Reading Roundup…

Meh, I have been way slack about keeping track of what I have been reading lately. My TBR technique is fun, but I easily get distracted by anything new and shiny that gets delivered. I figured I would go over some of the highlights for the past couple of weeks…

rogue riderRogue RiderLarissa Ione‘s Demonica series is one that I always wanted to like more than I did. I can’t put my finger on why, but they never stuck with me. I enjoyed the book while I was reading it, but promptly forgot everything that happened in it. I can’t even tell you the main character’s names. I did better with the Lords of Deliverance, but I have to admit that I really, really liked Rogue Rider the best so far. I am definitely waiting to get into Reaver soon (ish), and Revenant sounds like it will be a blast. So glad I dove back into this series again.

bite meBite MeShelly Laurenston‘s books are fun. Pure, escapist fun. You know exactly what you are getting, and Bite Me was no exception. I did like that there was less brawling and bickering between the main couple in this installment, and more of them against everyone else. Love the honey badgers, too. Bears are always fun, but it must be time for a Smith boy next, I would imagine? No matter who it is about, the next book is guaranteed to be fun.

adamAdam – I read Jacquelyn Frank‘s final (?) Nightwalker book on a quest to finish up a few series I have been slack on. I don’t like reading the last book of a series, since I don’t do well with them ending, but anyways. I was a huge Jacquelyn Frank fan for a while, but I have found myself not even picking up her last few books at all, for some reason. Adam was a good read, with a very interesting premise, but I didn’t like it enough to start back up with her work again. Originally, the Nightwalkers series was supposed to end with Noah. Then Adam was considered the final book. But I left this one feeling that there was more to come. Might be wrong, but it didn’t feel like the world was finished, yet.

wilderWilderChristina Dodd‘s Wilder was another attempt to finish up the final book in a series. I am not having much luck on this one, at all. I can’t say it is bad, but it isn’t drawing me in, either. That is too bad, since it was Aleksandr’s story I was most looking forward to from all of them. I am still plugging along here and there, but I might end up doing a skim through to the end.

What are you reading lately? Anything interesting, or have you been hitting a bit of a mishmash, too?


14 thoughts on “Reading Roundup…

    • kaleigha says:

      I liked the slightly different tone this one had. I have enjoyed all of the others in the series, too, but this one stood out for me.

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I read the Nightwalker series about a year ago (I think I picked up the series on sale at Kobo or something). I am not a fan of Frank’s writing, I find it boring. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I am not engaged. I think I kept reading the series because I was intrigued by the characters. I did NOT like the premise of the last book (Adam), it was an interesting way to wrap a series (definitely unique), but I really hated how horrible everyone’s lives turned out. I know everything turned out okay in the end, but there was a whole lot of miserable to get there. So, she was crossed out my author list.

    I read Christina Dodd when I first started reading romance and she was writing historicals. I keep with her when she moved to contemporaries and PNR, but I didn’t really like her voice in those genres and I haven’t been back.

    I love reading Shelly Laurenston. Unfortunately, she is taking a break from the Pride series and starting a new one, I think with crows. (She is sticking with the Dragon Kin series, I believe). I really, really hope she comes back to the Pride series. Bite Me was a fun read.

    I have been rereading some of my favorites from Jayne Ann Krentz while I am waiting for Shield of Winter. Right now I am reading Zinnia by Jayne Castle (one of JAK’s pen names). It is the second in the St. Helens trilogy. It is my least favorite of the three, but I enjoy it. I haven’t reread the trilogy in order in years, so I am feeling a bit nostalgic. This trilogy is PNR, it is set on a futuristic world (although it is not actually very futuristic, makes sense when you read the story) where everyone has some psychic ability.

    • kaleigha says:

      Jacquelyn Frank is one of those authors where I find that I get hooked on the first book, but then it is like both my interest and hers wains as the series goes on. I have only tried Dodd’s PNR, and I liked that the premise was a bit different. There was some twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, but this last book is a chore to get through, I must admit.

  2. Chinyere Ezinwanyi says:

    You gotta read Rogue Rider!
    J.Frank’s writing feels like DID. Sometimes I’m not sure if she isn’t 2 or 3 people writing under one name. Gideon is one of my all time favorite PNR books, but Noah is a hot mess. Adam doesn’t even fit the style she had so its clear she wrote wayyyy later. Then the spinoff series was too disjointed so I stopped.
    She’s too inconsistent for me to enjoy anymore.

    I just listened to Mane Event last month. It was good. So that’s my second vote.

    • kaleigha says:

      That was my problem with J. Frank. I would love one book, totally not care about the next one, and go back to loving the one after that. Strangely inconsistent, somehow. Adam was definitely a departure, that was for sure.

  3. snapdragon says:

    I have been re-reading Faith Hunter’s Skinwalker series just finished up Blood Cross, and Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norvell series listening to book 3 (Kitty Takes a Holiday.)

    Then there is Joanne Fluke and her culinary mysteries I have The Peach Cobbler Murder next up. I also have Jack du Brul’s Phillip Mercer series begging me to read the 2nd book. — Jack also co-writes with Clive Cussler on The Oregon Files series. (Juan is my man!!!) Really fun and action filled.

    I also have Toni Mcgee Causy’s Bobbie Faye novels begging to be read — Those books are a hoot! Kinda along the lines of Shelly Laurenston, or Stephanie Plum. Very Funny.

    I just finished re-reading the whole Psy/Changling series waiting for S.O.W. to arrive. I’m also waiting for Air Bound. I read Murder of Crows about 4 times before returning it to the library…another one that will have to be bought later on. And Mercy Thompson, Shelly Laurenston, I could continue but that’s plenty for now.

    *** I’m a fast reader and kinda a book junkie. ***

    • kaleigha says:

      You are definitely hitting the books hard. It always surprises me how much I enjoy a re-read of a favorite series. I have a hard time to justify going back to a previously read book when I have so many on mount TBR, but doing the character guides gives me the perfect excuse. I am doing Kate Daniels now, and loving it.

  4. Shelly says:

    I know this is a little off topic but… It really took me awhile to even consider reading ebooks (there’s just something about holding an actual book when I read) but I have fallen in love with Rachel Higginson’s Love and Decay ebook serial series. This is really a character driven series. The characters are believable, fallible, and extremely likable. The author has constructed a world that is overwhemingly scary, complicated and engrossing (nothing else will exists when you read this). There are a couple of things I don’t like about it, like having to wait every two weeks for another serial (which is around 20 pages and seems like it gets shorter everytime which I hope the author fixes). I AM NOT really a Rachel Higginson fan (I don’t really like her other series) but I AM a diehard Love and Decay fan. I believe this series is up there with Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson, Karen Robards’ Charlotte Stone, Ilona Andrews Innkeeper Chronicles, Jeaniene Frost’s Cat and Bones, even Laurell K. Hamiltons Anita Blake (the first books in the series, anyway). I don’t know if I’m getting to be a paranormal/urban fantasy/ya cynic, but it seems lately like you really have to look to find a series that is worth your time and money.

    • kaleigha says:

      Meh, I am with you on the e-books. I will read them when I have to, or for the character guides (so much faster that way), but once in a while a story will tempt me into buying it for download. There is one coming in June from T.A. Gray that I must have just from reading the blurb.

  5. Shelly says:

    I made a mistake in my previous comment. Rachel Higginson’s Love and Decay serials are about 60 to 70 pages long every two weeks (I think they were 80 or more pages when series started) even tho they are just .99 each. I want to make sure my comments are accurate. Thx!

  6. Lidy says:

    Well, I hate Noah – I mean, I hate the feeling that he loves his heroine more than she does him (if she does him). I wanted JF to pair him up with Anya. That would be a hot couple.

    I enjoyed Adam – it wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it was okay -, although not as much as I enjoyed the first ones. There was plenty of my favorite characters (Damien and Sagan), and in the end, I also had that feeling that it wasn’t finished.

    If you pick up a World of Nightwalkers book, you’ll see it indeed isn’t finished. Apparently she wants to tie both series together, with more than 10 Nightwalker breeds.

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually had the first couple World of Nightwalker books waiting on Mount TBR, but I heard so many mixed reviews that I ended up giving them away. Something about two souls…with two personalities or something like that…and I figured it was too much of a mind bender. Did you like them? Is there a decent connection to the original Nightwalker books?

  7. Lidy says:

    Nope, four souls. :p Really: the two Bodywalkers, and the two humans they’re “living with”.

    Well, I still have mixed feelings… though the series survived my test-the-first-two-books, so I’m enjoying it (though the last two are better). As for the connections, Bella and Kestra appear in the first book’s prologue (with a new prophecy) and the Nightwalkers we love (oh Damien) are mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd books, and Jacob and Bella appear in the 4th, while Legna/Gideon and Siena/Elijah being mentioned. I hope Damien will be showing up as well. Hopefully, this series will finally tie the loose ends left with the Nightwalkers, the Shadowdwellers and all her unfinished series, and give at least a Mistral a happy ending.

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