Cover Lover – 4 New Titles

Just a small cover lover post for today. Let’s start with Wickedly Magical, the second book from the Baba Yaga series from Deborah Blake which will be coming out on December 2nd.

wickedly wonderfulPurchase at

Up next is Her Lone Wolf, the second book from Paige Tyler‘s X-Ops series. It is due out on November 4th.

her lone wolfPurchase at

Also due out on November 4th is Waistcoats and Weaponry from Gail Carriger. It is the third book in her Finishing School series.

waistcoats and weaponryPurchase at

And then we have…this…fella. The second book from Alexandra Ivy‘s new Sentinels series is called Blood Assassin, and it is due out on January 6th. I do have to say, dude is not your traditional cover model. Convicted felon? Sure. Model? He may frighten me a little.

blood assassinPurchase at

What is your take on this mini batch of covers? Any standouts, good or bad for you?


11 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 4 New Titles

  1. Emily says:

    Well, he definitely looks like a “Bloody Assassin”. Maybe this is a new thing where authors are going to actually make the models look like their character. Now, if they could only accept the fact that girl warriors don’t have to fight in cleavage revealing tops, and mile-high heels. LOL.

          • Emily says:

            Uh huh, by the thousandth time it’s done, it’s a tad bit overrated. Maybe an actual fight scene? Something that doesn’t look posed, at least. I guess some authors use all their creativity on the story and have nothing left for the cover. Fine for fans, but not so much for attracting new readers. My favorites are usually the ones that don’t even have models in them.

  2. Pals20 says:

    ” Her Lone Wolf”… I was giggling that for once the hero is doing the T&A pose and the heroine is just standing normally…

    And the guy on the cover of Blood Assasins is definitely a badass… he could almost be the hero of one of Cara McKenna’s books… Her book’s heroes are almost anti-heroes sometimes..

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