent series, Allegiant, so I decided to try out Robin D. Owens‘ new Ghost Seer book. Also, I will make myself buy only the first book of a series to see if I actually like it before I pick up the whole set – that is, except for the Dark-Hunter stuff, which makes me snicker every time I see the shelves of them that I have never read.

I have also come up with a way to organize the TBR monster. I have six full bookcases of six shelves each, and I rotate between cases. That way, I alternate between paperback, hardcover, young adult and trade paperback. And I have given myself challenges, too…like this go round, I must read one book from each bookcase that either finishes up a series, or gets me caught up to the most current release. The next round might be something like each book from the six must have a blue cover, or something like that. It actually makes me read something that I might otherwise have passed over yet again.

How does your TBR shape up? Do you have a technique for organizing it, or do you just wing it? Have any of you come up with a way to keep the numbers down while still having plenty to chose from, or are you overrun, too? Are you loud and proud, or slightly ashamed of the number of books demanding your attention?


41 thoughts on “TBR Plans and Schemes…

  1. Charleen says:

    One benefit of switching to e-books is, my TBR is between my Kindle and its Cloud. I promise you, the books will win! They take over your house and then your life – but I have determined that I should just add the book to my wish list, so that I can buy it later. Since you order most of yours, that should work for you.

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually never thought of wish-listing. I could stop with the 80 pieces of paper that I have written out trying to keep track of what catches my eye. Good idea.

  2. cheryl says:

    oh boy. I have the ebook tbr on kindle that I mostly ignore because I forget why I liked em unless it is a fav author and then there is the bookshelves and boxes of keepers that I am trying to convert to kindle and …. yeah books win. Never gonna win this battle but am trying to curb my one click to the wish list and if I really really want it. Since my local wally world downsized the books section to miniscule I am not as tempted and get my fix from my local library if possible.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am actually toying with the idea of getting the e-format first book in a series that is new to me, so that way I don’t feel the “must complete the set” guilt if I don’t like it. I am pretty sure the only PNR or UF books my local library has are the ones I gave them.

  3. Karen Desmond says:

    I like your idea of using schemes like the colour of books. I have tried reading all the oldest books first but, inevitably, there’s a shiny new book that just catches my eye. I have stopped stocking up on series and won’t buy the next book until I read the one I have. I keep them in a Goodreads shelf until I’m ready to order. I also will only buy the first book in a new series now and not all of them. I have ended up with a few books that I’ve eBayed unread as I didn’t actually like the series. Oops.

    • kaleigha says:

      I know, right? There are so many authors that I see, want, and fully intend to get to. But then I see the sheer number of Dark Hunter books staring at me, and totally chicken out. I think I would have to do something like read one every second book, or something (another plan, I guess).

      • Emily says:

        If you don’t count the Dream Hunter books, there’s only 18, so you could be done in 18 days, a month tops. 🙂 I know you have to be a fast reader to read as much as you do.

      • kaleigha says:

        I am quite fast, but I find my reading time cut short lately. Sometimes I find I end up going a few days without being able to pick up a book, which is just wrong.

        • Emily says:

          I’ve had the same problem lately. I keep getting sidetracked by TV and video games of all things, and I haven’t bothered much with either of those in over a year. Then, when I do read, I’m restless about it, like reading several books at once. A few chapters of one and then a few of another, then back to the first one, then on to a third one. Thank goodness for Goodreads and my “currently reading” shelf or I wouldn’t even know what I was reading! I think I might be a touch manic here lately. lol.

          • kaleigha says:

            I go through a phase like that quite often…I will have one young adult and one adult on the go at the same time. And then god forbid a new “good one” arrives, cause that can tempt me to start that one, too.

    • kaleigha says:

      Consider yourself a “collector”…much classier ring to it. At least that is what am going with. Until it is book cleaning day, and then it is hoarder all the way.

  4. Emily says:

    Forget the Mount TBR goals; you need to get to work on the Dark Hunter series. You’re interested enough to make exceptions for the series, but not interested enough to actually read them? lol. You’re a very interesting person (that’s a compliment) and remind me of my relationship with books (that’s not so much a compliment because I’m crazy). Hahaha! Seriously, though, you are missing out on those Dark Hunter books. You need to get crackin’.

      • kaleigha says:

        Yep, they are in the “one day” section. The funny thing is, I have bought all of them so far, and now I am in the process of replacing early paperback books with hardcover as they are re-released. So not only do I have them on the TBR shelf, I have quite a few on there twice.

      • Emily says:

        I have a couple of friends that quit reading the series after Acheron, but it didn’t really bother me. There’s not much that makes me squeamish when it comes to books and I think it’s crazy to give up a series they liked over 1 book that they didn’t like. I mean, none of the other books are like that, except his brother, Styxx’s, so it just doesn’t make sense to me to give up the series. Unless, of course, someone actually experienced things like that and it triggered memories or something. Then I could understand someone being hesitant to risk reading something similar. But, oh well, other people don’t have to like a book in order for me to like it, so I will keep loving my “yummy leather guys”, as Amanda described Kyrian in Night Pleasures. lol.

      • dougmeeks says:


        A: Kaleigha – You win the krazy book lady contest hands down.
        B: I have read beyond Acheron’s book but none of them have really had the impact the first books did unfortunately. Acheron’s book was brutal but I stopped reading the books because they really did not seem that good anymore. I only missed the last 2-3 books

        • Emily says:

          I can somewhat agree with that. The ones after that aren’t quite as intense as the ones before Acheron. There’s a little something missing, though I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. Almost like all the criticism that came with Acheron stilted her writing a bit, or something. But even though they aren’t as good as the earlier books, I still think they’re really good, and I still love the series. It’s one of my favorites. It’s just that the first several books were so amazing, that “good” isn’t on par with “awesome”. IMO, anyway. I’m a fan, so of course, I’m completely bias. lol. Have you read any of The League books? I just read the first one recently, and really enjoyed it, too.

          • dougmeeks says:

            I tend to agree, I can’t really say why the newer books are not as good but they just don’t “grab” me like the earlier ones did and I have also read only book 1 of the League books and while it was really good I have not pursued the others even though I have bought the first 3 (Kal not looking so crazy now, I also have the first 6 books of the Warriors of Poseidon and have never opened any of them 🙂 Reading The Kraken King Part 2 today and starting The Singer by Elizabeth Hunter

            • Emily says:

              The Kraken King- is that the steampunk series by Meljean Brook? It sounds familiar for some reason, and I’m thinking I saw it when I was reading her Guardian series. I haven’t gotten past the first book of that though. I get sidetracked easily. lol. I haven’t gotten past the first League book either, but I bought them all, and plan to catch up before the new release this summer.

                • Emily says:

                  Uh oh. I might have to add it to my list. I’ve never read any steampunk stuff before, but if it’s hooking someone who doesn’t even like it, it must be good.

                    • Emily says:

                      I’m not sure whether to thank you, or beat you for that information. lol. I already have 3 books pre ordered that come out tomorrow. I suppose I’ll thank you since it’s the polite thing to do and I occasionally try to be polite. So, umm, thanks a lot (with only a tad of sarcasm implied). Hahaha.

  5. Emily says:

    @kaleigha- you crack me up. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to a series they haven’t read. You need to set some goals on that series! Get it done. lol. If you enjoy them as much as me, you’ll be caught up in no time. Once I started, I couldn’t stop, and had them all read in the month before Styxx was released last fall.

    • kaleigha says:

      I keep saying that I will hit them when I can do a character guide to go along with it…because I don’t want to have to do a re-read on them. That would really be scary.

      • Emily says:

        You’ll do a re – read on them anyway because you won’t be able to help yourself, if you’re like me. So no worries there. I always re – read a series right before a new release. Maybe you can schedule them for August and I’ll work on some recaps while you do the character guides before the release on 9/2. Of course, that’s always a busy time for me because Feehan’s Carpathian series is another one of my favorites and they always seem to come out on the same stinking day. And there’s a bazillion books in that series too!

      • kaleigha says:

        Check out September 2nd, if you want scary. There is literally a ton of books coming out on the same day…better start saving now.

        • Emily says:

          Yep, September 2nd is when the next Dark Hunter and next Carpathian books come out. I did notice there’s a few others on the same day. It seems like there’s even one from another series I read, but apparently not one of my favorites since I can’t remember what it is. That’s going to drive me crazy now, trying to remember, but I’m too tired to look it up at the moment. Maybe it’ll come to me while I’m sleeping. lol.

  6. Lydia says:

    I’m caught up with the Dark Hunter series. It’s true that after Acheron the quality dropped but what can I say; I’m addicted. Out of the 3700 hundred books I have on my shelf’s, there are only 2 on my TBR table. I try to only buy books in my favorite series but when I read blogs like yours and see a recommendation that appeals I do start a new series. Unfortunately the list of new authors and new series is growing and that’s not good for my pocketbook and my shelf space. So what do I do? I go out and get a Kindle. That one click thing is about the worst thing ever invented for a bookworm like me.

  7. Monika says:

    my TBR pile is quite small. Aside from a few UF books I think I only have the 50 Shades and the Stieg Larsson trilogies and a bunch of Cornwell’s I bought at a Christmas bazaar. I still prefer actual books, too, but I have gotten used to doing most of my reading on my tablet. The big advantage is that I don’t feel compelled ordering new releases in advance in the expection of reading them sometime down the road (living in Switzerland it sometimes took up to 3 weeks for them to be delievered). Now, if the mood strikes me I just go to Amazon (don’t hit me), order by “one-click” and less than a minute later I can start reading the book (yeah, it’s like crack and you get instant gratification). For my inspiration I now come mostly here (before I was going with books that people, who liked the same books as me had bought on Amazon). Also, sometimes, if you have difficulty getting into a new series don’t start with the first book (this goes only for Paranormal “Romance”, where each book can stand alone), but just grab the one that entices you the most. For instance, I started “Guardians of Eternity” with Viper and Shay’s story (because I really liked the “slave” angle) and have now read most of the series up to Nefri and Santiago, except for the very first book (Dante and Abby). Also, my first Nalini book was “Bonds of Justice” which I discovered in a bookshop when I was stuck at an airport for like 4h. Sometimes that gets you into a series and if not, then at least you read the book that you most wanted to :-). And, if you like the series, you can still reread the book in its “proper” slot in the series…

    • kaleigha says:

      It is strange you mention the Guardians of Eternity series, since I ended up most interested in Salvatore’s book, and that prompted me to go back and read the first book (which I had DNF’d the first time around).

      • Emily says:

        I feel really stupid, but what’s DNF? I’m great with slang, but apparently I’m still behind the times with acronyms.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am still not up on the acronyms, either (I do get the swearing ones, of course, but what does smh really mean?), but DNF is Did Not Finish.

      • Emily says:

        Okay, thanks. Yeah, the swearing ones come easy. Maybe that’s why I had trouble with DNF; F’s at the end. Hahaha! SMH is Shakin’ My Head. I’m about 90% sure of that one.

  8. julianabarth says:

    OMG! You MUST take a picture of your shelves! hahaha. And I have so many unread books too… and they never keep me from buying more ):

    • kaleigha says:

      I usually take pictures after I get them cleaned and organized. With three cats, the clean doesn’t last long, so I like to record things for posterity.

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