Cover Lover – 6 New Titles

Cover Lover time again. Let’s start with one that most of us are probably quite interested in…Light My Fire from G.A. Aiken (aka Shelly Laurenston). This next Dragon Kin book is due out this December.

light my fireThe third book from Denise Grover Swank‘s Curse Keepers series, The Curse Defiers, will be released on September 30th.

the curse defiersClaudia Gray starts a new series on November 4th with the release of A Thousand Pieces of You.

a thousand pieces of youAnd these next three are all billed as a “great new series”, but if I am not mistaken they are actually a paperback re-release of the first three books of what used to be called the Blood Hunter series from Nina Croft. It looks like the series name has changed to Dark Desires, as well. First up is September 30th’s Break Out

break outIt will be followed by Deadly Pursuit on October 28th.

deadly pursiutAnd Death Defying rounds things out when it is released on November 25th.

death defyingThat does it for today, it looks like. Is anyone NOT looking forward to Light My Fire? I take it for granted that what I like everyone likes, so who isn’t on board the Dragon Kin train?


2 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 6 New Titles

  1. renpuspita says:

    I’m surprised to see the cover or The Curse Defiers, because the publisher did good job with the previous two. But guess, the cover connected to the story and the author do not want to give a clue for Ellie HEA.

    And yes, yes, I’m sooo waiting for Light My Fire. Even I don’t know why Celyn sound much like Gwenvael and Mitch from the blurb

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