Spotlight on…Christine Feehan

spotlight_logoIn a couple of previous posts, I have noted how Christine Feehan has kicked her writing into high gear lately. She has updated her “currently working on” section on her website to give a little more detail, too…


Viper Game: Viper Game is the story of Wyatt Fontenot. His story takes place in the bayou. He and two of his fellow Team Four members are recovering from wounds received in battle and have gone back to the bayou because Nonny, Wyatt’s Grandmother, has been assaulted and needs help. The mental hospital that burned to the ground has been rebuilt into a plastic’s company. But the fences are high and something from that facility has escaped into the swamps.


Cat’s Lair: Catarina Benoit had been sold to the biggest criminal in the bayous when she was just a child. He never tried to hide the ugly things he did, or the brutal ways he ended those who opposed him. She finally escaped and lived as off the radar as possible, knowing if he found her, he would kill the people that meant something to her, or anyone who helped her. She knew he wanted something from her, but she was never certain what it was, only that he was waiting and he wanted her close at all times as she matured. She knew he would come to find her and she worked very, very hard to be ready. Falling in love wasn’t part of her plan. Finding people she cared about and a job that meant something wasn’t a good idea. Not for someone like her…


Earthbound: Gavriil Prakenskii was beyond all saving. He knew that and had known it for a long time. His brother Viktor and he had made a deal with the devil in order to keep their youngest brother safe. The devil broke their agreement and it was up to Gavriil to warn Ilya he was no longer safe and to lure any assassins away from his brother. He didn’t expect to find a young woman as broken as he was. He didn’t expect to find a savior. A miracle. He didn’t expect to find Lexi Thompson and fall under her spell so deeply that nothing else mattered to him but that he lay his claim to her.


Dark Ghost: Andre–the ghost–had traveled through the long range of the Carpathian Mountains to the forbidden monastery where ancients without lifemates who were far too dangerous to live among humans or Carpathians had banded together in an effort to live out their remaining days until they could leave the earth with honor. Along the way he came across the path of a master vampire and decides to go down taking out one of the undead.

Teagan Joanes has come to the Carpathian Mts to search for a particular stone to help cure her grandmother’s insanity. Grandma Trixie has lately been muttering nonsense about a man named Gary, a monastery and vampires. She even bought a vampire killing kit off the internet. Teagan’s friend from school agrees to guide her into the mountains. Too bad he’s a serial killer. She has a tendency to get into trouble wherever she goes and she’s not eager to tell Grandma Trixie about that or the fact that she’s falling madly in love with a man who sleeps in the ground and needs blood to survive!

Dark Promises: Gary Jansen has been in love with Gabrielle for a very long time. He did the honorable thing and let her go, because she was Carpathian and there were so few females to become lifemates to those who had waited for so long. But he is fully Carpathian, and a Daratrazanoff. Over the years he’s honed his fighting skills and has fought beside the warriors of the Carpathian people as well as working on solutions to their problems. Everything has changed. The ritual words are imprinted in him, given to him the ancient, long dead warriors of the Carpathian people. Who is the mysterious male courting Gabrielle. Is she truly his lifemate, his other half?

Trixie Joanes has gone to the Carpathian Mts in search of her wayward granddaughter. Teagan has a track record of getting into trouble and she’s fallen in love and says she wants to get married. Trixie is not about to allow some foreigner to carry off her beloved granddaughter. She’s come to fight a battle and she has every intention of winning. But then who is this mysterious ancient who doesn’t seem to notice her biting (but witty) sarcasm. And at her age, what was she doing finding a man like that hot???

I haven’t made any secret of the fact that I have been impatient for another Ghostwalker book, so news of Viper Game is very welcome. Apparently, it will be followed by Spider Game, also featuring someone from team four and set in the bayou. I sort of hoped that Andre would be the next Carpathian featured in the Dark series…he has been quietly moving to the forefront in the last couple of books. Gary and Gabrielle has been teased for a while, but I was surprised that they will apparently be sharing their story…with someone’s grandma. The Cat’s Lair blurb confuses me a bit, for some reason it reminds me of a Lora Leigh synopsis.

Which of these are you looking forward to? Are you still on the Feehan bandwagon, or have you moved on?


16 thoughts on “Spotlight on…Christine Feehan

    • kaleigha says:

      She is totally one of my guilty pleasures…her and Lora Leigh. No matter who else I read, they always have a special spot for me.

  1. dougmeeks says:

    The original Sea haven series (Drake Sisters) was one of the first paranormal romance series I read and it was exceptional and I highly recommend it but I have not heard a lot of good things about this second Sea Haven series.

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually don’t mind the Sisters of the Heart books. To me, they had much the same feel as the Drakes…and I am liking the Russian angle to them.

      • dougmeeks says:

        All my info on the second series is second hand info so I may have to give them a try. I am really going to have to clamp down on the number of books I accept for review to get more “Doug” time for reading 🙂 Starting 6th grave tomorrow

  2. Robin vonKleist says:

    Dark Promises. I have been waiting to see what would happen with Gary Jensen. His character is as important as the Carpathians. I love hit wit and he has helped them with Shea for a long time and deserves to be happy. He has also grown a lot and has earned his respect in the Carpathian world thanks to Gregori.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am looking forward to getting more into Gary’s story, too. He has been around for quite a few books now, but I still am hazy on his backstory.

  3. Tavia says:

    I agree with everyone. Anything Feehan is for me. The series I like the least is the Sisters of the Heart. A little too contrived for me. I am always on pins and needles waiting for her next book.

  4. Monika says:

    I have to admit that so far I have not tackled the Sea Haven / Sisters of the Heart books and now I am a bit confused about which book belongs to which series. So far I have read all of the books in her Carpathian, Ghostwalker and Leopard series. I’m looking forward to Dark Blood (no 3 in the Lycan-“Trilogy”) and also to the next Ghostwalker, though I didn’t like the most recent installment in the Leopard series (Leopard’s Prey); it seemed quite contrived to me and I had the bad guy figured out early on.
    Christine Feehan was one of the first Paranormal authors I read and she used to be (one of) my favorite author(s). I still like her books, but I’m not awaiting her new releases with as much excitement as for instance the next Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs. I guess my tastes have changed over time…

  5. snapdragon says:

    I really enjoy the Sister’s of the Heart series. Water Bound — That book just spoke to me and really made me think about how autistic people had difficulties interacting with “regular” life and all the issues that come from being so unique. Spirit Bound was good read and there was some really laughable scenes. Air Bound sounds really good and I have it on auto buy.

    I Enjoyed the Drake series too. This series had it’s dark areas, but it had alot more laughter written throughout.

    The Ghostwalker and Leopard’s Series are what I’m looking forward to. Both series make me want to wiggle in my desk chair in anticipation.

    I’m happy that Gary is getting a book but the Carpathian series has really been stale for me pretty much since the South American books. What really turned me off was all the extra “flavor” she started adding with the Romanian language. I am not multi-lingual and it does nothing for me to have to “read” a full page of writing and than re-read it in English.

    • Monika says:

      Actually the Carpathian language has NOTHING to do with Romanian, which is a Romance and hence a Indo-European language. Carpathian belongs to a completely different language family, the so called Finno-Ugrian which encompasses present day Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian and some others. Carpathian is a made-up language (proto-Uralic), since there are no written sources from 6000 years ago, but based on the historical development of the different Uralic languages linguists speculate what the orginal language could have sounded like. Some words are quite close to present day Hungarian, so I’m not that much bothered by it because I can partly understand it (even without the translation)…

    • dougmeeks says:

      I have fond memories of reading all those Sea Haven books, they were some of my first books in this genre and I still remember them probably better than they were. Sadly I can’t find many people impressed with the new Sea Haven series.

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