May’s TBR Challenge…

Important-Books-on-Cloud-ComputingI think I have bored everyone already with my love/hate relationship with Mount TBR. To make things less overwhelming, and to finally make myself pick up some of the books that I tend to skip over time and again, I have set myself TBR reading challenges. As I find myself getting into the swing of it…it seems to be working. And, it is kind of fun.

Just in case anyone wants to play along, my goal for this month is to see how many series I can get caught up on. Because I have six (full) bookcases, my goal is to try and catch up on one series from each, or six series. For example…

Case 1 – Larissa Ione’s Reaver

Case 2 – Cecy Robson’s Cursed by Destiny

Case 3 – Jessica Sims’ Must Love Fangs

Case 4 – Amanda Carlson’s Hot Blooded and Cold Blooded

Case 5 – Jennifer Estep’s Killer Frost

Case 6 – Chloe Neill’s Biting Bad and Wild Things

What series would you most like to get caught up on soon-ish? Anything that you can see yourself getting into in May?


11 thoughts on “May’s TBR Challenge…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    I highly recommend these ” Amanda Carlson’s Hot Blooded and Cold Blooded”, I want more 🙂 PS: I am assuming you have already read “Full Blooded” since it is book 1

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually regret doing a character guide for the Mythos Academy (case 5). I don’t hate the series or anything, it is decent, but I am not really involved enough to keep it going. Surprisingly, the last couple of Larissa Ione books have moved her up my authors ranking, which is a bonus. I enjoy Chicagoland, too, but don’t feel the need to read it as soon as I get my hands on one.

  2. Charry says:

    Hey based on Doug’s suggestion above, I went back to my e-library and found that I read Amanda Carlson #1 at some point. I didn’t remember it so i reread it and actually liked it a bit. So I went ahead and read the second and third books in the series. They weren’t on my top ten favorites or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised. Good storyline, lots of action, and decent romance. I’d recommend them!

    • kaleigha says:

      I am going to have to do a re-read, or at least a skim-through, before I hit the next two. Can’t remember much, either.

    • dougmeeks says:

      “weren’t on my top ten favorites” – exactly, they are good solid 4 Star reading and I did not feel like I wasted my money buying them. The mix of action and romance was done pretty well IMHO

  3. Robin vonKleist says:

    I will finally get to D.B. Reynolds “Vampires in America” series” in which I just won a free book.
    Then Rebecca Zanetti’s “Dark Protectors”
    Dianne Duvall’s “Immortal Guardians”
    Donna Grant Series (Dark Kings, Dark Warriors, Dark Swords)
    GA Aiken’s Dragon Kin
    Shelly Laurenston’s Magnus and Pride Series

    Then it is back to catch-up on new releases from my favorite series with Jr Ward, Lara Adrian and Sherrilyn Kenyon.After I finish Christine Feehan’s “Dark Series”

    • kaleigha says:

      Sounds like a plan! I am way behind on my own challenge, but Christina Dodd’s Wilder is slowing me down. Good luck!

    • dougmeeks says:

      Well Robin I would suggest IMHO the following:

      Pride Series (skip the Magnus series unless you really think you need it, not as good)

      Dragon Kin in order at least through book 3

      and Rebecca Zanetti’s “Sin Brothers” series is excellent and the final book will be out later this year so you have 3 to read now.

      I would read about 2 of the Pride and then break it up with something else to keep from getting burned out on it, I love them but a steady diet of them might be hard, I read three in a row and had to take a break, the last one is one of the best in the series.

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