Reader Reaction – The King

the kingWell, we have all had a couple of weeks to process J.R. Ward‘s latest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, The King. None of the books in this series are something that I find you can breeze through, and I think I spent pretty much a solid week on it. As usual, there was a lot going on, but personally I thought it was a much easier read than the last book, Lover at Last. I did enjoy LaL, but by the time you kept everything that was going on straight it was a bit of a workout.

“What did you think of The King? I had some hesitation about going back to Wrath and Beth’s story, but I thought it worked. What do you think it contributed to the series overall? Are you hoping for a second book for the rest of the Brothers, as well?”


Instead of the something like 10 storylines and tangents that were going on in LaL, The King had a much more manageable 3 major arcs…which was great. Wrath and Beth’s personal and royal issues was one, Assail and Sola was a very strong second, and the developing Trez and iAm situations leading into the next book, The Shadows, was the third. Layla didn’t annoy my face off this time, and I am intrigued where things are going with her and Xcor again. Saxton moved way up in my estimation, and it was really nice to meet a Chosen (Selena) that didn’t aggravate me. Bonus.

What are your thoughts? Spoiler zone is wide open in the comments, so be warned going in. Rave, vent, whichever works for you.


16 thoughts on “Reader Reaction – The King

  1. Tracy says:

    I liked The King and I liked the side stories… What I didn’t like was that in the middle of a scene she would cut it off and do another set of characters and then go back to that scene in the next chapter… I would of liked it better if she would finish the scene then move on to another set of characters !!!!!

  2. Robin vonKleist says:

    That is the way of multiple stories and JR is the best when it comes to that. This series is my all-time favorite. I loved “The King” and we got closure with Wrath and Beth’s story. It was also nice seeing his parents in it. As far as the Brothers getting another book each? I actually look forward to it. Times are changing in their world and their characters have grown and changed. I loved that Wrath dissolved the ‘monarchy’ and how he finally grew in this book. I think the commoners needed him and finally he was there for them. I also loved that he fired the glymera. But of course we know they will eventually be back with their new tricks. Possibly form their own democracy.

    As for Assail and Sola: I can’t wait to see if Assail is willing to give up his business for the one he loves. He is HOT!

    Trez and iAm: We finally got to see some of iAm. Loved when he called Boo “that Goddamn Cat.” At the end of the book and because of Selena I believe Trez is on his way to changing his life finally. And the iAm will be free to live his life and get his HEA.

    Xcor and Layla: Way to cute. I loved when Xcor when clothes shopping just to be presentable for Layla. She is changing him for the good. But I see future problems because of it with the Band of Bastards. Especially Throe. Xcor made Throe who he is but there have been to many betrayals already. And now they are all wanted for ‘treason.’ And Layla is still naive. She brought Xcor even closer to the compound and now everyone that lives there is at risk. I don’t think it will be Xcor that is dangerous because he already had an idea of where it was and never said anything to his BoB. But I think Throe will follow him and find it.

    Saxton: Oh, I love him. And it broke my heart to find out how his father felt about him. He is such a male of worth and seems to be in a lot of mental anguish.I guess Qhuinn doesn’t know how bad it was with his cousin and they have a lot more in common than he thought. Your mother dies, your father hates you and the only one he ever loved he lost to his cousin even though he knew the truth of Blay the whole time.

    Loved: Abalone. What a male of worth. s’Ex. what can I say. Another hot new character.We finally found out the name of Assail’s other cousin-Evale. I think one of the twins will be Saxton’s HEA. JR said recently on a Q&A that we met him already. Totally love Sola’s grandmother. She commands the men real good, hehehe. And I cannot forget my love “Lassiter.” When he comes into a scene I know I am going to laugh and he did it again with his Elvis impersonation at Beth and Wrath;s wedding ceremony. What a perfect fitting ceremony it was too. Oh! And when he knocked the king out after destroying the Billiards room? Too funny. He had to guts to do what none of the Brothers did. I also loved John Matthews and his moments with Beth.

    I think that having Little Wrath was by far the best thing that could happen to Wrath. He finally learned more about himself and his worth. And I am so proud of him. Beth is an amazing woman and I always loved her strength from the very first book. She is perfect for the King.

    All-in-all. Now I know why it made it to Number 1 on the New York Times list. To me no one can write multiple stories like JR Ward and to feel that you actually are in the BDB world like a movie. I give her 5***** stars for ‘The King.” And look forward to the Shadows story being told and Layla’s delivery of her and Qhuinn’s baby. Also the conclusion to her “Fallen Angel series” in the fall.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have to say that this one made me much more confident of having each previous couple get another turn…Rhev would be interesting, introducing the Sympaths, etc. I just don’t want each couple to have “couple drama” and near break ups, that sort of thing. Assail is definitely a new fav, and so can’t wait for more.

  3. Charleen says:

    I loved it! I’m like you and I have to take a longer time to read these books, just to keep the story together in my mind. I’m used to the way JR goes back and forth between characters and storylines. I think its to keep the timeline consistent – ???

    I’m really glad that Wrath and Beth have a son, of all the couples that should have children, they really needed someone who could belong to both of them. And I really think it will solidify the vampire nation.

    The end move with glymera was a stroke of genius! Can’t wait to see how the common people effect the politics of vampire kind.

    • kaleigha says:

      I really liked the Glymera angle, too, since they came off as a bunch of pompous a-holes. I did like seeing them get their best laid plans sent packing.

      • Robin vonKleist says:

        I loved the way Rehv came in and ruined everything for them.
        He called the Bastards “thugs”…
        And notice how no one wanted to try and remove him from the house….
        Too funny

  4. Robin vonKleist says:

    That is what JR said. It has to do with the timeline. As far as getting a bit confused with the story-lines, I am used to it. I however do take my time reading her books because I don’t want it to end to fast, lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      They are definitely something that you don’t rush through. Makes me wonder how much I would pick up on a re-read, too.

  5. Rika Ashton says:

    Loved: Going back to Beth and Wrath was awesome! They’re one of my fave couples, so it was cool catching up with them. I’m still loving the Xcor and Layla storyline…even though I thought Layla came across as kind of distant in “The King” when compared to “Lover At Last.” But, best of all, I was ecstatic with all of Rehv’s appearances in this one! Love, love, love him!!!!

    Hated: And I mean really hated the fact that Ehlena got almost zero scene time. (I think I’ve ranted about this before, but I feel like she’s being completely underused, if not forgotten, as a character…and she was/is one of my favourites. She was so “real” as a female character and strong in her own right…but I think she had like one line in this book even though it made complete sense for her to be in the novel cause she’s working with Doc Jane…argh, so mad!)

    What I’m Looking Forward To: A book about the shadows. Totally in love with i’Am! Seeing more of L.W in the future novels. AND, hopefully, catching up with Rehv and Ehlena.

  6. kaleigha says:

    I was missing the Reverend, too. I could see a total showdown between him and Assail – or a partnership, for that matter. Ehlena is more of a ghost than Jane at this point, but I would love to see her and Rhev get another story to get caught up.

    • Robin vonKleist says:


      JR said eventually we might see problems from the symphaths. Possibly when Lash comes back. But if so, we will get to see a lot of Revhenge therefore Ehlena.

      • kaleigha says:

        The Sympaths creep me out…not sure why, if I made it up or read it, but I thought that they looked funky. I got a visual in my head of something sort of alien looking. Not sure why…

  7. Charry says:

    Gotta say, this was one of the first books in awhile by JR Ward that I really liked. I was worried at the beginning. It started out kinda steamy. But turns out there was a lot more in store. I was pleased by the main plot and really interested to see where things are going.

    • kaleigha says:

      I agree, it did seem to open quite a few more doors for future stories, which is tricky to do in a series this far along.

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