Spotlight on Terry Spears’ Jaguar Hunt

jaguar huntIt is almost time for the next Terry Spear book, Jaguar Hunt, and to get ready for the release on June 3rd, here is an “interview” with the main character, David.

Exclusive Interview with David from Terry Spear’s JAGUAR HUNT

David, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. If you weren’t here answering my questions, where would you be?

Trying to make jaguar points with Tammy, hot she-cat Enforcer. There’s just something about a she-cat that loves the jungle, is not about to take any nonsense from anyone, and who is damn good at her job that makes me want to take chase and get her to notice me.

When we first meet you in Jaguar Hunt, you are being taken to jail for starting a brawl. Does that mean you are a bad boy?

*David smiles. Or maybe it’s more of a sexy smirk.*

It’s all in the line of duty. Saving a couple of wayward jaguar shifter teens, protecting them, well, it had to be done. Of course, it kind of put me in a bad light with my new partner, but I figured she’d soon understand why I had to do it. It was all part of the plan, you see.

You are part of a special forces team made up of powerful jaguar shifters. How did you get involved?

If I tell you, you’ll be back to thinking I was a troublemaker. In truth, when my mother died, my father was grieving and stopped giving me and my twin brother, Wade, any direction. We were just—rambunctious, adventurous, dare-devils. But we still had the need to protect. We were sort of taken in by the director of the branch to ensure we worked for the right side of the law.”

Tell us about your newest partner Tammy Anderson.

Hot. Dedicated. Sexy. Smart. Talented. Hot. I was warned about her first off. She ditches her partners. She dates only humans. And my brother who married her relative warned me to keep my hands off her—which meant?

David smiles.

I love a challenge.

Does she bring out any changes in you?

Hell, yeah. Have you ever been with someone who makes you want to put your best foot forward? Who inspires you to have fun? To see the good in life? To want to make a commitment to? To spend all your time with? And to protect? That’s what Tammy does for me.

We met your brother in Jaguar Fever and you are featured in Jaguar Hunt. Are there any more family members we should watch out for?

Tammy’s got a couple of brothers who are in the JAG Branch, the Golden Claws. Huntley and Everett. They’re both great guys to work with. I’ve heard it rumored that Huntley is in Costa Rica. I believe a jaguar family became separated down there. Something about abandoned cubs? Not sure because I’ve been busy with dealing with a missing zoo cat. All I know is that if it were me, well, I’d have to hope Tammy was really good with little cubs. Wayward teens—I can deal with. I was just like them. Babies? Sounds like the perfect job for Huntley.

So, is a Terry Spear fan? She is another one on my TBR one day pile. I have always been a fan of how great she is at keeping her fans up-to-date with her work…much of the time, authors don’t keep their sites updated and info is hit or miss. I will be checking this one out soon.

15 thoughts on “Spotlight on Terry Spears’ Jaguar Hunt

  1. terryspear says:

    Reblogged this on Terry Spear's Shifters and commented:
    I had soooo much fun with getting David to answer the interview. When I said he would be on Wicked Scribes, he was all for it. You know, because he’s a wickedly hot jaguar! 🙂 Thanks for having him here today!!!

  2. terryspear says:

    Woohoo, thanks soooo much, Renee!

    And thanks so much, Kaleigha!!!

    I absolutely had the most fun with David and Tammy. Talking David into doing an interview was a challenge until I mentioned that he would be on Wicked Scribes, and then? Well, being the wickedly hot jaguar shifter that he is, he gave me one of his award-winning, heart-melting, wickedly fun smirks and I knew I had the jaguar hooked. 🙂 Thanks for having us here today!

  3. Bewitching Brews Linda Townsend says:

    WooHoo! I’m a huge Terry Spear fan! Once you start reading her, you’ll rue that you waited so long!!!!! From her Fae to her shifters to her vamps and suspenseful romances… they’re all wonderful reads! I can’t wait to read Jaguar Hunt!

    • terryspear says:

      Thanks so much, Karen! We will meet again soon, and then it will be time for action, no more talking. 🙂 David, Golden Claws, JAG Agent

      From Terry: Thanks so much, Karen!!! And don’t let David sweet talk you into anything you’re not ready for. 🙂 He has a silver tongue!

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