June’s Book of the Month…

book of the monthI figure that this whole poll is pretty much a formality, since this is the month that Nalini Singh‘s Shield of Winter comes out. Of course, I have been surprised before, but I figure the odds of it being any other title are pretty slim. Ok, everyone, you know what this means. Time to vote for the book that you are most looking forward to for next month.

As always, the title chosen as June’s book of the month will also be the next giveaway, and I have chosen 10 that caught my eye. If none of these are your big pick, just check “Other”, and leave your selection in the comments section. A complete list of June’s upcoming releases can be found HERE.

I know there are a lot of Hamilton and Gabaldon fans, but I still figure this is the month of Shield of Winter (and next month is Magic Breaks, I figure, but that is getting ahead of myself). Let’s see if anyone can unseat Nalini for the Queen of June.


5 thoughts on “June’s Book of the Month…

  1. Rika Ashton says:

    I think Nalini Singh’s seat is pretty secure, lol! I just voted and she’s leading by almost 60%, in second place was Diana Gabaldon with 11% of the votes.

    I’m a little surprised that Gabaldon doesn’t have more votes – with a TV series coming out, I figured she must have a large fan base established otherwise why would THE OUTLANDER be getting its own show. (Unless it was just the one book that was popular.)

  2. Roslyn says:

    I may be the only person with Nalini Singh on my giant TBR list!! I voted for Donna Grant but am also looking forward to Elizabeth Staab and both of Dana Marie Bell’s books coming out in June.

  3. melanie says:

    I am a bit behind with this series. i have read the first 6 books and the rest are on my ever growing to be read pile.

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