June’s TBR Challenge…

ChallengeUsually I do my pick of the week post on Tuesday, but since this is the week Shield of Winter comes out my choice would pretty much just be overkill at this point. Instead, I figured I would do my monthly challenge post instead.

For May, my goal was to hit Mount TBR and get caught up on six current series. I managed two. And a bit. I did get caught up on the two books I was behind Chloe Neill‘s Chicagoland Vampires series, and I am now up-to-date on Larissa Ione‘s Demonica/Lords of Deliverance, too, since I finished Reaver. I got a start on Cecy Robson‘s Cursed by Destiny, but then I got distracted by shiny new deliveries. Story of my life.

Past failures aside, I have high hopes for June’s challenge. My goal for this month is a little different. I am going to tackle the TBR by genre. I am looking at reading six books, including…

  • One Vampire book
  • One Shifter book
  • One Magic book
  • One Ghost book
  • One Angel book
  • One Demon book

How did you do on your reading this month? Did you get everything done that you were hoping too, or were you like me and get swayed by the new books that came out (gotta love City of Heavenly Fire, but that sucker was huuuuge).


4 thoughts on “June’s TBR Challenge…

  1. Charry says:

    So I don’t have a TBR pile. But I had some unexpected finds. Because May didn’t have a huge amount of instant reads for me (Maybe 4 or 5) I took the opportunity to explore other series. I tried reading Christine Feehan and that didn’t go so well. I chanced upon a few straight fantasy finds that I’m excited about. However my best find of the month that I became completely attached to was the Kraken King serial release by Meljean Brook. It is really engrossing and I found myself even liking the pace of the serial release. Approximately 100 pages out every Tuesday. I seem to remember Doug reviewing it. I think that’s what caught my interest. I guess sometimes it’s good when you don’t have a lot of must read books coming out. It gives you a chance to explore.

  2. kaleigha says:

    That’s fun, I find. I have a few weeks coming up where there aren’t really any new releases for me, so I plan on being able to do a catch up on a few series and hopefully start a new one or two. Seems like the perfect time. Annnd maybe pick up a few books I have been putting off for a while, too.

  3. Emily says:

    Over the past year, I’ve started so many new series (thanks, in part, to you) that I’ve had trouble keeping up with them. Last month, I moved the book I’m on in each series onto my “currently reading” list on Goodreads and make myself choose one of them each time. In other words, I’m not allowing myself to start any new series, until I finish the 15 that I’m already in the middle of. So there are constantly 15 books on my “currently reading” list on Goodreads. I can keep adding to my “to be read” list, but I’m not allowing myself to actually start reading them yet. The only exceptions I’ve allowed myself are re-reading old favorites, or reading a single book that isn’t part of any series. In April, I got all caught up on the Love at Stakes series, including the new release. In May, I focused on Immortals After Dark, Midnight Breed, and The League. I think I’m going to stick with those for June, especially The League, since it has a new release 7/1. And then there’s the Midnight Breed Novella on 6/30 as well. We’ll see if I can actually stick with the plan.

    • kaleigha says:

      Good plan…I am doing something similar, in that I can’t buy any new series until I finish a current one. It is not that hard because I have a lot of YA series that top out at trilogies, so finishing one isn’t that hard. I am actually having some fun with my challenges I give myself, too, and picking up some books I have passed over forever. Good luck!

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