Have you Heard?

question markA couple of readers have sent me questions over the past little while, and no matter how much I have dug I can’t seem to find any answers. So, lets see if maybe you have…

  • Is there any sign of a new Breeds book from Lora Leigh? Her website is a pain, and it still lists Rule Breaker as “Coming Soon”.
  • What’s up with Karen Marie Moning. Originally, there were to be three Dani O’Malley books, followed by two more Mac and Barrons books. Then rumor was that there were going to be three more books, total. Has anyone heard any updates?
  • J.R. Ward has not one, but two new series in the works (along with continuing the Black Dagger Brotherhood). Rumor had one as being a shifter series…any gossip on this to share?
  • This one is all me…seriously, what is up with Entangled Publishing? I swear that there isn’t one title that doesn’t get a push-back at the very last minute…and usually the print run is cancelled leaving only an e-release. I get that for a story or two, but not the vast, vast majority of there titles. I have my heart set on the new Jennifer L. Armentrout Covenent series spin-off featuring Seth, and it is due out next February. Maybe?

13 thoughts on “Have you Heard?

  1. PhoenixFyre says:

    Maybe that is why Lara Adrian is going to self-publishing. her books seem to be pushed back also. What is idiotic is that the publishers are making the fans suffer which can reduce sales in their books since some fans will just give up on the series because of having to wait to long between book.

    Also, as far as JR Ward goes? She has NOT announced her next two series yet or discussed anything about them. I am a true fan of hers and she probably will announce something when her last “Fallen Angels” book comes out. Her publisher limits her on what she can say and lets her know when she can announce any information. Actually she is very good friends with her publisher who sometimes goes with her to book signings.

    As far as Karen Marie Moning? That is her publisher not releasing the books when they were supposed to but there will be two more “Dani O’Malley ” books coming out. As Kaleigh said, some publishing companies are screwing this up for us with constantly changing the dates on book releases. They are money hungry leeches, lol and obviously don’t give a damn about us, the fans but the authors do care about us. Personally I seen more authors doing self-publishing in the future.

    • Meljean says:

      Speaking from sad experience…

      Pushing back a date is only usually done when an author is late with a book. For authors who aren’t really big names, like me, it’s not such a huge problem. But for big-name authors (like those mentioned above) it really is difficult and expensive to push the release dates around. Everything from tours to bookstore co-ops can be affected — not to mention that if a date is changed, the date of the book release might conflict with another major release from that publisher (just as you typically won’t see two blockbuster movies come out on the same weekend — publishers don’t want their readers to decide between two big-name hardbacks.)

      So the lack of information is one thing — sometimes authors are just slow to update their sites, or they have to wait for some press-release (like a cover reveal, for example). But when a release date is pushed back, typically there’s an issue with the book itself, and either it hasn’t been turned in or it needs a lot of work before it can be published.

      Which isn’t to say that publishers aren’t greedy! They are businesses, so of course they want to make money. But they will make more money by releasing that book, not by waiting to put it out. 🙂

      • PhoenixFyre says:

        I agree with you, Meljean. What is funny is when the big authors such as Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward releases books the same day. “The King” came out the same day as “Illusion.” That was a big Ugh! for me. Sherrilyn seems to have books already finished way before they are released and I know that Christine Feehan has done the same with her “Dark” series. I have personally been in touch with Lara Adrian in the past and she did say at one time the publishers kept pushing her books back. Her last real novel “Edge if Dawn” came out February 26, 2013. I have been waiting for “Crave the Night” and it was delayed and won’t be a out till Aug 5th. That is a year and a half later. Too long for my liking. At least I know the Sherrilyn and JR’s books come out exactly one year apart on their series. Maybe that is one of the reasons Lara is going to self-publishing. Who knows? What can I say. I just love reading my series and sometimes I do re-reads just waiting for their books to come out. When you love an author it is soooo hard to wait for their next book especially is there is a cliffhanger to it.

      • LethalLovely says:

        You’re a “big-name” author to me, Mrs. Brook. Your “Guardians” series made me cry NUMEROUS times & then I cried some more after it ended. Me, who broke my collar bone in high school and shed not one tear. So if your books dates got pushed back, I would be sad and frustrated and maybe even scream to the heavens “WHY GOD?!!? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!!!?”

        Sorry. I know. Kinda off topic. But I couldn’t resist the urge to reply to an author that I would faint in front of if I met her in real life, even if she doesn’t read my post-or reads it and thinks “I bet that was your crazy ass hiding behind the bushes in my front yard, ya hot-cheetos-loving heffa!” Carry on. *LL drops mic* (I love you, Meljean Brook!)

      • Meljean says:


        If you fainted while meeting me, I would catch you, then dance around in ecstatic glee because I still can’t believe anyone enjoys reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

        And I also love hot Cheetos.

        (and *coughcough* sorry for dancing all over the comments, kaleigha. *brushes away Cheetos powder before scampering back to the cave where I usually lurk.)

  2. Krista says:

    For KMM updates, check her blog: http://karenmariemoning.blogspot.com/
    “The release date for BURNED has been moved to ….
    Q. Why?
    A. I won’t put a book out until I’m satisfied I’ve written it the best way possible. I’m currently exploring two different ways of continuing the series. Previously I told you there would be three books (ICED, BURNED and FLAYED) in the Dani series followed by two Mac & Barrons books. I may be combining the next four books (BURNED, FLAYED and the untitled M&B books) into two.”

    She actually took a few small breaks from writing after she lost her beloved cat, then her Grandmother died, and then her Dad was diagnosed with cancer. It hasn’t been a great year for her.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      That would be enough to put anyone back. I hope this next year will be a good one for her. She deserves it after all the pain she has endured this past year.

  3. nightowlinil says:

    Entangled Publishing went into partnership with Macmillan. So, instead of being their own publishing company, Entangled is now an imprint (a line of books) under Macmillan. I’m sure this has greatly affected how fast (or rather slow) books will now be available.
    I’m not sure when this was put out there, but here’s a link to books that are supposed to be available in 2014 {under Catalogues} – http://www.raincoast.com/publishers/details/entangled-publishing/

  4. Dawn says:

    Ok, this is slightly dated, but on Lora Leigh’s website, under the “Coming Soon” tab (http://www.loraleigh.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=31&Itemid=57) here is what she’s listed as forthcoming in the Breed’s series after Rule Breaker:
    -To Wake a Sleeping Tiger (Judd/Cullen & a unnamed Window Rock police detective)
    – “#30 TBA” (Gideon & Fawn/Claire)
    – (untitled, Cassie’s story – finally!)
    Note that there’s also a disclaimer above the Breeds section that says this is not the order the stories will be written or published, so who knows exactly which one will come next.

    Based upon the events of Rule Breaker, it does seem likely to be either Judd’s or Gideon’s story, though.

    And I totally agree that her website is a pain, and needs to be updated. When a book continues to be listed as “coming soon” that came out nearly a year ago, someone’s not doing their job.

    Still LOVE her books, and can’t wait for the next one!

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